Bubbles³: Yet another way of having Custom Bubbles on any Firmware?!

The Zett

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  3. The Z says:


  4. dmaskell says:

    Pretty nice, I don’t plan on updating though. Still waiting to see if Sony can patch qwikrazors new exploit when it releases. I bought a PSP 1000 in case it’s too legit.

  5. bckrupps says:


  6. Spewfr says:

    I really hope I’m included in that ninja release 😀

  7. Internal says:

    12th 🙂

  8. Yifan Lu says:

    “As of now there are no plans of releasing…”

    Translation: haha, look at this cool thing you can’t have!


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  10. sikey says:

    Rather buy a smartphone to play games like modern combat 5.ps vita doesn’t worth buying.why did i buy one .that’s a waste of money

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  12. neuro says:

    i have 3.35 firmware do i need to update it to 3.50