NTR CFW 2.1 Anti-Piracy Region-Free CFW for New 3DS is now released


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  1. GoUSA says:

    Does anyone know if you use the legend of zelda cart will you be able to use this hack cant see why not?

    • AliceTheGorgon says:

      In theory someone could make a way to install the firmware from Ocarina of Time 3D, but no one has, so it won’t work for now.

      • Reprep says:

        Exactly this. AFAIK there is noone using the Ocarina of Time exploit except Gateway. So it is better to buy Cubic Ninja.

  2. NakedFaerie says:

    Nice but its still NOT a real CFW its just a little system patch.
    Doesn’t anyone know what a CFW is these days?
    A REAL CFW has backup support and is a replacement for the firmware. This is a patch that has to be run after every reboot and it cant play backups so its a patch not a CFW and a lame patch at that. Cant do anything I want a CFW to do. 99% of users wont use it either as its useless to them all.

    • Anunnymous says:

      I have CFW on my router and it can’t play backups. Does this mean it’s not actually CFW? I’ve been lied to.

    • rclr says:

      backups you mean pirated games??

    • gabrieluto says:

      CFW, custom firmware, not Backup player.
      indeed it is a custom firmware, since it isn’t an official one, it’s very simple

    • Gikero says:

      I’ve always considered custom firmware to be anything that changes the way the system works. Usually by adding features that the manufacture did not want to include. Even if the firmware change is miniscule and doesn’t add ALL the features it could, if it isn’t official, it is custom.

    • Marella says:

      Haha. Nice bait, mate.

  3. rclr says:

    Ntr sounds like a tag from hentaI genre.. netorare

  4. Zahin says:

    but what about the old 3ds? i am assuming that this wont work for it, but will there be an old 3ds version that will release?

  5. realisticandpoor says:

    lets get real here, piracy, besides being the only way us non-rich people can have as much fun and rightly so, is the ONLY reason anyone bothers with cfw – to them throwing 1000’s of dollars at games is nothing. to us its a struggle to get a few per year-if that.
    by the way- emulators and backups ARE piracy as well, so screw anti-piracy and all it stands for, that dev should be ashamed of himself, what a scummy thing to do.

    • Gikero says:

      Are you arguing that piracy is okay because you can’t afford to purchase as many games as you’d like to?

      • Kana says:

        It actually is okay. In fact it is more than okay.

        The only people who aren’t tricked by the absurd and non-sensical orwellian language of the giant publishers, are the copyright historians.

        The holder of a copyright has an exclusive right to print their respective works for a limited time (originally 14 years). An exclusive right is a type of state-sanctioned monopoly (look it up on wikipedia). So in other words it’s a printing monopoly. But state-created. So the worse kind.

        I say non-sensical, because it is. Read these sentences for example:

        “He downloaded a copy of Avengers for free.”
        “He got a copy of Avengers without paying for it.”

        “He manufactured a copy of Avengers for free.”
        “He manufactured a copy of Avengers so he didn’t have to pay for it.”

        The top two make it sound like you a shitbag. The bottom two make it sound like you competed against the official printer to reduce costs for yourself. You used your own equipment to reduce costs.

        If you are a freedom loving, pro-free-market and conscientious and moral human being, you should oppose monopolies. Everytime you use your own printing machines (even if it’s a $300 Dell) to manufacture one more thing for a fellow human being, you benefit the world and spit in the face of the privilege holders.

      • Arc Futahito says:

        Yes, it’s exactly like that. For example, I live in Ukraine. For me conversion to USD right now is so high it’s stupid. I can buy a game I really (and I mean REALLY) enjoy, but, for the most part, it’s just impossible to me to throw money at everything.
        Besides, historically, Ukraine got into information era thanks to piracy, so this is not just me, it’s country wide. Come on now, is piracy THAT bad when you got unlucky with motherland and crappy economy?

      • Jack Attack says:

        “Piracy” is ok because it helps preserve. Pirating when you can buy the product but just don’t want to is wrong. But you can “pirate” and purchase your games. It is indeed a legitimate backup.

        Thanks to idiots being mindlessly anti-piracy we’ve already lost some Arcade games. FOREVER. No backups and because people like to stigmatize and mindless say piracy is bad while forgetting most piracy is simply fair use. Something that would be consider fine in any other setting besides digital.

