Release: Firmware 3.51 VHBL for PS Vita & Playstation TV! Exploited game is a free Demo! (JP Store)

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  1. Rock says:

    every emu I use acts outta control flickering and running turbo and like the button is sticky but it is not the exploit needs a fix

  2. Ordinary Man says:

    138menu works great on 3.51. And emulators works fine, except gba.

    • untoldzero says:

      can u help me?
      becouse emulators doesn’t find roms..
      can you link to me some emu or something that works?
      (example my snes emu get stucked in “the same directory is not found, press X o O etc etc” but also if i press nothing happen..)

  3. jij says:

    Like written above, its an early release. Hopefully theres coming good ol’ ark too ^,^

  4. Pixel ShaderX says:

    Can anyone plz tell me how to put psp gamea with this VHBL

  5. MyLegGuy says:

    Has anybody gotten gpsp to work? I really want to use it, but I always get ‘Font Int Error’. If you have gotten it to work, tell me how.

  6. untoldzero says:

    can someone link the demo? i’ve a jappanese account but i’m not able to found it..any help?

  7. untoldzero says:

    can someone link the demo? i’ve a jappanese account but i’m not able to found it..any help? i really no have idea how to find it on the store >.<

  8. warlord says:

    I tried Gpsp and masterboy and no matter what i do but i keep on getting fatal error.

  9. gameandwatchthe3rd says:

    The setup prosess works for me but whenever i run any type of homebrew the controls move on their own without me touching them for some reason so i cant do anything.

  10. Is There Any Exploits For Toy Story 3 PSP Game Most Probably Not

  11. philippecr says:

    ew….. I though I saw it in the Asia PSN Store, but then realize.. it’s the “PSP version” of Toukiden: Kiwami demo game… not the PSVita’s one. :d

    Then I realized, Vita games don’t run VHBL but probably native exploits. 😡

  12. ivo2376 says:

    can any of u play killzone mercenaries on psvitatv ?
    i can bye downloading the bought from the vita+voucher pack
    and restart download for plus version of same game then overwriting profile after two installs.
    or plus just work for psvitatv ?
    its a great multiplayer on psvitatv 🙂
    anyhow i would like the same for call of duty declassified 🙂

    so should i still buy eu store exploit games for 3.51+ for my psvitatv since my email nokiamail domain expired ?

  13. ROCK says:

    sega picodrive works change sound to highest but other emu’s an things be tweaking like they on turbo an settings changing like a button is stuck please fix this or fix the emu’s an things

  14. Jimmy says:

    Can someone help me setup the file directory for homebrew or tell me how to install it.

  15. K says:

    “If you happen to be on firmware 3.50 (three point five zero!), then you are able to grab this exploit game and run TN-V & ARK-2 (theoretically).”

    This doesn’t work, because in order to use PSN or Content Manager to actually get the demo on your vita, you have to update to 3.51. 🙁

  16. allyacid says:

    hey can anyone help me? I found a demo in the US store with the exact name {in english} will it work?

  17. MonoAudioStereo says:

    Well, I installed it along with Snes emulator and tried to play Super Castlevania IV. Emulator launcher the game but the game didnt work.

  18. allyacid says:

    help it is not working after clicking on the second line it just writes a bunch of japanese words anyone?

  19. dyay-em says:

    I notice that psn is always down lately. What gives?

  20. jm says:

    I notice that psn is always down. What are they thinking

  21. Andreiyo55 says:

    Use the v.02 files guys.It’s on Z’s download site(Zload).Using this exploit + v.02 files for VHBL I managed to get the following working:

    -Picodrive=works perfectly
    -Snes9xTYL=I’m using an older version and it works well.Most games run at full speed.
    -Nesterj=Works perfectly.

    I tried GPSP but it gave an error:Failed to initiate font.ini or something like that.
    I really hope we can get GPSP to work,other than that,thanks for the awesome exploit!!

    • untoldzero says:

      i would like play with Snes9x, can u link ur version? 😀 (i would like to play back DK country 2-3, Megaman X and final fantasy VI right now :3)

      to install it, just have to put it with CMA right? 🙂

      • Andreiyo55 says:

        Yes,to install you just use CMA.Here’s the link:

        Megaman X works fine,it’s got some slowdown from 60 fps to 55 or so but it’s more than playable.The others I don’t have sorry.You should report back here after you try the games to tell me how it ran :).

        • untoldzero says:

          ok the homebrew starts but i’m not able to find my roms O.o
          when it starts it says: memread errorand when i look for roms i’m not able to find it..

  22. PixelShaderX says:

    I don’t know why ARK and TN are tooling late in releasing the methods of hacking is it mean that Sony has patched them permanently and there is no longer a ways to get them in PSV 3.51

  23. NoPatience says:

    hey, i installed snes emu and tried to play assassins creed unity on it, it put up some fake error: FATAL ERROR
    assassins creed unity not supported

  24. Jake3f says:

    So i got to the point of doing the exploit and am now in the ‘HBL’ loader. Is there a good tutorial for how to install emulators and roms? thanks

  25. kazeo says:

    Damn it, the game has been pulled off by Sony??

  26. zlager19 says:

    Mr.Z can u make a whole tutorial video how to download all the requirements on it and install it properly and what to do???……..plss i need ur help Mr.Zett

  27. Alice715 says:

    I was just slightly late.
    Last night I was trying to download to my 3.18 with the bubble method, proxy etc. all of them failed.
    I decided to borrow a friend’s PS3 but by the time I got it this morning, the game is already gone from the JP PSN.

    I have the pkg but obviously that won’t work because of DRM.

  28. wonbikun says:

    Emulators (gPSP, snes……) not working with VHBL . How to fix it ?

  29. Moe says:

    So I was able to download the demo to my PS3 as a bubble before it was removed. Any way to get this into my Vita. Unfortunately it doesn’t show up as something I can transfer when I connect the Vita to my PS3. Only vita games show up in the content manager.

  30. Hi everyone can i play psp games on this vhbl hack?

  31. The F says:

    Still no way to play hacked or free psp games on psvita 3.51? Tnx

  32. have this game in my library and downlaoded from us store, hack possible ?

  33. tsampikos says:

    hot to hack ps vita in 351 version pls answer me

  34. tsampikos says:

    i want to put psp games to play pls help!!!!

  35. Smoker1 says:

    Does this still work for NA 3.51?

  36. yabapips says:

    how to install this in ps vita..will it work in U.S region?

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