Best Vita/PSP Homebrews for April 2015


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5 Responses

  1. Redblade67 says:

    interesting artical.

  2. ragnarok says:

    Hi , my vote for the proyect vitasploit, that is still alive and reaching great advance, actually they are doing fuzz testing over the kernel with interesting results.
    Hope that soon they present a openSDK as well. it would be interesting that with the opensdk released, yifanlu releases his UVL as well. sorry for my bad english, greetings to you all.

  3. Acid_Snake says:

    “Yeah, I know, not really a homebrew”
    Then perhaps you should either not accept this types of entries, or change the name of this to something more along the lines of “Best PSP/Vita Developments of this month”.

    • Franklyn says:

      You are entitled to your opinion Acid_Snake, but I believe Wololo, being the creator of this website, deserves a little more respect than this. I also expect more from a guest blogger.