Toukiden Kiwami demo has been pulled from the japanese PSN Store!

The Zett

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  1. The Z

    1st 😛

    • mustafa

      Hi the z I am new to Vhbl, I have a problem copying any emulator to the Vhbl to read any guide step by step would be nice from you.

      • SwagMang

        Complete guess but it may be because you’re on 3.50/51 and there’s extra protection put in place by Sony
        Pretty sure there’s a fix/workaround though

      • level3tjg

        Try opening the emulator, finding the EBOOT.PBP file, and naming that file wmenu.bin and copy it back to your PS Vita and try to install it

        • allyjaan

          i get kicked out of the VHBL after renaming the file EBOOT.PBP to wmenu.bin, any suggestions? 🙁

    • Shaggy

      You cheeky person you.

    • allyjaan

      hey the Z!, i was just asking if the psp game CALL OF DUTY ROADS TO VICTORY could be used as an exploit game to create TN-V for ps vita 3.51.

  2. Stanislav

    Is not good:(:(!

    • Crzo

      You should give up on complaining, you win nothing and nothing will spped by your complaints.

  3. Crzo

    I already have ARk-2 and Custom bubbles on 3.36 but I know there is new people joining the scene all the time so everything you guys do wether is VHBL or Kexploit is highly apreciated! Thank you.

  4. amirmaher

    well i can’t find it in my download list like they have been deleted it

  5. MooMooMan

    Nice to see that this VHBL exploit has already been forgotten and no new updates seem to be in the works. I guess the new VHBL will get all of those updates. 🙂

  6. warfaren

    I put it on my PS3 a few days ago but I’m assuming I won’t be able to transfer it to my Vita though (don’t wanna format my Vita to switch accounts just to check)?

  7. Saku

    I just want TN-V on my PS TV 3.51. I finally caved in udpating from 3.20 to 3.51

  8. T

    The reason why everything gets patched because wololo releases exploits right when they find then

  9. Chris

    who cares, it is also defently normal that Sony will patch Games they are not even for hacking. and i have the 3.51 Exploid xD

  10. MyLegGuy

    Well, none of the emulators worked on this exploit anyway.

  11. wonbikun

    gPSP on VHBL FW 3.51 error ? How to fix it ?

  12. Frosty

    If you use PSDLE you can still find the demo in the psn store from the web browser and re-add it to your download list that way.

  13. zik

    is there any way i can have a copy of that photo? i like it.

  14. allyjaan

    Looks like someone in sony is tracking this site and gives the information on the exploits 😉

    • yup

      They have been for a long time, Sony likes to track websites to keep their security in order instead of making vita games

  15. RandomGuy

    I hope it doesn’t get lost here, I wanted to write something like this for a long time.

    Hear me out, this isn’t another PSP exploit is useless, start working on Vita posts. That said, as the time passes it is harder and harder for me to see the point in this PSP exploit train going. I mean, it is 2015, we have quad/octa phones or tablets in our pockets with perfectly capable emulators. Lack of buttons? There are a lot of solutions starting from connecting a PS3 pad to a third party pads. Even then, if that is not your thing both PSP and second handed Vita are out there more affordable than ever. There are also hundreds of chinese hardware solutions, some of which are actually quite decent, perfectly capable of emulating a lot of the older hardware like snes/nes/genesis and so on. My point is why the heck would you keep buying those exploits where there are so many good and permanent solutions.

    Personally I have bought 3 exploit games and have only used my first one (UNO exploit) for any meaningful amount of time. With my third exploit I didn’t even bother to run it once and just updated cause I wanted to buy some game on PSN. Now, this is obviously just my experience and I am still grateful for all those opportunities this site has given me but are there really that many people who have the latest firmware Vita, are eager to play the older games and yet don’t have any other hardware for it?

    I mean, I understand some people find those exploits for fun and enjoy the challenge but going public with it so many times isn’t a sign of generosity. It might sound harsh but I have come to a conclusion that this entire scene exists just for the thrill of playing cat and mouse game with Sony.

  16. Moe

    So I was able to download the demo to my PS3 as a bubble before it was removed. Any way to get this into my Vita. Unfortunately it doesn’t show up as something I can transfer when I connect the Vita to my PS3. Only vita games show up in the content manager.

  17. anonymous wikileaks

    If you need download these game, then you can download of any chinese page server absolitly free in iso file. From baidu still tencent

  18. JaySlone

    Hi all, I hv a problem, this is not related but I need help pls. I have 2 ps vita’s and so I downloaded the Ape on the loose on the ps vita with 3.51 and made a backup so I can transfer to the 3.36 but keeps failing to complete the process of transferring to the pS vita on 3.36 with error code C0-13780-9. Both ps vita use the same account actually. Pls someone help me.

    • anonanon

      Try transfer a vita game, or a psp/ps1 game that was backed on on or below your current firmware.
      Not sure if it was the same error code, but I had issues transferring PSP/PS1 games that were backed up on a later firmware than the psp I was transferring them to. I think there’s some mechanism in place to stop that, PS3 may be the only way.

      Vita games transfer fine though, so your exploit game is the only thing to worry abouyt

  19. yatto

    “The next VHBL will come sooner than you think” Such cliffangher ! Much wow !

  20. Jayslone

    Aiit. Thnx mehn@anonanon

  21. aramaru

    Just realised I downloaded wrong (ps vita) demo from Japanese store… ta ta taaaaa…

  22. Paul30Abad7

    I wish theres another exploit for 3.50/3.51.

  23. Jayslone

    Pls I need to knw if any ps3 can be used to download exploit games for the vita or the ps3 needs to be a hacked one. And if so what version of hack is required. I want to get a ps3 but I’m not sure which.

    • Crzo

      Any PS3 can be used, you have to be on latest firmware so you can go into PS Store and download the exploitable game, then you use the “OCMA + PS3 Trick”, to transfer the game.

      The trick consist into connecting your vita to OCMA/QCMA, after that you unplug the USB cable from the PC and a message tells you that your “PC has been disconnected” and there is an “ok” button, before pressing ok you connect it to PS3 and then press ok, it will connect to the PS3 without checking for an update and you are good to copy games from PS3 to Vita without updating it.

  24. Jayslone

    Got it. Thank you @ croz

    • Crzo

      If you are still having trouble transfering games between Vita to PC try using QCMA.

      Sony’s official CMA is a problem because you need a different version of the CMA for different firmwares, but your windows won’t let you install both of them.

      You can use different vitas with different firmwares on QCMA.

  25. hell_knight

    I’m just wondering for those on 3.18 with package installer. They can get the pkg of the demo & install it right ? I know there was already a game on 3.18 & a kernel exploit since I have them. I’m just wondering about the other possibilities, that’s all.

  26. X

    when will leave the new update of vhbl ?? please help me I want to play pokemon

  27. Ryan

    Does the demo have to be psp or ps vita?

  28. David

    Do you still have the demo downloaded to your vita?