Pool Hall Pro: Firmware 3.50 exploit game has returned to the american PSN stores!

The Zett

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  1. Dönermann says:


    • Dönermann says:

      …ich bin eine Schande für Deutschland :’c

        • jensma says:

          Schon komisch dass die das Spiel wieder freigeschaltet haben.

          • The Z says:

            Ist häufig so.

            Aus dem Store nehmen, bis die ne neue Firmware raushauen, welche für den PSN-Zugriff benötigt wird.

            Paar Wochen später, nachdem die Hacker-Community bestätigt hat, dass der Exploit im Spiel geschlossen wurde, packen die das Spiel, ungepatcht, wieder in den Store, da die Gefahr, für die neueste Systemversion, gebannt ist.

            Mittels PS3 und älterer FW kann man das Spiel, auch hinterher, noch immer zum Exploiten der Vita nutzen.

  2. Daipop says:

    When is Numblast returning to the American PSN Store?

  3. nope says:

    I thought it was confirmed that WOP/PHP worked with VHBL on 3.51?

  4. Pixel Shade says:

    Can I use it on firmware 3.51? Is it free on PSN Store?

  5. Pixel Shader says:

    Can I use it on 3.511

    • manny says:

      No. it says that in the article. you just have to read the whole thing.
      and no the game is not free.

  6. squally1234 says:

    You know what? I might get bashed on for what I’m about to say…PERSONALLY, I’d rather WAIT for a native STABLE released hack. EVEN THO IT MAY TAKE FOREVER… instead messing around the psp emu on each firmware… but thats just my opinion:/

  7. mattsouce says:

    hope we on 3.51 get a brake i really missing my games

  8. RUJP says:

    whats happens to pexploit news?

    dont always do so hypocritical yes you can arhieve piracy with pexploit

    but also you can use it for legal reasons too like translations, PSP/PS1/PSN backups of your content…

  9. Redblade67 says:

    Where in the *** is numblast at ? lmao WHEREEEEE !!!!!

  10. Jay Clay Z says:

    without the intention to underestimate the hard work those people are putting in to the vita, this is just ridiculous, there is more conditions and restrictions in order to get an exploit to work on vita than actually the advantages to have a hacked vita, it is just sad that sony is letting this console dying and there is no real hacking scene to actually save it, before people came and tele do something for myself then well, I am not a hacker…

  11. Giskard says:

    What can I do if im on 3.36, the proxy isnt working nor the download list (via PSN), what can I do?

  12. Mr.Zgiest says:

    Hello Z i was wondering when they had pulled the game off the download list if you called for a refund?And did they remove it off your download list after you were refunded or was it still there when the game was released back into the store?

    • The Z says:

      If you already downloaded it, then you are not eligible for refunding the game, since they kept their promise of the deal: “Offering you the ability to download the game and its license, which you accepted & used”.

  13. Mr.Zgiest says:

    Well here’s the thing Z a friend of mine got a refund awhile back for when the game was pulled from the psn store. But this time he was wondering why another friend of ours also got a refund but they didn’t remove the game from his download list. So yes i see what you mean but i guess there are some sony reps that don’t completely follow the guidelines thus being lucky at the end.

  14. Kimi says:

    Is there anyone can download this game via PS3????
    I cannot download it via PS3. I don’t know why

  15. Smoker1 says:

    So let me guess, I have a CFW PSP 2000/3000 and Vita which is at 3.51. I have the Game on my Vita. I can get the Game on my 2k/3k. But I am guessing, the Exploit explained here will not work?