[PS3] Multiman 04.70.02 released


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17 Responses

  1. Knightfury786 says:

    Does this work on ps3 super slim?

  2. dothackjhe says:

    Will this work in a PS3 Slim system that is not jailbroken and cannot be so?

  3. warfaren says:

    No, super slims can’t be hacked. Sorry.

  4. ezesk8 says:

    Thanks Wololo!

  5. SofaKing says:

    OMG!!! sendspace such a rappy ad filled place to download from. there has got to be a better way. sooo many people are going to be fooled into “updating” their adobe…. but thanx for the info and CFW.

  6. PS3Pirate says:

    This is good to pirate and steal ps3 games right?

  7. TheD!ck says:

    Please read the DAMN RULES! (THERE IS (NO) TALK OF PIRACY ON THESE FORUMS.) PIRACY is STRICKLY frowned apon with this group of people. SO PLEASE IF YOU ARE GOING TO ASK STUPID QUESTIONS.. Well then DON’T!!!!! If you have to ask “What does this do?” THEN DON’T. If you are going to ask wiether or not this will work on an “Unhackable” system. THEN YOU NEED A DICTIONARY TO LOOK UP THE MEANING OF (UNHACKABLE)..

    P.s. (Wololo, PLEASE require login. And if NOT logged in then redirect traffic to the “FORUM RULES” this might save ALL of us some aggravation of idiotic questions..

  8. Piracyrules says:

    So the commenter above is prob a pirate but doesn’t want to admit it. So what does this do and can I use it on a ps3 that is not hackable? Also we can steal for free with this right?

  9. warlock says:

    Maybe… It is a file manager. What do you mean hackable? No.

  10. youlametrolls says:

    the dummy who asked about “This is good to pirate and steal ps3 games right?” is obviously being a jaggoff. I suggest never respond to comments from people seeking attention due to them not getting any from anyone in real life.

  11. Inolametrollh says:

    Where is the best place to steal ps3 games? We all know you all do it.