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PS4 Jailbreak news – PS4 “games are easy to pirate” rumors keep pouring from Brazil and the scene


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  1. first says:

    first and ps4 is ***. get a pc with i7 4770k and gtx 980

    • ErnieBall says:

      Which costs abot 3 times what you pay for a PS4.
      I’m a PC gamer but i think there is a place for consoles. However this is a boring old debate!
      Btw, with the 4790k availabe, i don’t see a reason to go for the 4770k. And for most users, the 4690k has a much better value anyway.

      • Dmaskell92 says:

        I always see how people type about console being the cheaper route… It’s not, 1st party peripherals are VERY costly and 3rd party peripherals are junk. Games are very costly even when they’ve been on PSN forever! With PC you have a larger variety of FTP games and ebay sells Steam game codes for under $10. So yeah I might have spent $800 on my PC but I won’t pay as much as a PS4 user in the long run replacing damage prone peripherals, expensive games, and online expenses. Anyway, to try and stop a flame war, consoles are a decent method to game, but don’t tell me how it’s “cheaper”.

        • CycloneFox says:

          First of all, there is no difference with the peripherals. On PC every peripheral is a third party product, which can vary in quality, or you can (and most likely do) use the very same peripherals, you would use on a console.

          And you have to look at the game-prices from a different perspective: On the PC, big triple A games, are about 20 bucks cheaper at launch (And there are those middle-east keys, that are even as cheap as about 10-15 bucks, but I wouldn’t take those anymore, as EA sometimes mailed me, saying they couldn’t verify the origin of my ME3 key and thus banned it a few months after I bought it). You also have more indi-games, as almost every indi game comes to PC and those are really cheap. And thanks to steam, you have those deliciously cheap sales.

          But on the downside of things, you have by far less triple A games to begin with, the ports are poorly optimized for PCs and features like split-screen gaming are stripped. You can’t resell or share games from platforms like Steam or Origin (Even retail games mostly require such a platform), which is why you need to support platforms like GOG.

          On consoles on the other hand, you have far more triple A games and more exclusives, especially when it comes to Japanese games, which is where my main interest lies. Services like PS plus and XBL Gold offer quite a value for very little money. For example, with PS Plus you pay about 36 – 50 $/€ for a year subscription, which offers 72 high-quality games, which vary between triple A and indi titles, not even counting multi-platform licences, so you can play the games on home consoles and on your vita, which also adds great value to it. On top of that you get 10% better deals on most deals. And the deals themselves are not to underestimated. For example, I bough Rayman Legends on Steam and PSN when it was in a spring sale on both platforms and you may not guess so, but on PSN it was about 2€ cheaper compared to the 75% discount on Steam. I know it’s not typical, but sometimes PSN and XBL offer deals just as good as on steam. And the reasons, why games are so cheap on steam is pretty obvious in most cases.

          But apart from the money, consoles save time. The same cannot be said about PS3 or Xbox One, but installing a game on PS4 takes about 5 or 15 seconds from inserting the disc until you can start and download/install patches in background, which is a standard there. On PC, some publishers like Blizzard, do similar things, but most PC games take a lot of time to install and there are also issues with drivers, controllers, etc. to be solved. It’s not always like that, but every PC gamer has at least spent a few evenings measuring stuff around gaming, without being able to just play. It just belongs to PC gaming and may even be fun at times to tinker around with mods, etc. But the net-playtime is by far bigger on consoles.

          Overall, I don’t think PC gaming nor console gaming is absolutely cheaper or more expensive. The kind of investment is just different on both sides and depends on your personal philosophy and taste.
          For my example: I live in Germany, which is the Nr.1 PC gaming-country and even started as a PC gamer (after my childhood with Nintendo of course). I even modded games myself and still always try to keep my PC up to date. But when it comes to gaming, I mostly prefer consoles now. I can totally see the point of the lower purchase price, am a bigg fan of Japanese games, use my Vita for commuting to work, like most of the games which came to PS Plus and, most of all, see the net-playtime as a big factor for consoles.

        • mixedfish says:

          “pay as much as a PS4 user in the long run replacing damage prone peripherals, expensive games, and online expenses.”

          LOL, way to go to use selective evidence. The truth is even though the RRP of a console is $399, in reality $399 already includes 2 or so games, so you’re already ahead. Then there’s the fact, as you said, Ebay sells PSN game codes for cheap, like The Last of Us for $15. And PC peripherals aren’t also expensive? sure try $50+ for decent quality keyboard and mouse.

          I don’t need to tell you how console are “cheaper”, because it’s a well known fact they are. But myself with a gaming spec PC would think, PC gamers aren’t concerned about the value proposition.

      • lmao says:

        yep, apparently some idiots only play shooters shooters and shooters

        • Crzo says:

          If that’s why they love to play I don’t know why that would make them idiots… If you buy 5 games from 5 different genres doesn’t mean you get anything better that someone that buys 5 shooters… If that person loves to play another shooter and is happy with it, why would you call them an idiot? I guess to each their own right?

      • Thrawn says:

        Errrmm why would you go with an intel 4000 series processor?
        Those are faulty by default, got an nice little bug in their TSX engine which needs to be deactivate in the bios/uefi… kinda like amds TLB bug.

