[3DS] FBI – Open source CIA installer Released


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  1. Daipop


  2. NakedFaerie

    SO, as I have a 3DS and 3DSXL I am forced to buy everything twice which I wont do.
    Will this let me install games from my 3DS onto my 3DSXL?
    I already paid for them on 1 device and dont want to pay for them twice so just wanting to copy them over from 1 device to the other. Will this let me do that?

    • n

      if you are wanting to transfer your stuff to the XL so you ca get rid of the normal 3ds.. just use the system transfer option.

      • NakedFaerie

        No, I want to keep both systems but I want what I paid for on both. Just like I do with my 2 Vitas, 2. PSPs, 2 PS3s, 2 xbox360s, etc…

        • AliceTheGorgon

          Why do you have so many extra consoles, and why do you want everything on each? That seems ridiculously redundant.

          • Mr. MaGoo

            I have multiples as well. I have one vita that us on 2.02 uno, a ps3 on cfw and 2 for gaming such as cod zombies for when I want to hold a lan parties. Such applies to my 360’s as well. On top of that I have countless psp’s varying for 1000’s to go’s just for the heck of it….

          • Sh4d0w927

            Are you being serious? I have the following 3DS systems, 2 US (blue and purple), a clear blue 2DS (son’s), a red N3DS XL, a EU Zelda 3DS, a EU N3DS XL. I want a regular XL and a standard N3DS from EU for the faceplates, but that would be excessive maybe? Who would want what they pay for on more than one system….. oh everyone perhaps?

  3. wilfredo

    wish the vita could do it so easily

  4. jj52

    You no longer need to anything other than run it, it has libkhax and the service patch baked into it already.

  5. randy

    So can i use 3ds roms with this

    • unsignedINT

      I guess if you convert the 3ds to a .cia file first. Check out the article “Converting .3DS to .CIA for Dummies!” on GBATemp for information about that.

  6. gunblade


  7. branda5

    Why is this called fbi?

  8. and next

    fbi, cia, and after nsa and army

  9. randy

    so i can play pirated games with this

  10. Daniel Silva

    works with ironhax?/funciona com o ironhax?

  11. Lucas

    Não funciona na tubehax

  12. wirad

    i have the new homehax .
    can i use this launcher with the homebrew launcher to play legit CIA games without CFW?
    i can unbrick my 3ds cuz i backed up my sysnand please answer me.
    btw im on 9.4