Vita Update Blocker working for Firmware 3.51


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44 Responses

  1. Sakuryu says:

    Hackinformer? I said this literally minutes after 3.551 went live….

    • nope says:

      You and probably several hundred other people who’ve known about the proxy method in the past probably said the same thing. Hackinformer is more convenient to reference and this article was more meant for people new to the Vita scene I believe.

  2. Mo Golany says:

    Doors this work for 3.18 if I wanted to play run sack boy because it needs 3.36?

  3. DragonQuest says:

    not working on 3.50

    there is no internet when i edit my proxy

  4. Smoker1 says:

    Will this allow me to Reactivate PSM on my Vita?

  5. bob says:

    using this right now to download games during the flash sale.

  6. dash says:

    work awesome

  7. freezy628 says:

    too bad im on 3.51

  8. Sasami says:

    This doesn’t seem to be working, I’m on 3.36 btw

  9. rclr says:

    Can i use this to install psm on my vita 3.50?

  10. Crescent roll says:

    Can I access netflix as well?

  11. Sohel says:

    Its work Awesome….

  12. eren says:

    dude if i diconnect my vita on the computer,the vita blocker will work or not?

  13. Doggy says:

    Hi guys! Will it works on 3.36? However is there an other trick to download exploits from psn 3.36 without ps3? Thxs

  14. SS_Slim says:

    This helps a tonne, very informative. Thanks!

  15. Kunio says:

    This doesn’t work with a Vita on 3.01, does it?

  16. Justinuyasha says:

    This doesn’t work on 3.50. Allows me to access PSN but have to force things to load several times to get to see anything and absolutely cannot download any content.

  17. Tarik says:

    Working!! Thank you 🙂

  18. Poiro says:

    do not work on 3.50 for me

  19. JustInuYasha says:

    Well I finally got this to let me download Minecraft yesterday but I cannot even connect after that. I get a connection error after disabling proxy settings. Nothing seems to stop it. I got all I wanted before I couldn’t access the store anymore though, so Thanks for the post!!!!

  20. Kuzu says:

    Doesn’t work for 3.36

  21. Lafrog says:

    Not working anymore -.-

    • Blah says:

      Same here. Was working yesterday, but seems to no longer be working today.

    • grandgroove says:

      Confirming the same. I last used my (FW 3.50) Vita with PSUpdateBlock on Tuesday, and I could pass. Now, it is failing.

      I’m tinkering with the source code and the Python module to see if I can get the exact info to let us pass.

  22. Bossster says:

    Any update on update blocker on 3.50? No fix in sight?

  23. Snowball says:

    Could you confirm that this tool is not working anymore please?

  24. L3nny says:

    I see GitHub repository have not been updated since 3th june, so, I guess we must wait for another release or take the code and compile it ourselves with changes.

  25. Jinh says:

    My PS vita on 3.51 and I use update blocker is work first time but when I tried again it’s doesn’t work

  26. Jose says:

    Tengo la version 3.36, pero no puedo iniciar sesion por que tengo que actualizar a la mas reciente, pero con el blocker me dice que ya tengo la version nueva.¿Como le hago para iniciar sesion sin actualizar?

    I have the version 3.36, but I can not sign that I have to upgrade to the newest, but with the blocker tells me that I have the version nueva.¿Como you do not upgrade to login?

  27. TesseractE says:

    So it appears that this stopped working for 3.52 today. From what I’ve read, this is a known phenomenon, but I’m scratching my head as to WHY this stops working.

    I’m new to the Vita/TV world, but it seems like without firmware updates, nothing Sony does server side should have an effect while the proxy is running since the update traffic is being intercepted.

    Would SKFU pr0xy still work if properly configured?

  28. dat says:

    vitaupdate blocker not working on my ps vita fw 3.52 ?? can fix it 🙁

  29. Seedorfbiggy says:

    Despite i have hacked my psvita can i play ps3 pes on my vita?

  30. We do this in order to open a connection to your PS Vita without Sony s online checks forcing you to update its firmware.