How To: Playing GBC ROMs on 3DS


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19 Responses

  1. Gooder says:

    Please tell me there are plans of releasing one for newer firmwares.

    • N says:

      That all depends on if they can bypass the block for the exploit in 9.6 and 9.7 firmware a. It’s not as easy to do as you think it is..

  2. Daipop says:

    Is there a way to restore the original oficially bought ROM of the VC GB game? Or the ROM game is replaced forever? Do we need to swap the ROM everytime? The replaced ROM is able to save for later playing?

    • CodeAffe says:

      The tutorial says the new rom is loaded into Ram. Where Ram is volatile memory it would make sense that on every reboot the original rom is restored and the new rom will have to be reenabled by following the tutorial again.

  3. Buns says:

    FIRST, be jealous you pissy other people

  4. ModChipGuy says:

    What’s the reason for no n3ds support? I have firmware 9.1. Thanks

    • The Z says:

      Internal differences between the old & new 3DS.

      • hoshi says:

        I tried to use the Blue Card of GateWay to play NDS Roms on my New 3DS. But it doesn’t work. When I chose a ROM, an error message just always come out.
        I don’t know why. The Blue Card works normally when I use the old 3DS.

        • Zashule says:

          If I remember right, that is because the blue card uses the same or a similar web browser exploit as this GB rom swap does , so the Hardware differences The Z is talking about blocked that exploit from running on N3DS, and FW 9.5 patched the software side of the exploit for the older systems as well.

  5. Tray says:

    Will this lead to homebrew.

    • N says:

      You do know that there’s already a homebrew enabler hack right? All you need is a 3ds on 9.2 or lower and the game cubic ninja.

  6. FroggestSpirit says:

    It’s not available for the N3DS due to it using a completely different web browser that the exploit doesn’t run on.

    • KeroKero says:

      perhaps true, but afaik you can swap out the browser with the old3DS spider browser.

      • FroggestSpirit says:

        Actually, you can install the old browser (spider) but it will not be able to open, as the icons to launch the internet, still point to the new browser (skater).
        I almost bricked my N3DS looking for a workaround.

  7. kinda pointless... says:

    This is kinda pointless and a lot of effort not to mention homescreen spam and the hassle of having to swap out rom.gbc every time you want to change the game… if you’re already able to run homebrew and exploits, I think gameyob is 10x better than this method. And yes, gameyob supports sound. (atleast in CFW, dunno about ninjhax)

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