PSN Flash Sale for the Weekend in North America: All Under $1 – Including a TN-X compatible exploitable game



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  1. Bought gravity rush like a week ago for full price… -_——–

    • I got it for free via PS Plus, i know i need to keep my PS+ subscription going in order to keep the game, but as i plan to do that anyway, i would consider it free.

    • sloppycrap says:

      I bought Gravity Rush and I don’t even own a Vita yet. I will soon though, because I don’t think Sony’s going to support it for another full year. One of the guys I work with has one he’s never used and I think I’ll get it from him cheap (OLED/3G version, <3.18 firmware 🙂 )

  2. rclr says:

    So no game exploitable for psvita 3.36 🙁

  3. CopyMirror says:

    WHY!? WHY!?… I only need 10 dollars but being completely broke at the moment sucks…

  4. akian_aray says:

    There is also Dead Nation for Vita on sale for whoping 48 cents.

    • Reprep says:

      Thanks a lot for noticing it. Just like Wild Arms 2, it isn’t on the US Playstation Blog, but it is there on the Flash Sale page on psn store. It is a great bargain at this price.

  5. Commander says:

    I think i can ask safely here as my question is related to the topic.
    I’m fairly new to the scene so i don’t know where to start. I bought a 3.15 PSVita a while ago. What can i do with it that can’t be done in newer firmwares?
    Now, I bought a game i wanted to play that asks me to update to 3.35. What can i do in 3.35? Can i still buy exploitable games on that firmware?

    Thanks in advance for the answers.

  6. Choc0keki says:

    Any chance a 3.36 exploit file for Tekken 2 will be released?

  7. Minimur12 says:

    Damn you reprep! you beat me to it!

    These are some pretty good deals! I’ll definitely be helping myself to Tokyo Jungle, Game of thrones and some others!

    I might even have some left over credit on my US account, which is quite nice.

    And as for gravity rush, for the guys out there that enjoyed it, got ome interesting news coming up!

  8. Jason says:

    Now the Vita version of Dead Nation for 0.88!!!!!!!

  9. hunter says:

    I mean that if I buy the game tekken 2 psone , I can play tn- x in my fw 3.36 psvita ?????

  10. Jason says:

    VIta Dead Nation is free????

  11. DonoPatay says:

    I dont know why but I got PS Vita’s version of Dead Nation for free. : )

  12. Jason says:

    Is a bug run people!!!

  13. DonoPatay says:

    About this Tekken 2 game exploit for the TN-X. If I have this game on an unhacked Vita on 3.18 firmware but since TN-X still needs TN-V to copy PS1 games does it mean that I still have to acquire an exploit game for the TN-V? Or am I missing something? Can someone clarify me on this? Answers would be greatly appreciated.

    • Reprep says:

      Yes, you still need an exploit game for the TN-V for file transfer. You need one PSP exploit game for TN-V and one PS1 exploit game for TN-X.

  14. NineClouds says:

    Is there a way to buy Gravity rush on the PS store, either from ps3 or PC, and transfer it to my vita? Because I use the store on my vita and when I try to transfer games using CMA it says I need to update my vita. Any help would be much appreciated.

    • AliceTheGorgon says:

      From what I’ve heard, if your PS3 has the latest official firmware you should be able to do that. Note that you do have to be on the same PSN account with both devices.

      Not sure if you’ll be able to purchase a Vita-only game on the PS3 to begin with though, as I’ve never tried it myself.

      • Reprep says:

        You can purchase a Vita-only game on the PS3 and transfer it to your Vita. You are fine as long as your Vita meets the game’s minimum firmware requirement.

  15. np3228 says:

    Jose: Hello, My name is Jose how may I assist you today?
    You: Hi, i was talking to someone else, but i accidentally closed the window.
    Jose: I will be more than glad to help.
    Jose: Could you please provide me your:

    -First and Last Name
    -Sign-In ID (email address)
    -Online ID
    You: Im trying to buy the gravity rush game that is on the flash sale. But Ive already downloaded it before through ps plus, and now it wont let me buy it and i want to own it.
    You: xxxx. email online id xxxxx
    Jose: Thank you, xxxx , One moment while I access your account.
    Jose: xxxx, in this case you will need to contact our phone support. the server will not allow you to purchase the same item, even if the the purchase was free.


  16. RaZiel says:

    Well I just bought Tekken 2 as soon as I heard TN-X was on the PSTV but nice to see this for others that need it. Don’t have any Vita games for my PSTV but can I transfer a Vita game from the PS3 to the PSTV since I can’t access PSN from my system? I know I can of course with PSP and PS1 as there are no firmware restrictions but worried a game might not work on 3.20

    • Reprep says:

      Yes, you can transfer vita games from ps3 to the PSTV. Every game has its minimum firmware restrictions. If the game needs 3.20 or below, you are fine.

  17. Dann says:

    4 games to my wallet 😀 MX4, MX5, BTTF, DN

  18. Wrozen says:

    Thanks reprep!! i almost bought Payday the heist the other day for full price! so glad i waited!!

  19. Buzzcut says:

    I want gravity rush, but I’m on 3.18 with TN-V. Also, I don’t have a PS3 :/ (I even have a dollar on my account. This kinda sucks, hehe.)

    • chad says:

      I’m in the same boat as you, on 3.18 and want to spend some money but don’t have a PS3 to transfer games with. If there is anything that comes out of the web kit exploit I hope its the ability to spend my money in the PS Store, don’t really care about piracy, just want to be able to give Sony my money. Sony are you listening, I have money I want to give you, but due to the fact that I have a OFW that isn’t up to date you turn me away.

      • Buzzcut says:

        Well, technically, we could still spend the money on their website, but we have no way to get it on the Vita. 🙁 I need to go play some of my NES and Sega games to remind me to stay on 3.18. 😀 I should probably just get a physical copy anyways; I don’t have a ton of room on my card.

        • keoni says:

          you can buy it through the web page but the trouble is transfering it to the vita. that way you can at least own it though

  20. Dat says:

    So Gravity Rush is on flash sale with only 0.81$ but now i’m a Plus member (expire on 25 March) and Gravity Rush is my free plus game and i have no idea how to purchase it 🙁 they only show me the “Download” button ( not “Buy now” ). Anyone know how to purchase it?

  21. For Shame says:

    Once again, the Vita is neglected

  22. SmurfyD says:

    Well I’ll go ahead and get tekken 2 then. Already had $2.56 leftover on psn and nothing to buy so this is my chance.

  23. Leandre says:

    When will the 3.36 Tekken 2 exploit files will be out?

  24. Daipop says:

    I went crazy and bought like 28 games for $25 USD. Still I regret buying Game of Thrones, what a crappy game. I want my 80 cents back!!! ¬.¬

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