Pasta CFW for Old and New 3DS (allows unsigned .cia installing)



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  1. speedy says:

    Might try this out.

  2. Darkenvy says:

    Just bought Cubic Ninja on eBay. Figure now’s the best time to buy 😀

  3. Majin says:

    I was wondering when I was gonna see it on the front page. Been messing with it all day. Everything works awesome.

  4. ModChipGuy says:

    Life is Good!

  5. zorak_torok says:

    I have a “new” 3ds….. someday I will actually mess with it… I just don’t get the same enjoyment of playing snes games on a native nintendo system and there are so few games I actually want for the thing that even if I was a pirate; it would be a waste on me. My kids loved playing Freaky forms, but now I take it to work to play the couple games I missed out on without them being the wiser. With a major dose of nostalgia, I actually do really like the zelda games.

  6. akian_aray says:

    I dunno. That’s cool and all, but you need relatively rare and pricey game to run it and have to mess with sysnand, so you can’t update beyond 9.2. Somehow flashcards might turn out as easier and cheaper alternative.

    • AliceTheGorgon says:

      Cubic Ninja is only $20 USD at Gamestop. You’ll need to use the store locator to find a copy nearby though. You might even be able to have them ship one from another store to a local one.

  7. ModChipGuy says:

    After reading most if not all on that thread, I would say within a couple of days games will not be needed at all or maybe after an initial install.

  8. NakedFaerie says:

    This is awesome! Finally a way to get custom CIAs installed. 😀
    We need a way to run it without Cubic Ninja as that doesn’t always work.

    the 1 major thing it needs is to boot at startup to be a real CFW.

  9. Anon says:

    Good, one more step closer to getting rid of Gateway & Co. for good.
    There’s software piracy and then there’s piracy for profit with bricking competitors customers’ consoles. Someone has to make sure they get what they deserve.
    As for me, I’ll personally wait for a safer emuNAND supporting solution, preferably self-contained (with no need of online of any sort) software-only one. I have 3DS XL on FW 4.2 myself, CN cart and carts of worthwhile 3DS games for 4.x, I’m just a perfectionist.

  10. AliceTheGorgon says:

    Yay, a non-finicky way to play GBA games on the 3DS!

    I’ve been wanting to do that for a while now (Metroid!), but the GBA emulator for the NDS mode didn’t work well at all.

  11. Shaggy says:

    The Pasta Loader auto detects the wrong firmware (Old 3DS V.9.x) for my 3DS (Old 3DS V. How do I use manual selection or is 9.x the only CFW on Pasta Loader?

  12. Daemonfey says:

    I wonder if that can play DS games.

  13. andoryuu3 says:

    IMHO: If you’re just going to be a pirate, skip buying Cubic Ninja and buy a Sky3DS. This helps keep the price low for homebrew only users.

  14. 3DSVITAPSP says:

    This is so great for all us thieves!!!! Come on Vita when are you guys coming out with CFW so we can steal you too.

    • AliceTheGorgon says:

      This is irrelevant to thieves. Thieves would already have the game cartridges, and thus don’t need any custom firmware.

    • chad says:

      Yeah being able to pirate Vita ROMs will be great but I really just wAnt to be able to get online with a lower firmware so that I can buy software from the PSN store. I know that sounds sort of conflicting but that’s what I want

  15. Jake says:

    So can you run this through cubic ninja running off a flashcart rather than the physical cart?

    • Sh4d0w927 says:

      I believe you can do so with Sky3DS, and I’d assume Gateway. I know someone verified the last time Cubic Ninja exploits were brought up, but am too lazy to look for the source.

  16. dirt says:

    I hate the XL models, if the CFW scene develops im importing a new 3ds.

  17. gunblade says:


  18. sniper says:

    i have a cfw on my old 3ds without any gateway or any other game it can be installed by normal DS flashcard and it can install cia games, already tried Rune factory 4 , zelda and other games it works flawlessly

  19. Saito Gray says:

    My New 3ds came with 9.7 and i wanted to try homebrew and region free game. I’m sad.

  20. Codeaffe says:

    Please everyone make sure you pay attention to what you do with theis CFWas it installs to your SYSNAND. So make sure to check the hash of the file or make sure you get it from a legit and checked source.

  21. Danigma says:

    I’ve been using Sky3DS and Cubic Ninja for a while. I installed some legit CIA using FBI on my old 3DS too and everything is OK. I’ve got some retail cartridges too.

    As I never used/installed/launched CFW on my 3DS I wonder: If I launch Past CFW and install GBA games and unsigned CIA, when I restart the 3DS, will it be on the OFW again? And to use again I simply have to launch it from Ninjhax?

    Or this CFW will forever replace the OFW like we do on PS3?

    I really like to run some GBA and unsigned CIAs on my 3DS, but I wouldn’t like to abandon the OFW I’m in now.

