Mandatory PS Vita Firmware 3.51 is now available!

The Zett

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  1. zinc says:


  2. hoshira says:

    Hallo, Z. Verwendest du VHBL auf PSVita mit einem noch nicht veröffentlichten exploit Spiel ?

  3. MasterChief says:

    I’m still on 3.18 waiting something big!

  4. Silents says:

    Will this update block the PSM hack thats yet to be released?

    • brentt says:

      how can it be patched/ blocked ?! the files for the hack aren’t released yet ! sony can’t patch things if they don’t know how the exploit is initialized

      • Daipop says:

        Even more, if you are willing to link your Vita to your PSM Dev Licence, you MUST have your Vita updated

  5. roy bugatti says:

    lmao sony must have given up

  6. nope says:

    When in doubt don’t update. It’s always safe to assume that updates break exploits even (though I doubt it would in this case).

  7. AliceTheGorgon says:

    “It is mandatory, by the way!”

    Have Sony ever released a non-mandatory update? Or any console publishing company for that matter?

    • bob says:

      yes. there are optional updates, generally it is apart of a beta program. i joined a beta program for updates on my xbox 360. i got the update before it became mandatory, so in that instance, it was optional.

    • Crzo says:

      I have seen at least 3 updates on the PS3 that were not necessary, I would still be able to go online on PSN without installing them so I would generally skip them in case something was broken and… on one of those PS3’s started bricking lmao

    • nope says:

      Yes they have for the PS3 a few times, I know update 4.53 was optional.

    • The Z says:

      A later 1.6x FW was optional. Same with one of the 3.1x firmwares.

  8. Sakuryu says:

    If you’re below 3.50 and want to update without losing ape escape just file swap the update and use update blocker. Tick-tock though

  9. reaver beacon says:

    psm 2.0 never update to 2.0.1 with system driver 3.1 still latest 3.51

  10. bluefox says:

    Is there ape escape VHBL

  11. daniel stapp says:

    has anyone tested ape escape after the update and how do i spoof 3.50 to get back online please help i enjoy my emulators and cso’s but black ops multiplayer is where its at

  12. Andrew says:

    can anyone tell me if it is possible to install half byte loader on firmware 3.36? I am waiting to install new firmware so I can hack and use my vita with Nintendo games, but I have also purchased new Vita games I would like to play and sadly I can’t install them. I’m new to this and any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    • Yatto says:

      First : if you have bought Vita games online, you CANNOT download them to your Vita if you’re not on the latest firmware (at least without a hacked PS3, but since I haven’t one, I cannot inform you for this). That’s what MANDATORY means.

      Second : If you’re on 3.36 and you have one of the possible exploit games (Numblast, Patapon 2 for example), then you can install very easily ARK-2, which does the same as the VHBL but better. ARK-2 can launch the same homebrews as the VHBL, and it can launch PSP games as ISO/CSO.

      All in all : if you own a PS3 that has a custom firmware, you can try to download one of the abovementionned games on you 3.36 firmware without updating, and run ARK-2 (or VHBL if you want, but ARK-2 is only better !).

  13. stigmate says:

    Good evening I have just be approved for psm … currently I’m on 3.36 firmware but wonder to update firmware 3.51 so I could connect me on psn to Download vita “Unity for PSM” and “PSM SDK” .faut 2 software download it? I saw that it was compulsory update to 3.50, but now I can update with firmware 3.51? the feat psm t he work with? if not how to update 3.50? thank you in advance ….

  14. hrosales says:

    I’m glad to stay on 3.18, waiting for that moment when someone advice, not to update to 3.36, stay on 3.18…I am still waiting…still…

  15. Vitahack says:

    Should we stay on 3.18 or what you nerds!

  16. gui says:

    i buy a new psvita 3.30 and exploit game ape scape, and now i use tnv-11 and play megadrive, snes and etc. finally i can use INSTALL.ZIP with out problem.
    now i buy new psvita and wait my psm license.

  17. Markyys says:

    Looks like TNV-11 does not work with Ape Escape: On the Loose on 3.51

    • Fox says:

      What a shame, I was just on the PSN page to download it when it forced me to update. Thank you for confirming 🙁

  18. croiu says:

    If I do update to 3.51 from 3.50, should I remove the homebrew games I have on my Vita first before I do this? I’m not sure I can remove them using 3.51 and i want to access the PS Store.

  19. freezy628 says:

    3.51 seems alot smoother and stabler

  20. Saku says:

    I’m so glad I was to able to purchase Ape Escape on the Loose the other day while I’m currently still on 3.50.

    Though, I’m phobic about updating 3.51 breaking anything if I do update after I apply the Ape Escape exploit..

  21. Hunter says:

    Anyone else get Vita Update Blocker to work with this patch? It’s not working for me, as my Vita still says I need to download the mandatory update. I want to sync my trophies and buy from the store. It was working on the previous firmware. If its a time thing and will work on the release of the next firmware update then that’s fine then.

  22. Saku says:

    Hey, The Z.. Can you share the steps on how to apply or use the Ape Escape exploit for 3.50?

    I was able to grab the game on 3.50 the other day and I’m still on 3.50.

    I’ve Googled around but didn’t find any steps, tutorials or guides on how to apply or use the Ape Escape on the Loose 3.50 exploit. Please help.

  23. JustWolF says:

    Hey, thnx for all ur info about the ps vita. My question is The savedata exploit in World of Pool in 3.51 didnt work, can u help me ?
    it say data corrupted, i just want to run vhbl. Thnx in advance

    • Tony says:

      You need the “PSP” not vita demo for toukiden from the japanese store which wont be back until the release of 3.52+ to do any exploit on 3.51.

  24. Dorris says:

    Thanks for finally writing about >Mandatory PS Vita Firmware 3.51 is now available!
    – <Liked it!

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