Stack your consoles and become famous (also, win a $20 PSN Code!)


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62 Responses

  1. Gaze

    You get more money for this than for making a tutorial?

    • wololo

      This is because it’s a “one off” thing. If I gave $20 for the monthly tutorial contests, that would cost me $120 per month, or $1440 per year. I can’t afford that.

  2. :v

    “I’ll choose a favorite, say, early next week
    How early?

  3. Smellyfinger

    Wow where can I get a black one with white buttons? Is that custom?

  4. dothackjhe

    Stacking your handhelds wrongly may cause damage in one of them, especially the one on the bottom-most.

  5. Sukunda

    Via Twitter. That’s a shame. I don’t use twitter and won’t make an account just for that. I might be able to stack it to my ceiling.


    Well… I have 25 handhelds … this is gonna be fun

  7. Crzo

    I’ll put a shoe at the bottom, they won’t notice it hehehe

  8. Dutt

    Wololo.. If i win can we work out something other then a US psn code?

  9. Lucif3r

    So are there any restrictions on the consoles? e.g. only handhelds, only sony devices, no duplicates etc etc, or is just just ‘grab everything you can find and stack it!” ? 🙂

  10. meysam

    no its fun

  11. perfig

    … i only have a ps3, vita, pstv 🙁

  12. rclr

    i took a bunch of pics.. i dont know which one is good lol

  13. Reprep

    Even though pics look fun, no thanks i won’t scratch my consoles.

    • N

      If you really think stacking them on top of each other will scratch them up.. You are way too paranoid.

      • ZeroSbr

        Some people like to protect their electronics. Call it overprotective if you want. Not everyone has screen protectors/armor for their systems.

    • Cameron

      Yeah but who doesn’t have a protective screen, sticker, thingy.

      • Reprep

        Some of my handhelds don’t have protective screen, plus protective screen only protects the “screen” in the front. rest of the back and fronts of the handheld are still prone to scratch. Also i have “seen” they scratch when someone stacked them without my permission. That is just me though.

      • gamr13

        I don’t. Can’t stand them…

  14. NakedFaerie

    i dont usually win competitions but this should win it for me.

    Now a list of whats there:
    PSVita x2
    PSP 1000 White
    PSP 2000 Black
    3DS Black
    3DS XL Red
    Android Galaxy Tab 7.7
    Android ZTE 7in
    iPad1 3G
    Android Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition
    1iPad3 3G
    Windows Surface Pro 2

    • y


      Android Galaxy Tab 7.7
      Android ZTE 7in
      iPad1 3G
      Android Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition
      1iPad3 3G
      Windows Surface Pro 2

  15. invaderyoyo

    Only handhelds?

    • Dutt