Playstation 4 Firmware 2.50 to be released on the 26th March!

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  1. Charles Fasano says:


    • Charles Fasano says:

      Seriously though, I’ve been waiting to be able to delete my 0% games for years now. Hopefully this will work for PS3/PSN and Vita games too. Unlike the Vita update this brings a lot of good features.

  2. Taliesintaliesin says:


    • AND RUN! says:

      lol are you referring to Charles Fasano falling through to the third floor?
      Hide your food!
      Lock the toilet!

  3. SmashADBurn says:

    I hope this means the remote play app port will get updated also. It currently doesn’t work with the 2.50 beta which was expected.

  4. Mo Poge says:

    “Back-Up and Restore HDD to USB” – will this allow us to back up our games to a new (bigger) hard drive without having to re-download hundreds of gigabytes? What will this mean for games on phantom accounts?

    • X--JollyRoger--X says:

      It would appear so… and just after I replaced my drive with a 2tb and while living with the slowest internet on earth… >:( Dammit

  5. bearded says:

    I’d love to see the ability to remap controls for remote play on the Vita.

    Sometimes trying to L3, L2, and move forward while using other buttons is a pain. I’m not a damn octopus.

  6. Zike says:

    seem like you also forgot to mention that now you can remove trophy that has 0% or so.

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