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GBA rom injection is now possible for 3DS


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  1. jonas


  2. jimbob


  3. row

    is there anyway at all i could use gateway to install pastacfw?

    • garrettcorn

      I’m not sure if this is the best way but I would downgrade to 4.5 (using gateway) and install PASTA using MSET method.

      I never had to downgrade but the MSET method worked for me on 4.5.

      Hope this help if not hopefully someone will be kind enough to enlighten us both.

    • Reprep

      you will need a cubic ninja cartridge unless you use an old 3ds and willing to downgrade to 4.x.

    • Crzo

      Yeah, you can use mset to install on 4.5 (Or lower), you can still install it up to 9.2 but you’ll need cubic ninja (or a sky3ds with cubic ninja rom on it at least).

  4. Byte

    You don’t need to install anything to sysnand other than the patched AGB_FIRM. The FBI .CIA installer and the .CIA GBA titles work fine when installed to SD – as opposed to DSiWare titles.

    Read the relevant threads on GBAtemp. There is a nostalgia version of the patch that includes the old logo boot sequence, and GW owners have an easy way to get Pasta on a 2nd SD card that works with MSET exploit.

  5. NeonAera

    Wow, this makes me want a 3DS now.

  6. DrP

    id rather buy a dsi xl and get the supercard ds II

    • Short Circuit

      if i may ask, what is still worth doing on nintendo DS Flashcarts.

    • Short Circuit

      A quick google answered my question, that seems to be a good solution for at least all the good emulators.

      • Reprep

        if you can find supercard dstwo, it has good emulators. Be warned though, even though the compatibility is high, not all games are full speed without frame skipping.

    • Reprep

      i have both a dsi xl and supercard dstwo. even though the gba emulation on it is good, it is not perfect as in 3DS. In the end 3DS has a hardware emulation and supercard dstwo has software emulation.

      As an alternative i can recommend a gba or ds/ds lite and a gba flashcart.

  7. gba games play flawlessly on my psp and ps vita don’t torture yourselves over this until another method comes up.

  8. lololo


  9. SsJVasto

    Is GBA ROM injection possible using ironhax/tubehax? I don’t have a copy of CubicNinja to downgrade my N3DS from version 9.9.0-26(or 27?)…

  10. Joe Sauce

    I was on the old 3ds xl with 10.3.0-28U…..i used Browserhax to get into HBL…used sysupdater to downgrade to 9.2.0-20U…then did the emunand update/injection process using RX Tools. Now i run RXE 9.2.0-20U and am activley looking to install all the pokemon rom hacks as .cia files on the 3ds 😀

  11. Rick

    GBA rom injection into ambassador mode is not emulation at all. It’s either totally native, or hardware virtualization.

    And emulating GBA on the DSTwo is TERRIBLE. like 20 fps most of the time. I don’t know what some of these people are smoking.

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