    Thanks 😀

    • Reprep says:

      Pasta CFW is temporary in RAM, just like you said, when you restart your 3DS (or simply go to settings and exit) you will be back to OFW.

      But unlike the legit CIAs, you won’t be able to run GBA games or any other unsigned CIAs in OFW. They will be seen in the main menu, but they will only work after you boot Pasta CFW. When you are done, simply go to settings and exit to go back to OFW.

  22. AteThePrincess says:

    If I install this on my JP New 3DS, can I install USA .cia games?

    • Reprep says:

      It doesn’t have a built-in region free function. It is possible if you run the installed games through dev menu though. Keep in mind that other region games won’t be shown on your 3DS main menu.

      I would advise to do some reading before installing any other region games.

  23. gui says:

    I installed mario game in nand.
    how do I uninstall?
    fbi.cia installed, but does not appear the icon.

  24. gui says:

    i formated 3ds, but the game mario dont delete.

  25. Charles Fasano says:

    I still prefer Gateway until a free method for emuNand support comes out for N3DS. Just don’t want to risk a brick when installing .cias.

    • Reprep says:

      Agreed, this CFW has risks. You are fine if you know what you are doing, but there are so many risks.

  26. I am going to say something that many may disagree with and this is really my opinion. But as mush as I like having a system you can hack, or at the least put CFW on it. I still get a little nervous that if this continues the 3ds will go the way of the DS. Meaning more and more games will get pirated and more and more companies will decide not to publish on the system. I loved my DS and do own a cycloDS, and I do regret what happened with it. I love my 3ds as well, i think its a great system. I don’t want it to fail.

    I don’t know, that’s just my feelings. I expect no one else to agree or even care.

    • Kotomine Kirei says:

      The PSP had CFWs, and it still had many games developed and translated for it.

    • Reprep says:

      I agree with you. Even though i don’t believe piracy plays a big role in system’s success or fail, it surely makes developers think twice before releasing their game on the system.

      There are so many factors to decide for making a game and releasing it on a specific system. Piracy is one of them and it is on the negative side. Still, if the system is popular and the game is good, piracy won’t make the game fail on the sales.

    • Jack Attack says:

      What are you on? Companies didn’t stop publishing on the DS due to piracy. They did on PSP, VERY! briefly before understanding that piracy wasn’t the PSP’s growing problems.

      The DS maintained a healthy library and sales until the end of its days. Anyone that used piracy as an excuse used it just for that, an excuse. A way to hide the real reason.

      Piracy doesn’t do much of anything. Otherwise the PS3 would have trumped the Xbox 360 with content as soon as the 360 was offensively easy to pirate on and PC gaming would never have rebounded after everyone blamed piracy for the actual backlash against intrusive and abusive DRM.

      The DS had its own unique piracy issues and even when it was at its mainstream peak, sales only kept going up on the software side. They never bottomed out or had any real threat. The only thing affecting DS software sales was an overcrowded market, buyer fatigue and lack of compelling fresh content.

  27. Omp says:

    I bought a 3DS a few months ago, and in the shipment it broke. The problem is that it can’t load carts anymore. It is version 1.0 (or similar) and since it can’t load carts, it is pretty useless at the moment. Does this CFW mean I can play games on my 3DS now, and that I don’t need a cart to install it?

    • Reprep says:

      You need a cartridge (Cubic Ninja) to start the CFW. Also it doesn’t support below 4.x firmwares.

      • Omp says:

        Ah, bummer! You guys who have been involved in the 3DS hacking longer than me, do you think there ever will be a possibility (like maybe buying a game online and then run a exploit through that?).

  28. san says:

    What is unsigned .cia ?
    how i can know what download game is unsigned?

  29. motezazer says:

    1.0 beta released!

  30. sann says:

    CFW Pasta 1.0 Beta 2 release

  31. sann says:

    Version 1.0 beta 3 released!!!

  32. motezazer says:

    Version 1.0 released! No more beta!

  33. san says:

    I’m trying to install the games down .cia, but not all install cuz? In fact most do not install. Reaches the end of the installation and asks if I want to try installing again.

  34. max says:

    Does this will kill gw3ds nad sky3ds both?

  35. motezazer says:

    Version 1.1.1 released!

  36. motezazer says:

    Version 1.2.1 released!

    • WeedZ1985 says:

      Hey motezazer, you know whats up with gbatemp? i’ve been trying to reach the release thread all morning to test the new PCFW. Do you guys have another link somewhere? I would also like to ask something else of you if i could contact you more privately. with gbatemp inaccessible, idk how to do that. is there somewhere else i can reach you?

    • WeedZ1985 says:

      nevermind. disregard that comment. just after posting that the site is up.

  37. mundeky says:

    It works using sky3ds and cubic ninja.

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