ARK eCFW for 3.50 for Ape Escape On The Loose Released (US PSN Only)



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  1. RaZiel

    Nice to see this ported as I really like the menus for this.

  2. Barca

    I have tn-v 11 with psp& vhbl homebrew installed so i’l wait to see if ark has no beug l each tn-v
    ‘homebrew’.. or something else

  3. Darkenvy

    I had problems installing tnv on 3.50 until i tried this:

    Play ape escape until you can save. Save the game. Then transfer your tnv install files. Hope this helps! Idk if the OP meant this as the problem writing files or not, but i thought i should post

  4. Reprep

    I heard it is available on Canadian PSN Store too. That is good.

  5. xinefury

    hey i have a question, the vita youtube program was supposed to have stopped working as of yesterday, but it still seems to be working. i even changed the filter from “anytime” to “today” and searched videos and not only did they show up, but they work as well. so my question is, is this temporary?

  6. cartman61616

    I’m new to the cfw stuff does this have emulators for say snes or gba?

    • MasterChief

      Yes Cartman, if you have the exploit game installed on you vita you’re able to use Tn-v, Ark2 or VHBL (depending your fw and exploited game) and run ISO/Homebrews just like emulators…

      If you are on a lower fw you can download the exploit game from a ps3 and transfer with a little help of QCMA to transfer to the vita.

      If you’re on 3.50 you can download Ape Escape directly to the vita and transfer the exploited save data to psv (like Ark2 in this case)…

      I think this will answer a lot of questions, but not all…
      You can also have a look in our forum, at Ps Vita section!

      Hope I helped!

  7. andres

    good afternoon

    I can tell because not let me download the Ape Escape psn.
    I get that you can not find ..

    thank you very much for the help.

  8. w0lfdr4g0n

    This is excellent! I was able to run my psp isos with this instead of TN-V11 on 3.50.

  9. DragonQuest

    should i delete TN-V 11 ? because i got black screen with some words like psp filer(sorry im noob)

  10. Wellyngton Torrezan Silva

    Can you guys help me, I´m not being able to run the TVN, I transferred it, but I can´t find the TVN folder.

  11. unknow

    The real question is ark 2 is better thank the tn-v
    how turn the homebrew?sav doesn’t work?

  12. James

    Can anyone post the link of numblast in PSN JPN cant find it here, thank you!

  13. wilfredo

    how do i get menus working on ark anytime i try to copy paste the contents of a menu folder when i trigger exploit it just autocloses

  14. Valvat0rez

    Finally!!! I just ran GPSP on my PS Vita 2000 running 3.50. Zipped it up and renamed it to GPSP.ZIP (I made sure that I didn’t add the EBOOT.PBP to the zip, instead I left it without compressing it), and transferred it along with a random save, then I used PSP Filer to rename the save’s folder to GPSP and proceeded to extract the files and folders one by one (really annoying). zip some Roms and send it and you’ll be playing Pokémon in minutes.

  15. shaneman150

    So, I trasnfer this save to my Vita, I launch the exploit, and then I’m stuck at a grey screen.

    Do I need to do anything before I transfer the save over?

  16. CaR

    Does Ark use the proper psp menu like TN V does?
    Cause if not then this is so not worth it and besides I customizes my tools of eboots into ISO’S though I do miss some homebrew on my Vita

  17. S0N_0F_A_S0N

    So, I boot the game, load the save, grey screen appears, followed by black menu. What do I need to do inside this menu in order to boot up the menu/a game?

  18. Daniel Whittlesey

    Finally ark installed on ape escape ps vita 3.50. Can I change it to one menu for emulators

  19. Daniel

    ok i have one menu installed over the ark2 now how do i install emulators/isos

  20. Daniel

    ape escape in still in ps store grab it before it goes bye bye

  21. HOH

    My *** childhood…
    Some few days earlier I thought in a new game of this serie, ironic.
    I hope a release of Ape escape for Vita or at least for Ps4.

