PS4 Jailbreak news – PS4 “games are easy to pirate” rumors keep pouring from Brazil and the scene


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  1. I couldn’t resist commenting. Exceptionally well written!

  2. MrExploit says:

    Hi. First of all, sorry about my English. There are all the information what are currently available about the “hacks”/exploits (I contacted the brasil store, Medic Games, and read several forums and sites about the “hacks”).
    There are two methods. The first method is more complicated and worse, because Sony can detect and patch it. It’s the known account-sharing trick. But there’s another option. You buy a game on your primary PS4, and the copy it’s BIOS, NAND, and HD Data to your secondary PS4. In that way, your secondary PS4 will be = to your primary PS4, and you can use the secondary PS4 for gaming. The good thing in this you don’t need to connect to the internet with all of the secondary consoles. It can be all done in offline. Another good thing is, with this method, you actually can play online (if you want), and download updates, etc.
    And based on my talking with Medig Games, they are working on an enen better method, that they currently testing now, and it looks 100% safe.

  3. Kalberto says:

    do you think, what i’m thinking? the brazillian, found a way, how to copy the all files inside HDD to another HDD, by opening the HDD, then copy HDD-PC-HDD
    no wonder, it must be format again, if you want to add another games…

  4. titsvt says:

    what is the password for the file??? human verification isn’t working for me

  5. titsvt says:

    password for the…

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