FTC finalizes PlayStation Vita deceptive advertising case. Here is how to get your free money or games.

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  1. VitaIsPSP2 says:

    Damn. I’m in Europe but I have a US PSN account. If only I had registered my US PSN account with my Vita back then, I would have been eligible for this. Shame, but I managed to get the 6 free months of PS Plus from the other settlement :P.

  2. JustAnOrdinaryMan says:

    And if I buy my device in other country, but I have an US account, then what? Can I get any of these things or not?

    • Jd8531 says:

      Unfortunately not. The FTC is only representative for US consumers. They need to be devices purchased in the US. They will re-verify any account information and serial numbers submitted for legitimacy .

  3. mangosteam says:

    unfair they should have incuded asian vita devices with us account atleast lol or just include all region

    • Titanate says:

      Well it actually is kind of fair. The FTC handles settlements in America only. If other countries made Sony follow suit, then it could happen.

  4. Rolenzo says:

    I bought 3 vitas secondhand and one from launch. I wonder if im eligible for 100 in psn credit.

    • Crzo says:

      PS Vitas that are elegible are launch systems and you have to had registered your PSN ID with the system before June 1st 2012.

      This means that your second hand vitas aren’t in the mix for anything because, 1) I don’t think you bought the 4 systems in that short period of time and 2) They were second hand systems so the people who originally bought those 3 vitas and linked them to their PSN ID for the first time are the eligible users.

  5. rclr says:

    I bought a psvita bundle (black ops declassified ) on black Friday. I didn’t get any email :/

  6. wth says:

    damn I had an EU account lol well played US guys anyway

  7. Z2442 says:

    Any idea how long it takes to get the Psn cash?

    • Anunnymous says:

      “Make sure to claim your money or games before June 30, 2015. They will stop taking claims after that date. The claims should be paid out sometime before that.”

    • >_> says:

      About 100 years for you, and you alone.

  8. np3228 says:

    why before june?!

  9. heathen23 says:

    I would love it if anyone could answer me this one.
    What if the account you activated your Vita on before June 1, 2012 was banned because of a Ps3 with custom firmware? I had to re-activate all of my other devices(including the Vita) with another account that I made. Any possibility of stickin’ it to Sony?

  10. Shikhar says:

    What about if I purchased a US version vita (imported) when I was in Dubai and also activated my US account before 1 June 2012 ? Will I still be eligible ? Because I did receive the email for the vita claim. Makes me wonder……!!!!

  11. testname says:

    Sad I does not own a PS3… I really want the so-called 50$ credit on PSN announced earlier..

  12. KotomineKirei says:

    Is there a way to find out when you bought your PS Vita?
    I cannot seem to find my receipt.

  13. gent says:

    I just filled out the form but don’t know on which address to mail it? does anybody know?

  14. Mr missing out says:

    Ahhh Sometime’s i hate being from uk….high price ditial prices and now missing out on this lol

  15. James Way says:

    Good…I’ve been wondering about the email. I thought maybe it was a scam but I could not find anything about it on the forums when I got it so I stopped looking. I think I’ll be going for the action/adv package.

  16. Michiri says:

    Nothing for EU, bummer…

  17. nebu_187 says:

    i bought a vita back in the day because it could ”remote play PS3”
    big d*ck up my *ss, but today i am thankfull for the false advertising, thanks to my ecfw vita and PS tv