Minimur, WTH Happened This Week? PS Vita Games! DMC 4 Definitive Edition & Games With Gold!


Told you I'll edit this.

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  1. ryon says:


    “Because the last shall be first…” :v

  2. Enigma Hall says:

    still waiting for a new version of Bust a Move dance game. -_-

  3. moes says:

    Stop with those comments, this isn’t youtube.

    On topic:
    Great news, already topped up my account with credit.

  4. Mr Fwibbles says:

    You mean “eligible” for Games with Gold, not “illegible”.

  5. Killer10 says:

    Lol *** is up with that indian video.

  6. Eddie perkins says:

    Ps vita is soooo sorry now

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