Stack your consoles and become famous (also, win a $20 PSN Code!)


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  1. Gaze

    You get more money for this than for making a tutorial?

    • wololo

      This is because it’s a “one off” thing. If I gave $20 for the monthly tutorial contests, that would cost me $120 per month, or $1440 per year. I can’t afford that.

  2. :v

    “I’ll choose a favorite, say, early next week
    How early?

    • wololo

      Tuesday US time (might be Wednesday in other countries). I’ll update the article to make this clear

  3. Smellyfinger

    Wow where can I get a black one with white buttons? Is that custom?

  4. dothackjhe

    Stacking your handhelds wrongly may cause damage in one of them, especially the one on the bottom-most.

  5. Sukunda

    Via Twitter. That’s a shame. I don’t use twitter and won’t make an account just for that. I might be able to stack it to my ceiling.


    Well… I have 25 handhelds … this is gonna be fun

  7. Crzo

    I’ll put a shoe at the bottom, they won’t notice it hehehe

  8. Dutt

    Wololo.. If i win can we work out something other then a US psn code?

  9. Lucif3r

    So are there any restrictions on the consoles? e.g. only handhelds, only sony devices, no duplicates etc etc, or is just just ‘grab everything you can find and stack it!” ? 🙂

  10. meysam

    no its fun

  11. perfig

    … i only have a ps3, vita, pstv 🙁

  12. rclr

    i took a bunch of pics.. i dont know which one is good lol

  13. Reprep

    Even though pics look fun, no thanks i won’t scratch my consoles.

    • N

      If you really think stacking them on top of each other will scratch them up.. You are way too paranoid.

      • ZeroSbr

        Some people like to protect their electronics. Call it overprotective if you want. Not everyone has screen protectors/armor for their systems.

    • Cameron

      Yeah but who doesn’t have a protective screen, sticker, thingy.

      • Reprep

        Some of my handhelds don’t have protective screen, plus protective screen only protects the “screen” in the front. rest of the back and fronts of the handheld are still prone to scratch. Also i have “seen” they scratch when someone stacked them without my permission. That is just me though.

      • gamr13

        I don’t. Can’t stand them…

  14. NakedFaerie

    i dont usually win competitions but this should win it for me.

    Now a list of whats there:
    PSVita x2
    PSP 1000 White
    PSP 2000 Black
    3DS Black
    3DS XL Red
    Android Galaxy Tab 7.7
    Android ZTE 7in
    iPad1 3G
    Android Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition
    1iPad3 3G
    Windows Surface Pro 2

    • y


      Android Galaxy Tab 7.7
      Android ZTE 7in
      iPad1 3G
      Android Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition
      1iPad3 3G
      Windows Surface Pro 2

  15. invaderyoyo

    Only handhelds?

  16. NakedFaerie

    If you want all consoles then as they are all connected to the TVs etc and you cant stack on top of a PS3 slim as its rounded I have more that cant be photographed together..
    PS2 phat
    PS3 slim 2000
    PS3 slim 3000
    Xbox360 (Yea I have 2 PS3s and 3 Xbox 360’s so thats proof I’m not a fanboy I’m a hardcore gamer)
    PC Server

    I have more games than the local game shop..LOL

  17. NakedFaerie

    AND, if you want to get me started I work at a console repair shop. I can easily get over 100 consoles so how high do you want the tower of PS3s?

    • xoombie503

      Thats why i dont trust the repair guys for *** like you..who says you have the right to use somebody elses console for your personal use?

      • CPUzX

        You got that fool gooddd. What idiot would risk something this stupid, with other peoples personal equipment; just for a little of their own personal gain. What a c*nt. Don’t trust this guy for your life.Console repairs are easier than people think. Don’t need no amateur rookie slave, who looks up YouTube videos and runs a store to fix your s*it for you, when you can do it for yourself and save money at the same time.

  18. Mk.

    Can I use all my console?
    psx (2x)
    ps2 fat (2x)
    ps2 slim
    ps3 fat (x2)
    ps3 slim
    psp (4x)
    xbox 360
    xbox 360 slim


  19. Modchipguy

    Thanks For the heads up on the free Game!

  20. zorak_torok

    Most of my old stuff is hidden in my attic… I couldn’t compete without doing the cleaning I should… and its not even technically spring yet….

