PS Vita firmware 3.50, TN-V11 eCFW and reasons to not update!

The Zett

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  1. The Z says:

    Dont update unless you have to.

    Use the 138menu via the TN recovery menu to load HBs (since you cant add stuff in /PSP/GAME/) and use TN-V to load ISOs, if you really want to use the XMB.

  2. hze says:

    still cant get 3.35 working with ape escape…or let me guess it wont? so i wasted my money on a game i cant use besides play?…might as well just play the game then

  3. redundant409 says:

    just want to clarify. The limitation to pboots on 3.50 is only on tnv-11. i have ark-2 running through the recovery.pbp file in tnv recovery and i can launch, move, and delete pboots from there, as well as i could just run ark through my pool hall pro if i wanted.

    • Gaze says:

      Just to add on to what this guy said. These limitations exist on 3.36 as well when using TN-V11. TN-V11’s psp filer/ftp can’t move/rename/delete stuff properly. However, when using ARK you can rename/delete/move items on 3.36

    • Shay says:

      Any chance of a brief step-by-step on how to get ARK-2 running from tnv? (I am able to run TNV) just don’t know how to get ark on it 😛

  4. CaR says:

    I understand now that I went to 3.50 and payed the price of not having fully access to psp/game however I am glad there was a thread on how to convery eboots to ISO, therefore i got my PSP filer and vita FTP in ISO format. therefore i was able to add another ISO to play.
    So for now i’m good to go and been playing my psp game again=)

  5. CaR says:

    People on 3.50, please READ carefully and learn the way to create the tools of eboot to use to move ISOs into your psp/game folder.

    Really it works perfectly,. especially with PSP Filerand Vita FTP
    then you can add your ISO’s at least to your folder. I added a new ISO yesterday.

    • Khanh says:

      If I don’t have plan to install homebrew and only copy ISO game to play, do I need to follow your guide or I just copy the game to TN – V save folder?

      Thanks for you support!

      • CaR says:

        It’s not my guide but it is a guide to convert your eboots you need to add ISO’S.
        For instance if you use psp filer or vita ftp this tools are to access the folder to add ISO6 to the ISO folder.

  6. how do you install 138menu on the 3.50 exploit games ?

  7. drax says:

    U can’t copy an iso game more than 400/mo via ftp or ur game exploit wanna be broken and u need to re Dl ur game exploit.

  8. bckrupps37 says:


  9. DonkeyAlex says:

    Bubbles created on 3.36 will disappear if i update?

    • ACViper says:

      Yes. Bubbles may appear on 3.50 but will not work using the method used on 3.36 and below. There is another method out there showned by The Zett but didn’t mention if he will ever release it. So you either have to wait or try find your own method that will work on 3.50.

      • DonkeyAlex says:

        The major thing that *** me off is the fact i can’t log onto psn, as a ps plus user. i’ve tried every known method to log but no one works, someone can confirm me this?

        • DonkeyAlex says:

          UPDATE: founded a solution here on wololo that still works, but you have to use a ps3.

          Getting a exploit game (or any other content)on to your Vita via OpenCMA PS3 trick
          1. Look in the Playstation Store for an exploit game (or other content) that is working on your OFW.
          2. Download it to your PS3 and leave it in the bubble.
          3. Connect your PS Vita with your PC via Open CMA.
          4. Remove the Vitas USB cable and plug it on to your PS3 (Leave the usb still plugged into the port thats on the Vita.) (Dont close out the error message if you get one, until its plugged into the PS3)
          5. Copy exploit game (or other content) on to your Vita.

  10. kamekaz3 says:

    Is there a way to download ape escape to the Vita without a ps3 yet? ( On 3.36 )
    The vita update blocker/download queue method doesn’t work for me.

  11. Rolenzo says:

    Alright Sony, time to get Cubic Ninja published for Vita.

  12. edukarlo says:

    on3.50 “…you are unable to rename, delete, or even add eboot.pbp and pboot.pbp files”
    question, how about the fboot.pbp files on tn-v11?
    another question, so tn-v can still “install” ISO’s? or we’ll just need to leave ISO files in the savedata folder?

    • jamal08659 says:

      as the ISO’s are stored in ms0:/ISO/ you can still install to there as that there is no write protection on that folder.

      so yes, isos can install.

  13. Sorg says:

    I would say, it’s better to use ARK-2 than TN-V11, because as said above, /PSP/GAME folder cannot be modified in TN-V11. And it’s purely TN-V11 problem. This problem exists even on FW 3.36. ARK-2 doesn’t have such issue.

  14. Neal Cullum says:

    i’m currently on 3.36 and i’m using numblast exploit for ark-2. Is it worth me changing it to tn-v11? what’s the sound compatibility like for ps1 games?

  15. Jokerwolf says:

    I have the PSTV with 3.50 and everything works fine with the Ape Escape Exploit except the mentioned PSone GAME folder limitation, I have FTP access with the PSTV ( takes forever to transfer but it is the only way ) Thankfully making an ISO folder for PSP games on the root still works fine :D. I will just wait for the PSone games now!

  16. pythonista says:

    3.50 is destined to be the new baseline for any games released in the foreseeable future. If you’re a developer creating a new title for the Vita/TV there’s no incentive for you to NOT use that extra memory that was unlocked – in fact you’re title is at a disadvantage to the competition if you don’t use it. When that game is finally released it’s highly likely that it won’t run on anything less than 3.50.

    Not saying to upgrade but just wanted to point that out..

  17. Esude says:

    6.60 pbp doesn’t want to install is there something wrong?

  18. Anton says:

    I’m still on firmware 3.18, should’ve I updated to earlier 3.3 firmwares?

  19. huz84 says:

    why it did not patch savedata Custom Bubble for filer won’t reanme wop eu 3.50 not update maybe day ?