        So why again go with an old faulty model? (Which is as costly as some current broadwells)

        Better wait for the newer broadwells where TSX is fixed.

    • dark_Dex says:

      lol dont waste money on nvidias fake 4gb vram and 256bit bus when u can get a r9 290x better color depth wider bus and all for a fraaction of the price xD and real 4gb vram rofl
      also dont waste money on an i7 model u wont tell the different in performance. Just typical of pc noobs, “imma go buy all the recommended things for a overpriced cost because newegg and a forum said so” i have a gaming pc thatll run circles around what u have above and hint it isnt intel or nvidia(who i am a big fan of). a ps4 is a 4th of the price of the cost of a recommended gaming pc and can keep up and out perform on some spectrums because it is a dedicated gaming system.

      • reg says:

        YOU are the stupid one here
        >real 4gb
        The 980 isn’t gimped, unlike 970
        Buying i7 makes more sense than it did a year or two ago – not because games are more demanding, but because their optimization sucks more and more – just like in GTA V’s case
        Besides – recommending 290x when 3xx series are just around the corner isn’t a great idea

      • Thrawn says:

        Ummm an amd/ati 290X is between a bad and an abysmal decision… NVidias flagship, the gtx 980 eats only half the power than an amd/ati 290x… and to further expand this, an amd/ati 295X2 eats 500 WATTS, that is three times as much as ONE gtx 980… btw. the amd/ati drivers suck… since amd barged in and somehow since then NVidia has drivers have gotten much much better.

    • Killer10 says:

      That is by far the most stupid comment I’ve seen on a post for a while. Tell me, how do you play games on only a processor and graphics card?

    • azoreseuropa says:

      No, you don’t get it. God of War do not released for PC so I will stick with PS4. 🙂

  2. KimoMaka says:

    I hope I’m first x_x

  3. gezine says:


  4. The Z says:

    >The trick involves activating a console for an account, making a copy of its NAND, deactivating it, then copying back the previously saved NAND.

    I am doing this on my PSPs to activate all of them at once, opposed to be restricted to “only 3 devices”.

    You just have to watch out that you don’t use internet on these “shadow activated” devices.

    • pejman1998 says:

      hi i dont think so in iran we had this bulsh88 one year ago the resseler buys a game whith an account and copys that game to 4 ps4 systems and you cant have the password of that account it is a win win situation but i dont like it because the resseler barely washes his face or theeth but claims to be expert hacker for this legal job .

  5. z2 says:

    hope that PS4 scene doesn’t end up like the 3DS one, where hacks/homebrews are via DRM hardware and kept away from public. And devs are on a *** contest and are just big show-offs and doesn’t actually share..

    I know peoplewill just say that “why don’t code it yourself”, If I could I would have..

    Sorry for the long rant haha..

  6. The Z says:

    >Tiny electronics stores in Brazil charge somewhere between $100 and $150 to install about 10 recent games on a PS4 with their technique.

    This is disgusting. I hope the method gets patched, the devices get banned/bricked and the stores get closed.

  7. Kadno Marques says:


  8. J-P says:

    They will blame the ps4 pirate if their financial loss keep going

  9. brunomocsa says:

    LOL if it was in Europe or North America nobody would think it was a prank. Man, this is real and is happening in a lot of stores.

  10. Aeroth says:

    I’m Brazilian ad unfortunately, the price of ps4 games here in brazil are overwhelming. 1 single game gets to be priced at around 40% of the Brazilian minimun wage, which is what many of us earn.

    I’m usually totally against piracy and I really like having original stuff, but with the overpricing which has been practiced in Brazil, I’m sad to say I would gladly pay to have my PS4 jailbreaked.

    MAYBE, with the incoming news of a Jailbreak in Brazil, games would get a little cheaper and I would be able to increase my humble collection =D

  11. you says:

    thank’s for the news master !

  12. mr.gas says:

    I think I knew how they doing it 🙂

  13. Afonso says:

    Boa tarde caras! Confirmo que o método de destravamento do ps4 é real e existe. Sou de S. Paulo e tenho a minha ps4 destravada. Não vou dar detalhes sobre o método, visto que o poderia comprometer, apenas posso dizer que não envolve abrir o console, soldar chips ou reprogramar o nand. O método apenas usa “software”.

    • Aeroth says:

      Onde fez e como cara? To afim de destravar o meu

      • bequisala says:

        Please, write in English, so that others in this community understand what you write.
        I’m from Brasil and this method is REALLY REAL!
        I don’t know as they do. I left my PS4 with the guys and the games are installed. Even opened my PS4 and THERE IS NOT a raspberry pi into it, probably the raspberry pi is used only to install the software.

      • bequisala says:

        I’m from Brasil and this method is REALLY REAL!
        I don’t know as they do. I left my PS4 with the guys and the games are installed. Even opened my PS4 and THERE IS NOT a raspberry pi into it, probably the raspberry pi is used only to install the software.

  14. Stanislav says:

    Im possuble!!Good luck!!

