PSM hack: no rush, make sure to install the PSM Dev App, says Yifan Lu


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  1. W00t says:

    on one hand i don´t want to see piracy on the vita regarding all those great niche games we officially get.. on the other hand i´d love to see some fan translations (kiseki evolution p.e.) one day :/

  2. arcangelnew says:

    Well after a pain in the *** for the PSM install on a 3.18 FW, and the updated it to 3.36 (thanks for my numblast exploit), I was able to install it on my vita, and also installed the unity app on my pc, I ran a few demos and modified one, and I can say that …. yes the PSM memory is locked under an hypervisor like process, Im not an expert dev, maybe Yifan found a way to overflow the hypervisor and execute unsigned code, I really hope this is the case, in the other way not much use for this, just a few emulators running at full vita speed, it was fun playing with it, waiting for yifan release to see if some juicy code is there to exploit that little black bit….. cough cough, you know. what I mean.

  3. kazeo_94 says:

    I have been looking in the net for quite a while, and I’m afraid I’m the only one with this problem
    It seems that I can’t download the PSDevAsst to my VITA. Well I get redirected to PS Store and PSDEV section just fine, but I can’t find the download button! (its not even grayed out, its just missing!) If anyone out there know what cause this and found a solve, I would be very grateful

  4. well says:

    Hurry up and release!