Best Vita/PSP Homebrews for May 2015


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  1. dbzgts says:


  2. Max says:

    I love these post because of the fact how every thing is organised all together in one page for easy navigation 🙂

  3. lolzoar says:

    Snes9x never worked on my PSP. It wouldn’t detect my memory card (which is one of those dual slot Micro SD adaptors). Does anyone know of a fix to this, btw?

  4. AliceTheGorgon says:

    Bit of an odd error, the article is in the 3DS category, it says near the beginning that the new release of the month is 3DS related, and yet the new release of the month is TN-V, and there’s no 3DS stuff in the article.

  5. rclr says:

    That buble loader.. what does it do?

  6. fake dns says:

    why psvita tv not arrive in Latinamerica?

  7. Stanislav says:

    Why only psp game:(:(:(?

    • AliceTheGorgon says:

      Because the Vita has much better security than the PSP, and so only the PSP emulator security has been cracked very much.

  8. huz84 says:

    Bubble Loader with “been path” with wop eu 3.50 filer rename game”22″ won’t change failed .
    I got 3.50 onemenu v2 homebrew psp ps1 on ps vita and i was vita 3.36 bubbles working and i miss update 3.50 psn with vublocker do not update 3.51

  9. Me says:

    I don’t even have to ask… but, I can’t create bubbles on 3.50, right?

  10. Stanislav says:

    AliceTheGorgon,so Vita will never be hacked:(:(?

  11. Broose says:

    Lamecraft doesn’t seem to work on PSVita….Am I doing smth wrong here ?

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