New piracy technique on PS4 in Brazil confirmed to be real, Sony might take legal action


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  1. stoles

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  2. shapeshifter

    These idiotic companies need to realize that they created piracy by pricing stuff so *** high
    heck for the price of a base PS4,I can get a much better PC + 5-6 games for the same price in my country(~$900)

    • Landeros

      SO FKN TRUE.

    • Demian

      Sadly its not them who should realize that their products are really expensive, but us, the customers, and avoid buying them. Something we won’t do because most of us are too greedy and we only want to have the most recent products no matter its real cost.

      As for the pirates… again, sadly most of the times they depend upong the scene’s results from each console to get their profit, as soon as a new development in a hack/CFW becomes real, many pirates start selling the method to achieve the goal. That’s because all pirates who get profit from the scene’s findings don’t have a f’ idea of how that really works and most methods are developed to be easy to do by the final customer, but anyway, many don’t even want to try and avoid paying for something that’s free in first hand, they are too lazy to try. So the you can find lots of consoles on mercadolibre (online buying *** company) being sold expensively with a microSD of 16/32 GB full of “gifts”.

      As long as most “final users” are willing to pay for getting the “job” done, more pirates will keep selling at very high prices the results of the scene developers, who in the end do it for the will of knowledge of how this or that device works.

  3. afaq

    why shouldnt we jailbreak ps4 a ps4 game costs 5000 Rs and almost anyone in pakistan cant afford it 5000 is alot of money its not fair ps4 should be jailbreaked

  4. zeon

    So if piracy runs rampant on a console, do you think publishers will continue making games for it? Nope, take a look at the psp. It got abandoned for several years before the vita came out. Hacking consoles aren’t good for perspective owners of the console nor the publishers. Why do you even think hacking consoles and piracy is so bad to begin with. Its not like you need 60-80 dollar games to begin with, so dont argue that point. If you can’t afford the basics in life, then why are looking at something so expensive as a game console. Worry about food and shelter before playing video games. People who pirate always try to argue to the pricing ***. Well, look at steam sales and quit arguing about this 60 dollar ***. Wait for sales and you don’t need play the latest games out. Plenty out there to keep you occupied. Shady *** like this wont help sony, publishers, nor the developers to continue making stuff for the ps4. So remember who foots the bills to make these games. Its businesses like gamestop and shady *** like this that take out the money for the developers who continue to make triple a titles or even great indie games. Games are expensive to make, some are more than others. Somewhere in the millions and it’s risky business to make.

    • moeed

      but it can be in balance those who can afford dont jailbreak because it has its downside and developers will still make games for it just look at xbox 360 the most exploited console yet it had a glorious era

    • Gui

      You’re right, just look at how many good games the Vita has due to not having piracy for years! And the PS2, the best selling console of all times and probably the most pirated too, clearly has next to no good games due to those DAMNED pirates, right?

    • Micke

      PS Vita is already abandoned, without any piracy on it.
      The PSP just sucked.

  5. Abdel

    My ps4 is banned contacted sony and that said is because of a charge back made in Thailand so they told me to pay 70 dollars to get it unbanned what you guys think?

    • Demian

      You gave them power over you by buying their console (any console). They create a need and we create a need for that need. So then, pay those USD $70 or live with it. That’s the role of the game.

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