  21. Wirus

    20 $ ? So it’s only available for the North Americans ? :s

  22. warfaren

    “the people on twitter who started this dumb thing” you said, well, what hashtag were they using? I can’t see anyone using the tag you mentioned before you (Wololo).

  23. jlo138

    I’d say make as many tolerable stacks you can without them falling. Then take a picture. After that, Photoshop them into a tower but show the original stacks picture with it. This way we can see how tall it would be without damaging them and we’ll know your stacks are legit.

  24. NakedFaerie

    Did you delete my post again?
    I’m always getting posts here deleted for unknown reasons???
    The post with the pic of my console Jenga is missing. Hope you got it and added it to the competition.

    • NakedFaerie

      AFTER I posted this the post with the pic turned up.
      This site is all kind of sc*** up. Sometimes it shows posts, sometimes it doesn’t. I can be in the same page on 2 different browsers and see all different posts.
      I’ve already said I wont come back as its impossible to see things well this is about it. I’ll stick to your twitter posts to read the news from this site as here its just sc*** up bigtime.

      • Gaze

        That is the site’s cache playing tricks on you. It speeds up loading times but requires refreshing to see new content. The only downside is that it confuses people…

  25. Shango46

    Modded Gamecube (Viper GC Crystal Blue Case Mod & XenoGC mod chip)
    3xPSOne (Stealth Elite mod chips)
    PS2 Original/Fat (Magic V mod chip)
    PS2 Slim (Fliptop Case Mod/Swap Magic 3.8 & FMCB 1.93)
    PS3 Original/Fat (4.70 HABIB CFW & 500GB HDD)
    Xbox (MxM Menu & 250GB HDD)
    PSP 1000 (6.61 Pro C2 CFW)
    PSVita (3.18 TN-V Talkman Travel:Tokyo)
    2xWii (4.3 SSBB & 1TB External HDD)
    DSiXL (Acekard 2i & 32GB SD)
    3DS (4.3/9.5 Emunand/Gateway & 32GB SD)
    New 3DSXL (9.0/9.5 Emunand)
    Xbox 360 (No mods)
    PS4 (Nothing yet…)
    Samsung Galaxy Tab2 10.1 32GB + 32GB SD (Android 4.4.4 SlimKat Custom Rom/Rooted)

    These are just the toys I have in my home now. I have had many more through out the years.

  26. fleeting

    i don’t have twitter so here it is at imgur:
    base: PS4
    Game Boy family: Game Boy, Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP, Game Boy Micro
    DS family: DS, DS Lite, DSi, and 3DS
    PSP family: PSP, PSP 2001, PSP 3001, PSP Go
    VITA family: VITA, VITA Slim
    and yes, all of them are still fully funtional

  27. electrosheep

    lmao. I would love to see our collection of *** piled on top of each other. Off the top of my mind we have: 2 gamegears, genesis, dreamcast, 5-7 nes, snes slim, snes original, n64, 2 gamecubes, an original gameboy of every color (pretty much), 2 gameboy colors (gameboys color?), gba, gba:sp, 3ds, 2-3xbox, xbox 360, playstation, playstation 3, 2 psps, ps vita. If we’re including computers as consoles, then add to that a macbook air, macbook pro, 2 chromebooks, a generic gateway laptop, and 5 desktops.

  28. Sh4d0w927

    I see a bunch of console lists, but no Turbo Graphx 16 or Sega Nomads. Could I be the only one?

  29. dark_dex

    I wont even enter this, it would be auto win
    2 diff models of the original atari
    Super nintendo(modded)
    nintendo entertainment system with Rob
    4xs n64 2 modded and all diff colors with all control paks
    almost every sega -.- dreamcast,16bit,genesis etc
    original gameboy, gba,gbc,original phat ds, slim ds,
    ps1 model phat, slim,slim with screen
    2xs ps2 phat modded, ps2 slim silver, ps2 slim black
    psp phat black, psp slim blue black and white, pspgo, every other psp model, all modded except for pspgo
    ps3 phat black, hacked ps3 slim black hacked, psp3 super slim white
    psvita white unhacked, ps vita black
    ps4 white and ps4 black
    psvita tv
    do arcade machines count?

  30. dark_dex

    i forgot my two modded wiis and xboxs xD and wii u, o well if i wasnt so lazy to unhook every damn thing id def enter this, pretty sweet and easy competition

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