        It’s beyond stupid. Stealing is wrong but piracy isn’t just simply stealing for all purposes.

  6. Darth Agnon says:

    Backup support may be useful if: a) 3DS backup roms load faster that cartridges; b) if 3DS cartridges have a limited lifespan (e.g. as I’ve heard for memory cards, SSDs, etc. but never experienced); or c) if 3DS cartridges take up too much physical space to transport. Nintendo will probably try patching this CFW anyway, so why not have game backup support? If anti-piracy is such an issue, maybe once a cartridge backed up, the CFW could write some custom data to it, which prevents further backups being made, and could possibly somehow tie backups to a Nintendo shop account (?).

  7. Darth Agnon says:

    What does “clean mode (for problematic games with high memory usage such as SSB and MH4)” mean?

    • Reprep says:

      These games have high memory usage and so plugin/in-game menu support is impossible. In clean mode, you still get the region-free but not the in-game menu and other benefits.

  8. CFW fan says:

    Useless work. Just a patch not CFW. Better just keep this for themselves.

  9. concerned says:

    i actually had a very valid point on py race ee and now i know that this site is censored in favor of only one point of view rather than the truth getting out. shame on this site for being a propoganda supporter. (unless of course it just takes time to get through, but if it does not i must also include that the anti-py race ee cfw mod is a sham and shame on that dev for doing such a scummey thing) block this comment as well why dont you-this is shamefull behavior- unless of course as before stated by me that you let my previous comment through)

    • wololo says:

      Comments are sometimes put in the moderation queue by an automated mechanism. I then review them and publish them within 24h, as stated in the text at the bottom of this page. Your comment is here, not sure why it was in the moderation queue, but as stated, it was approved, within 24h.

      Not sure why people always assume we censor anything here. The only comments that get trashed are the ones containing insults, racism, illegal or not “family-friendly” stuff.

  10. Hex says:

    I bet it doesn’t even have a backup loader function, he just says it’s anti-piracy to get more popular that’s why, he can’t get a backup loader working so he just pretending it can play backup but he disabled the function
    That’s unfortunate, hopefully someone manage to do it so we don’t have to buy a gateway

    • AliceTheGorgon says:

      The “anti-piracy” in the title means it can’t load backups, since there’s not reasonable way for them to tell if you’re using a legit backup or a pirated copy when loading a rom image.

      I don’t know for sure, but the devs probably removed backup loading either to try to get Nintendo to not want to sue them, or they could be actually opposed to piracy and are trying to push their ethics onto everyone else.

      The rest of the features sound pretty cool though.

    • CFW fan says:

      Amen to that sir.

  11. beacon reaver says:

    good job

  12. Lambda says:

    People should stop being *** and thank the 3ds is being updated

    honestly, as a person who buys original games from japan, this comes pretty damn handy

    But people wants everything free, *** about everything becaus eit is not the way they wanted, get a job and buy your stuff, that way you’ll find use, or dunno, buy a japanese console and every virtual console game you want.

    What? you sad and disgusted because it doesn’t do everything you want? you can always buy a new console from another region, or learn how to do things and do them in your own…

  13. ZeroSbr says:

    Uh, how do you translate an imported game without first making a backup and then patching that backup? Also, this is half a CFW at best. Plugin support and region-free are what I would expect in a CFW for the 3DS, but the rest is just a patch.

    • Reprep says:

      Here is how it goes. You put the legit untranslated game in the cartridge slot, you put the translation files in SD card of your 3ds and boot NTR CFW. of course for the supported translations. a very clever solution imho.

  14. Charles Fasano says:

    I still wish they would allow backups as I own 17 3DS games and it would be nice not to have to bring them all with me when I go on vacation. 17 games is about $739 vs a New 3DS at $218 so misplacing the 3DS is not a disaster as it would be if I lost all 17 of my games.

    I do hope for emuNAND support so I can download my purchased games.

    They could theoretically block publicly release roms and only allow roms that you backed up yourself using this CFW. Even add something to the rom so that it can only be played in a specific 3DS.

  15. Rez says:

    Can i play homebrew like emulators on this firmware?

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