Spotify PS4 – Get Spotify on your PS4 for Unsupported Region Without proxy / DNS


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9 Responses

  1. redblade67 says:

    Nice article. (FIRST) HAHA losers

  2. Someone says:

    Isn’t Hola a VPN proxy service too? I know that in Chrome browsers, it is a plug-in, but isn’t it some kind of proxy plug-in then? Just confused here…

    • wololo says:

      It’s a smart DNS system. Not really a proxy, not really a VPN. But technically, you’re right, it’s a similar system. Mainly the point is that it’s free and you don’t have to directly go through it on your PS4

  3. lollypop says:

    i want playstation service.
    like that movie service in paradise.
    pure japanese and pure paradise islands.
    i dont want facebook music or spotify or any …
    i want play service.

    simpel i dont like region checks.
    and i prefer not to go third party on every service offered.
    simply unpayable.

    and a cyborg game like exmachina.

    mommy ….

  4. gunblade says:


  5. Evan W. says:

    Spotify is not available in my country 🙁 I had to use a vpn from arcvpn to sign up for service.