10 Days of Basic Programming, Day 5: containers and declarations


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  1. Dr.Duster


  2. Yoon

    Can i ask you for some book recomendations for intermediate C++ and C# language?

    • Ahmet Hasircioglu

      “C++ Primer”. Covers nearly everything about C++ and I personally liked it a lot. Alternative is “Deitel & Deitel C and C++”. But C++ Primer will satisfy your needs.

    • Acid_Snake

      I personally learned most of my programming knowledge with a nice Python tutorial in Spanish, after that I just learned C and C++ by simply doing stuff with them. College has also greatly helped me in learning all sorts of programming.

      • AnAlbino

        Agreed, College definitely helped me learn most of the strictly typed languages like c++ and java.

    • Yoon

      Thank you so much, i’ll look into it.

  3. abdulec

    It seems clear I will try to learn it and thanks for your exertion

  4. Arc Futahito

    Ugh… I may have lost control for a second. After procedural programming all these classes are so annoying.

  5. Ahmet Hasircioglu

    “”and if the array is of 1 elements, the last element is number 9, not number 10.””

    I think that would be 10, not one 1.

    Otherwise nice tutorial. Thanks

  6. J.R

    I’m on 3.36 fw on my vita. Would CMA update the vita to 3.50 automatically if I connected? I’m not sure what it will do. Thanx

  7. JamesD

    So which languages is recommended for starters and the easiest phyton?

    • Acid_Snake

      Python is indeed one of the easiest (if not THE easiest) language to learn (and it’s also a very useful and powerful language). The problem with jumping down from python to C/C++ is that you loose all the layers of abstraction that python has that makes it easy (like dynamic typing, duck typing, clean syntax, actually useful and not jammed down your throat OOP) and not everyone can easily make that jump, I know I did, and qwik did too.

  8. KotomineKirei

    Can’t wait for “10 Days of Advanced Programming” and “10 Days of Expert Programming”!

    • Acid_Snake

      Next month will be 10 Days of Intermediate Programming: OOP, software exceptions, namespaces, modular programming, threading, etc
      Then comes 10 Days of Advanced Programming, which I assume is what you are looking for, the question is, will you be able to keep up?

  9. Mahmut

    First. How this help with jailbreak for PS?!?!?

  10. ryuga9

    Isn’t classes are the same as struct except the public and private type of membership by default?