PS Vita: Half Byte Loader for Firmware 3.50 showcased!

The Zett

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  1. theBigGuy says:


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  3. AliceTheGorgon says:

    Slightly off topic, but does anyone know how theoretically possible it would be to get a Vita mode exploit from within PSP mode?
    Since I haven’t heard any speculation on this before, I’m guessing that Sony’s got a pretty robust containment method in place around PSP mode.

    • Gaze says:

      $ony knows they messed up on the psp, they don’t want a repeat. The pspemu is sandboxed(Look it up if you don’t know). Its not necessarily impossible to break through, but it is not easy…

    • Joe says:

      Well, first you need PSP Filer

  4. nina says:

    this is a good thing. I accidentally deleted HOT BRAIN from my VITA (which I was using to launch ARK2), so I’ve been unable to play PSP games on my VITA for the last week or so.

    Glad things are catching up quickly.

  5. Lucif3r says:

    Nice! Hope it will be released to the public soon 🙂
    At any rate, its nice to see its still possible to run our beloved emu’s even on 3.50.

  6. rclr says:

    So do we have to update to the new ofw 3.50 or wait for qwikrazor announcement ?

  7. Toastytwo says:

    Ohh man, I’m gonna update now! After all the ruckus getting Hotline Miami 2 onto my PSV 3.18 (updated CFW-PS3, spoofed latest FW etc.)

    IT DOESN’T START under FW 3.36!!!!! GRRRRRR!!!!!!!

    Ok Sony, you got me on this one! Honestly, I don’t think the web-exploit is leading anywhere near native hacks… ?

    • Gaben says:

      Can anyone confirm this?
      it’s been like five months and there’s barely anything with the web-exploit, I only remember the pong homebrew which isn’t much

  8. Dmaskell92 says:

    Yep still on 3.18 lol.

  9. gunblade says:

    Cool. hope I get the game well getthing a new vita April.

  10. le me says:

    will someone release the vhbl exploit for 3.50 someday?