Just my 2 cents: The VR hype train

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  1. SniffinPopRocks says:

    Great points! I had the VR headset back in the day that connected to my snes with a rod connected to the headset and your shoulder to simulate left/right movements when you turned your head. Mortal Kombat sucked with the motion control but, just using it as a regular HMD was fine. I just want an affordable, HD, comfortable headset.

    • zorak_torok says:

      I have looked and looked….. These vr headsets are the way to go. Sonys own personal 3d viewer is 1000 bucks right now. If the price of dk2 at 350 is any indication, they are hellatious deals.

  2. Rolenzo says:

    Cant agree more about phamtom hourglass.

    I think with VR (morpheus), im satisfied knowing that even if its not all its cracked up to be, it at least functions as a portable display. Im more worried about how fragile it looks.

  3. jhuebert95 says:

    Awesome article. Really good read. I really hope to see more articles related to VR. I have high hopes for Project Morpheus and I hope you guys post some new stuff about it when it’s available 😀

    • zorak_torok says:

      Morphious I am afraid will befall the same fate as the comparison of android and ios. Im gonna get it and enjoy it, im certain…. but to get varied software; Im sure Oculus is where to go… and I wish I was wrong<—- no strong pc here.

  4. RPRezo says:

    People that compare VR to gimmicks like Wiimote miss a very big thing: VR is PERFECT for racing games, flying games, space games and all the other games that are about sitting in a chair with a joystick/gamepad. And this type of games are big enough with hardcore audience that has bigger attention span than casuals and have interest in buying more than one tennis game.

    So yeah, while it might take time for big blockbusters to start using VR properly, it will be a great niche product from the start. And that will keep it going till that big blockbusters get in the game.

    • Schadows says:

      In other word, it like fancy (but useful) accessories for simulation, like wheel and stuff like that.
      It will enhance the pleasure (and immersion) in a very small range of game type.

      Lots of people boarding the hype train don’t realise it won’t suit most game types.

      • anonanon says:

        Can’t say I agree with you on that Schadows. I’ve tried the Oculus rift DK2, and pretty much every demo out there for it, and I can’t think of a single genre that wont benefit from having VR support. Sure, it’s perfect for sim games, but it’s also perfect for horror, exploration, puzzle, rpg games. It immerses you in the game, what game genre WONT benefit from a more immersive play?

        • arthanis says:

          Well, sidescrollers, top-down shooters, 2D fighting games, just to name a few. Just because we have VR, doesn’t mean that every game from now on have to be in first person perspective.

    • Balmung says:

      + You can use VR not only for VR Games. You can play normal Games on a really big Screen in a virtual Home Cinema (or watch Movies/TV on it). There is much more you can do with VR than play Games. And that is the Point why VR is not a Hype without good Reasons.

      And yes, we also get Trash, but that is normal, we have Trash Software on every Platform, but we have also good Software on any Platform. And VR is nothing that you use and than some day you say “Ok, VR is no longer something special for me, I didn’t want it anymore”… VR is more like the Internet, Smartphones or even SSD’s, nothing special anymore but do you want to live without it anymore?

      I’m a Rift DK2 Owner (since Aug) and I’m sure VR is this time not only like Pseudo 3D or Kinect or something other Trendy Stuff. VR is the next big Thing, believe it!

  5. CoolMan1999x says:

    Sounds like sword art online to me hhhhh

    • Balmung says:

      Not really, that VR what we have now is a first Step, far away from VR like in Sword Art Online where our complete Body is in the VR. It can looks like Sword Art Online, but you can’t feel and interact with it like it is a real own World.

      • zorak_torok says:

        I expect alot of media viewers, chat software, interactive cinema (turn to page books, anyone?), travel experiences… heck, Im going about this the wrong way…. What I dont expect to see is anyhing that makes you feel like you are in the fabled virtual reality. There will be a sense of self, even if obscured for moments. Immersion, while very well crafted by the devices, can not provide sensory projections to us. That will be much later. For now, enjoy you 3d 360 degree hd oled tvs…. I will.

        • Balmung says:

          Yes, the REAL VR like in Matrix is far away from us right now, but this coming VR is good enough to feel you are in the VR. “Presence” what Oculus and other named it, the next step behind Immersion. But to feel “Presence” VR must be nearly perfect. So we must wait and see how good this first Step in VR is. The DK2 is not good enough to feel “Presence”, the Resolution is too low and the Screen Door Effect ruins it too.

  6. Anon says:

    Doesn’t matter, playing Elite Dangerous in VR.

    Well, back to space.

  7. zorak_torok says:

    Ill make a short response to such a long article. Your fears are destined to be a reality. Shovelware and just plain *** software will be prevelent. You will see reskined theatre software selling for 50 bucks. Its gonna happen…. but since vr is going to be here to stay… these are the growing pains we must endure.

    • zorak_torok says:

      Oh… the 90’s make you old? *** man…. I remember holographic coin-ops around trons time. What the heck does that make me?

  8. mixedfish says:

    Looking back in history is not particularly relevant, because no one said VR was ‘new’. You could list the many flaws on VR attempts of the yesteryears but unlike today we have compelling hardware and streamlined software to take advantage of the interactive medium. And most importantly hardware is more affordable than ever and everyone has more computing power.

  9. Not Really VR says:

    There is no such thing as VR with out current technology. Why every nerd in the world insists on jumping on the “VR” hype train, for what is basically a “surround vision / surround sight” television is beyond me. Its nice…buts its just a damn screen.

    You can see and hear (with a headset), but you cant feel, smell, or taste anything…so its not *** VR. Your consciousness remains exactly where it was before…in real life lol.

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