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  1. freso


  2. VitaIsPSP2

    Oh wow I didn’t know about this PSN account stuff. Is it really that quick and easy to swap accounts?

  3. DonoPatay

    Tried it with my 3.18. It doesn’t work yet. (T_T)

    • Booboo T Bear

      Well of course it wont work on 3.18. The release is for 1.80 and 1.81.

    • xoombie503

      This release is for firmwares 1.80/1.81. You need to visit a page where you are met with Package Installer or SignUp App options and the appropriate ROP script is loaded according to your firmware and what you choose. Smoke says he will release the ROP code in the very near future.

  4. jhorman

    not yet available for 3.18 will wait more progress 🙂

  5. EarthwormJim

    Really great job SMOKE !
    I hope one day that this PS Vita is going to be full cracked , so we can remote play games like Destiny and Skyrim on this nice oled…
    I also want to say THANKS to all of people who make all of this possible .
    sorry for my bad english … fench…

    • JustAnOrdinaryMan

      If you want to play in games like Destiny or Skyrim on your PS Vita then you need a PS3 with CFW, and you’ll never play these games on PS Vita CFW. Just PS3 CFW.

      • EarthwormJim

        Yeah but if it’s possible from a cfw PS3, why not from the other way ? who knows what is going to happen when this little thing get a full hack ? Look at the PSP at the beginning and look now with cfw. We can do a lot of things that never been possible before

        • goob47

          Orrrrrr… get a ps4.

          • EarthwormJim

            No , thanks ! It’s a good solution but I don’t want to spend 400 euros just to play Destiny and others on my vita . It’s a shame that this powerfull console is underexploited … (excuse me for that crappy English 🙂 )
            Look at Gravity Rush, Persona 4 , Golden Abyss … they just make me fall in my ….

  6. fresoo

    wow nobody is here to celebrate the good news?????????§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. AliceTheGorgon

    Nice. Good to see that the native code folks aren’t dead.
    Looking forward to seeing what they can eventually accomplish in the future.

  8. Max

    My best wishes to Smoke and everybody else who Is working on the PS Vita Native Hacking right now…
    Sony have almost dumped the Vita…so now i think its up to you bright minds what we can make and output the most out of our Vita’s 🙂
    and i hope that this becomes available for FW 3.18
    i am sure that any one would love to swap regions with ease 🙂

  9. Shikhar

    Wow, this is nice. This is one of the primary reasons I wanted PS Vita to get hacked. Hope this gets ported to 3.18 though. Then I can finally play with the dlc content for my non US games . V ^-^ V

  10. Jim

    Holy ***, “you can use data from two PSN accounts on the same memory card”
    I reeeeeeeally hope it’s as straightforward as it’s made out to be.

  11. Stanislav

    Is imposuble!!Good luck!!

  12. Pls reply

    Is there a chance of this webkit hack being released on firmwares higher than 3.20 in future?

  13. Xilence

    Wow! This is pretty epic!

  14. speedy

    Package Installer through e-mail application never worked for me and I have one vita on 2.02.

  15. franchojavilondo

    really looking forward to this

    I’d really love to have PSO2 in my vita while I still have access to my EU psn games *.*
    Im on 3.36 though >.<

  16. angel

    Is this going to be ported over to 3.18?

  17. gunblade

    Wish I stayed on the monsterhunter exploit. I am on 2.06 and 3.06

  18. gunblade

    Cool. Video.

  19. gunblade

    maybe I’ll try it latter after I get my vita to 1.80 Got a new laptop getthing the vita tv soon.

  20. 13pokerus

    Oh wow, this is really GREAT news. Being able to use different accounts on the same psvita is pretty much what i was waiting for since i got one, but it seems that sony is giving un on the vita so it would like never happen. So thank youfor your hard work SMOKE!

  21. JustAnOrdinaryMan

    That’s good news! If that’s continue in the future, then Sony will be forced to give to us hot-switch account feature.

  22. Stealvitagames

    This is great news for people like us who plan to steal and pirate vita games. Keep up the great work we all look forward to pirate all the vita library. First!

    • sadfsd

      Are you trying to make me feel bad, cause I rescued 799 kittens from a chemical explosion due to global warming burning a hole in a nuclear reactor. Let me have my free vita isos.

  23. Josuke

    Neat, first I have read of the SignUp App though, is it possible to launch this through the email method as we can with the Package Installer?

  24. Patrick

    If this gets ported to 3.18, I would be delighted. To anyone on 1.80, you have far more patience than I do. Cheers.

  25. go4cracks

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