  15. Dan says:

    Yeah, you could do that easily once every 6 month by activating games from an account that isnt yours and then revoking the primary access from the main website. It has been patched as of 2.51 tho, so if you log on the ps4 with internet access, it locks back the games that comes from the account that was deactivated. Still pretty useful for those who arent playing online, but who doesnt?

  16. Jamx says:

    For now, I don’t care much of PS4 jailbreak because I owned most of PS4 games so much (including PS+ freebies and discounted games), that I don’t think I really want to have my PS4 hacked to play free pirated PS4 games. If there’s a hack that allows backward compatibility; playing PS3, PS2 and PS1 games, then I might be interested to know at least. At this point, I rather yet to wait for good news of Vita hacks that allow native homebrews or emulators.

  17. Luis says:

    Boas povo, vcs ainda perdidos nesse metodo ai que nem é da forma descrita ai, ja da pra fazer sem ler isso ai, so no hd do ps4, tem 15 particoes la, só saber como fazer que nem abre o ps4. tudo por software.

  18. lmao says:

    see, that’s what i said.. piracy and no CFW.

  19. brauliow says:

    Então explica como faz esse truque ai Luiz! Tem a ver com os pkgs que dá pra baixar direto da PSN?

    • Luis says:

      sim, os jogos tem que ser comprados na psn. como fazer nao posso dar mais detalhes do que disse, veja que esse os metodo citado acima está incorreto e o correto por hardware é vendido em media a 3k, já o de software é 15k. o metodo de hardware existe desde começo de 2014, so veio a publico por vacilo de alguns que resolveram postar em facebook, o de software só existe apartir da 2.50, já falei demais, quem entende já pegou kkkkkk

  20. psvita-UVL says:

    “PEXPLOIT PS4 EDITION” im right?! 😉

  21. STLcardsWS says:



  22. itisallgood says:

    ps.. whether or not they know what there doing is just and good is besides the point, this kind of thing will inevitably make the world of software a better place – long live pyre ates and ..ing

  23. Jeels says:

    Ps4 jailbreak? Really?
    You see the video? The one who run the camera isn’t using any ds4 to control the ps4 and no one beside him run the ds4 also, so ps4 jailbreak main feature is ‘your ps4 can operate by itself’ I think it’s a masterpiece creation!! Whao!!

  24. toehurts says:

    im tired of all this.

  25. sanyok111777 says:


  26. inconnuadz says:

    please should i stay on 2.50 to have a jailbroken ps4 ???

  27. Zik says:

    lol. for that much, with a chances of a bricked consoles…i think i’m better off buying games than getting these “dongle” because you might end up relying on them to update their software. don’t anybody remember “Cobra” and some other small businesses that ran the d0ngle business?

    and as for the person recommending the pc spec…either you’re a n00bs in building pc or you buy pre-build and upgrade. you forgot to mention the cost of those, not to mention, the electricy bills from running a desktop, multiple monitors and some other stuffs you’re running. also, the heats…the heats generated from that if you went the cheap route…and if you’re a REAL gamers, you own all systems

  28. mixedfish says:

    “Buy a PSN Game on Master Console and download it”

    Wait what, so we’re trying to pirate right?


  29. umhumh says:

    A matter of time before someone monetize it, and start selling drm devices, and if what i read is true, then, the 2.51+ has a different method, but it still works, either way, people will turn this around and capitalize on it.

    more DRM butt plugs… -.-‘

  30. Rulir says:

    Here a report about piracy ps4 in Brazil, from a popular local website. Use google translate. http://jogos.uol.com.br/ultimas-noticias/2015/05/12/por-precos-a-partir-de-r-300-pirataria-chega-ao-playstation-4-no-brasil.htm

  31. Gelson says:

    My topic on this subject in a Brazilian forum.
    There you will find how it goes around here and even a website specializing in games ordered the service and approved.

  32. chaves2 says:

    A lot of info about the piracy scheme has made the front page of Brazil’s biggest news site. Apparently, you can still use your PSN account, delete games (but not install them back). And you can come to the store anytime to install new games (at the cost of $10-15). AND they say the Hack came from Russia and is around (in secrecy) since 2014.


  33. generalbaobao says:

    These *** suckers from brazil are ruining everything the scene is about.The same method we use on the ps3 is a legit way to keep your license if you have more than 2 ps3s not just in the same house but you may have another house and not such a good internet to obtain the license. Or you may not feel the need to bring your ps3 with a license already because the 3rd ps3 is at your country home. Those greedy stinky ***.

  34. bequisala says:

    I’m from Brasil and this method is REALLY REAL!
    I don’t know as they do. I left my PS4 with the guys and the games are installed. Even opened my PS4 and THERE IS NOT a raspberry pi into it, probably the raspberry pi is used only to install the software.

  35. gabriel says:

    I am brazilian, and a friend of my have The jailbreak, and its is real, you can play online to.

  36. Edivaldo says:

    The method used in Brazil requires not open the console and nen dumpar nor the Brazilian station just trolling you guys

  1. May 13, 2015

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  2. May 13, 2015

    […] process, as described by Brazilian modchip stores, is close to what we have explained before: a Dump of a “legit” console with a dozen games on it is performed, and copied to the target […]

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