1 Year of PS Plus subscription nets you more than $1300 worth of games


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  1. rclr says:

    Like I said before, I got a 2nd part time job so I can afford buying games and now that I do I have 3 games I haven’t played and 2 games I haven’t finished Bc I have to work everyday. :'(
    and first.

  2. I have an account that has had PS plus subscription for the past 12 months and I have bought all the free games. I can sell it for 1/13 the price(100$) to whoever wants it.:D

  3. Yatto says:

    I never thought of subscribing to PSN since I only own a PS Vita and I like to have my games, at least downloaded and stored on my PC, so I can take one and play or replay it. But I never thought either that PSN would be so interesting for enthusiasts with PS3 / 4 + PS Vita AND with time to play. The advantage is huge. But not for me ^^

  4. thehopeman says:

    This is a *pseudo* no brainer. I’ve bought PS+ membership for a couple of months last year for my vita. The thing is that the free games are yours as long as you are a PS+ member. as soon as your membership expire you can’t play the free games anymore. The only advantage I found about PS+ is the ability to upload savegame to the cloud and even there you can back them up on your pc with CMA. For games with a discount this is not that bad. You can save a couple of bucks here and there.. but often on crappy games i would not play anyway.

  5. ch3wt0ys says:

    Some of the games I play on my PS4 require PS+ for online, which I don’t like. Mainly because I already have PS Now, so tons of PS3 games on Vita and PS4.
    I just feel like I’m getting ripped off more paying for games through PS+.

    • rclr says:

      Ps+ and ps now are completely different service. Ps+ is mainly for using multiply games like xbox live and the free games they throw are just to sweeten of having a ps+ . As for ps now is more likely netflix or hulu where you can subscribe for a game for as long as you want any games you want Without having to buy or downloading the game.

      • ch3wt0ys says:

        I know what they are. What I’m trying to say is I don’t like to buy games that requires a service just to use it fully. PS Now I get more benefits from it than I do PS+, which was what I was trying to say.

  6. Gian says:

    What a load of ***. A good chunk of those games are complete turds, indie retro ***, or can be found cheaper used anyway.
    Saying PS+ is a no brainer or a good value because of just how much money the individual games cost is pretty stupid, because you don’t get to choose what games you have access to.
    What’s the point of “free” games if the selected games are trash? 0.
    The only good thing about PS+ is cloud saving, anything else you can find cheaper anywhere else.

    • spoilt says:

      jesus what a spoilt little brat u are, for me this is excellent value for money coz the “trash” games i would never pay for are actually quite good.
      But no matter for ur $40 a year i guess sony should give u amazing new AAA titles every month coz hey….they dont want to spoil ur *** huh

  7. Leires says:

    The thing is, though, you’re basically renting these games. They’re on your PSN list til the service dies (which may not happen for years and years, admittedly) and then they’re gone for good. You’re not really getting the ‘full value’, since you don’t technically ‘own’ the game.

    Is it a good value? Sure, it can be. Just like Gamefly can be a good value or Netflix can be a good value. But it’s certainly not worth the full 100% value of the game at any point, since you don’t own them yourself and thus, if something were to happen, you couldn’t sell them or keep the games. The value is fairly arbitrary and based upon the user less so than a hard number.

    • Leires says:

      (you really need an edit, wololo..though i guess it would surely be abused to all heck)

      I forgot to mention too, like netflix and gamefly, if you can’t pay the games are gone. Bills came up? Some unfortunate accident? Well, you don’t own the games which means no pay = no play. Not to mention too, you’re gambling (in a very loose way) on what may come, since even if ‘this month’s games’ are bad, you still need to pay the monthly fee to have access to your good games. Likewise, you don’t have back-access to games you missed a month’s payment on.

  8. meysam25 says:

    if you have two console its wort .
    in the one year so many cool game coming for free .

  9. freezy628 says:

    man…. i probably wont win that damn ps+ year. i want it so bad. i hate how games are so overpriced on psn. black ops vita costs 50$ on psn 17$ at gamestop

    • Crzo says:

      ^This, love how people flaunt around getting $1300 in value when you can actually BUY the games on a retail store for a fraction of what PSN asks for them.

      I also doubt that anyone in their right mind would buy that crapload of indies at $20 each, there are some greaat indies but most are not worth the full price, you can even wait and get then on sales… Heck! if you buy a $300 PC you can even get then a $1 ln Steam lamo.

      This $1300 is just smoke and mirrors.

  10. Anon says:

    No, I’m not a PS+ member. And I don’t feel it’s a good deal because I don’t have PS4 where it’s basically required for online play and because I’ve been ‘spoiled’ in a way by pre-PS4 PS+.
    I’ve been checking PS+ offers for half of a year already (probably longer) waiting for a moment to renew the subscription, and nothing valuable showed up. If it was good, I already owned it or beaten ages ago. If it wasn’t that good, I already tried and dropped it or wasn’t even interested in the first place, like all that indie/phone trash for the Vita.
    There’s also the fact that you can’t buy the game if you have it in your PS+ collection until PS+ expires, and when it does, so do all its games.
    I’m not saying that PS+ is $1300 worth of trash, but it certainly isn’t worth its money for me.

  11. psvita-UVL says:

    But the Problem is you dont own the Gamesyou lend it 🙁

    if Sony goes bankrupt you will loose all games from PS PLUS…

  12. psvita-UVL says:

    lend *them

  13. John Shaw says:

    PS+ is a good deal but not for the free games. The games offered are 2-3 years old or newer ones that are subpar. I guess its good for gamers that have to play every game possible, just because. Me personally I use my gaming time to play games I LOVE and will play indefinetly until the next version comes out, for example Black Ops 2. I dont want or need to play any other FPS because I found the one I love to play.

    Also these games are NOT free. Unlike Xbox Live Gold once your subscription runs out your ability to play the games you got for free also ceases. SO you have to pay monthly to continue playing these free games.

    What is good about PS+ is your discount you get on games you really would play and they cant that away from you once you stop paying for the subscription.

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