Xbox One hack – The status in 2015


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31 Responses

  1. Mizu says:

    Interesting. Wasn’t aware progress was being made on the XB1 front. Wonder if we’ll eventually end up having CFW hacks for all of the current gen consoles and handhelds?

    • mike says:

      it will happen, eventually, all systems from 3ds, ps3, 360, wii, and under can be hacked. Its just a matter of time

  2. aCe says:

    I really wish that the xbox 1 could have used the same type of media file transfer as the ps3. In where you could save a video file to the hard drive and play it back later with out a disc. It does however have the ability to use your computer to play the video’s but not save them

  3. Batman says:

    Well I guess its time to finally get a XB1 and hide it in my bat cave

  4. Zik says:

    oh, and here i thought that xb1 would b hacked hardware wise like x360 was due to it faulty dvd drives? did they adapt the bd drive to prevent that from happening?

  5. StuffyNOSE says:

    Well all that needs to be thought of is how long the first xbox and xbox 360 took to get exploited. It will get hacked and it will be expensive and it wont be the greatest method. From there hackers will come out with different ways and figure out ways to charge more until there is better solution.

  6. hmm says:

    It will be the same as previous generation, they will get hacked but this time it will be even more pricer and riskier….i do miss the days like psp where all u needed was cheap items to hack hardware

  7. Stanislav says:

    Good luck,only good luck!!

  8. N says:

    Why not just download the Xbox 1 emulator? oh wait. There isn’t one!

  9. hacker's fan says:

    goood job wololo , thanks for these informations .

  10. xbox one rip says:

    Good job development crackers

  11. Mystic_Shadow says:

    Well with windows 10 on the way it may render the Xbox one useless BC apparently it will support xbox one games idk just what I’ve herd.

    • Anunnymous says:

      That’s not even remotely true. You will be able to stream games to your PC but it still requires the use of an XBox One to utilize the feature. There is also talk of many games being PC > XBox One cross-play for multiplayer. But, never in a million years would Microsoft release an operating system that can play their console games natively. How would they make their 350 bucks from their VCR-like hardware if they did?

  12. Wael f. says:

    I am truly surprise to not see anything about the new xbox one RGH exploit. Well not exactly RGH but very similar.
    A group of hackers has started rumors about it and even had a conference in which they showed a proof of concept of their work.
    I believe it won’t be long before we see a public xbox one rgh/JTAG.

    Please Wololo, look into it and let us all know what you think about it and what you have found that i might’ve missed.

    • wololo says:

      I will look into it. Do you have a link to the conference, video, website, the team behind this?

  13. wogglebug says:

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  14. wogglebug says:

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  15. wogglebug says:

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  16. brandon says:

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  17. Lion says:

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