PS Vita Firmware 3.50 to be released on the 26th March!

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  1. Taliesintaliesin says:

    2nd floor n I’m not going to update 😛

  2. vita says:

    Also “PS Vita update version 3.50 and PlayStation App update version 2.50 will add new accessibility options, including enlarged text, increased contrast and more”

  3. Taliesintaliesin says:

    Has anybody maintain a list of 3.36/3.50 minimum req. games?

  4. Sky Yuki says:

    Since they are removing map,youtube
    They better make browser for youtube and map

  5. Lucif3r says:

    So, I hacked my Vita on 3.36 with vhbl and ark, will those hacks stop working with 3.50 or should it be fine if theyre already on there? Or is it a “wait and see”-thingy?

  6. Freemyvita says:

    If you remain on a lower FW can you still use the apps? if you could use the pkg installer on a higher FW could you install the apps then or would they have to connect to a server or something?

    • StepS says:

      As they depend on internet connection, the server will refuse the connection, and so the apps will become useless.

    • Lucif3r says:

      The issue is actually deeper than that. Its actually google thats dropping support for the mobile API currently used, and instead of updating the youtube and maps apps, Sony chose to remove them completely…

  7. notfunnyguy says:

    im atm on 3.15 and ive bought a game which requires 3.35, do u know if its possible do update to a specific formware afterwards, so not 3.5 bute 3.36 or 3.35. I know, i know, stay on 3.15 or 3.18… but i want to play it so much

  8. RaZiel says:

    As long as we see Vita update blocker v1.3 I am content sticking to 3.20 unless Qwikrazors exploit works on 3.50 which I hope he been holding off on. Would love direct PSN access on my Vita TV or dare I say it? Remote play support for the PS3 as well.

  9. Beacon says:

    sony ps vita need more development resources programmers

  10. Jamx says:

    Youtube app on Vita is far more superior than using it on Vita browser. I can manage the subscriptions, searching video, looking at the comments better and video buffering is fast too, but it is sad that this app is no longer supported.

  11. Adam Fox says:

    I wonder if there will be another Class Action Lawsuit like with the PS3. I don’t know how many people bought the PS Vita to watch YouTube & Maps, but it was still a feature that you did pay for on the system. With the PS3, they had the lawsuit for the loss of Linux……

    • wololo says:

      When you agree to the Vita terms and conditions, you also waive your rights to participate in a Class Action lawsuit. So, a scenario similar to that of the PS3 is most likely not going to happen

      • NotQuiteTho says:

        While that’s true in most cases, some states in the US have laws preventing companies from having their users sign over theirs rights to litigation, such as in California. There’s actually an ongoing lawsuit with one company right now

  12. Quack Walks says:

    I hope to see The Z test if the update breaks the Patapon 2 VHBL exploit bubble.

  13. Josh says:

    Checked out the update. It’s useless. I really am starting to think, Sony just doesn’t care…
    Does anyone know how to get the closed caption to work?

  14. le jo says:

    esquil est possible de fair un hack si ont a une ps vita version

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