  22. mdtodd229

    What do I need to do inside this menu in order to boot up the menu/a game? ( black menu)

    • DragonQuest

      download 138menu and send the files to the UCUS986090000 folder then you can install anything

      • mdtodd229

        how do I install iso on it, I have tried almost everything. nothing is showing up

        • cheeyee09

          the ISO filename needs to be in all uppercase with max 8 char followed by ISO extension.

          Example if your game name was “God of War Ghost of Sparta.iso”, rename abbreviate the name so it is 8 or less chars. example GODGOS.ISO

          • mdtodd229

            Thank you. I had to use FTP to get the iso on the vita. The simple way didn’t recognize the iso. Keep tring to you get it right huh.

  23. Daniel Whittlesey

    Have one menu installed. What do i do with iso/cso files & homebrew ( emulstors) where do I place them and do i rename them. Ps vita 3.50 ape escape exploit thanks

    • DragonQuest

      you should download the 138menu first and copy it and put it on UCUS986090000 folder, then download any emulator then make sure to convert it to INSTALL.ZIP and put it on UCUS986090000

      • cheeyee09

        If you get, there is a subfolder call ARK. The files under the ARK folder is what you need to copy over to the gamesave. Also delete the EBOOT.PBP from original exploit savegame and then rename the VBOOT.PBP(copied from 138Menu ARK folder) to EBOOT.PBP. This replaces the blackscreen text file browser with 138Menu homebrew that starts by default.

        In 138Menu, there is a INSTALL menu that will help you to install INSTALL.ZIP into a permanent location, which is by default the “PSP/VHBL” folder.

  24. frection

    Thank you for putting ‘US only’ it’s less confusing now ^^

  25. Daniel Whittlesey

    Is this the same process for iso/cso as well

  26. MasterChief

    I have bought and downloaded Ape Escape to my Ps3 to transfer to the Vita… But i’m afraid living behind 3.18

    • cheeyee09

      Why don’t you get the exploit game for 3.18 instead. Since you have PS3, you can transfer game to older firmware vita through usb cable switching trick.

  27. Quack Walks

    This is great! I was an idiot for updating, so thanks to everyone for their hard work. I told myself I would donate to the people who helped me regain the homebrews. I promise I will, but it might be some time before that can happen.

  28. J.R.

    this is pretty awesome, im enjoying my emulators on my 3.50 vita! already made my custom theme, its small soldiers related so if anyone would like to check it out you can download it here hope someone likes it 🙂

  29. mdtodd229

    how do I install iso on it, I have tried almost everything. nothing is showing up

  30. edukarlo

    oh yeah.. this helped out with the tekken 6 problem on tn-v 11..

  31. edukarlo

    is it possible to have both ARK and TN-V at the same time? i love tn-v, but the fact that it cant run tekken 6 on ape escape 3.50 sucks.. and ARK solves it..

  32. Shin

    Using this method, i can play Snes and PSP emu, but can’t get PSX iso to work. I downloaded a .bin file, then used MagicIso to convert to .iso, changed name as you guys said.
    What step did i miss?

  33. Novato

    The game still work ? I read about this right now and the game still on the store. It has been patched ??

    • cheeyee09

      This is a new exploit game for firmware 3.50 so, no, it is not patched and can still be bought and downloaded from US PSN.

  34. Edu

    I dont know what to do, I have a ps vita(1000) and its in 3.36 but the problem is that I want to connect to psn and a message appear to upgrade, could it be a method because Im interested on buying the exploits from my version like ape escape or pool hall pro, PLEASE HELP!!!!!

    • Shin

      They said you can buy exploit game on your PS3 and then transfer to your Vita.. I don’t have PS3, that’s why i updated.

  35. Sk

    Can I still download isos and homebrews for the one on 3.50???

  36. that_dude

    does this work for PS TV too?

  37. Shughar

    I can’t get it working on my PS TV. Transferred save file across but get the C1-2858-3 error message when trying to load it. Maybe I’m not doing it correctly?