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‘NX’ is the next generation hardware of Nintendo


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  1. ziim says:

    As long as there are Mario and Zelda, i’m there!

  2. Lambda Teos says:

    If we go according the release dates…
    gba 2001
    gba sp 2003
    ds 2004 – 3 years
    dsi 2009
    3ds 2011 – 7 years
    3ds xl 2012
    new 3ds xl 2015 – it´s been almost 4 years

    n64 1996
    gc 2001 – 5 years
    wii 2006 – 5 years
    wii u 2012 – 6 years

    i think it is safe to asume it will be a new home console, will be officialy announced in 2016, to be released in 2017, making the wii u 5 years old

    however, in 2017, the 3ds will be 6 years old

    Going according to nintendo plans, they intend to create a consola which can integrate both portable and home console, and now with mobile development, i think both home console and portable console will be some sort of the same, while mobile development will be used as surface on xbox… who knows

    if they do create a hybrid, they would be released in the same year, or with 1 yeard of difference

    Also, by developing mobile apps and games, it would be easier to unify consoles and cellphones… dunno, pretty excited thou

    • Lambda Teos says:

      also, let’s not forget QoL, which, will not require interaction at all between the consumer and the device, so maybe an app to control it from our cellphones? who knows

    • Reprep says:

      Thanks for the detailed info. I agree with you. Sooner than we think, difference between home consoles, portable consoles and smartphones will melt away.

  3. drd7of14 says:

    The Nintendo XBox! Lol

  4. Charles Fasano says:

    The term “NX” reminds of the TV Show “Enterprise” where the ship’s code was “NX-01”

  5. This was expected. They pretty much had to expand after what the Wii U and 3DS went through at the beginning of their lifespan, they don’t want a repeat.

  6. O-bake says:

    A multi-platform concept could be a pretty smart move. If they provide appropriate controllers, this could even be a big advantage. Play on every PC/Mac/Phone, whatever and use the same gamepad. Probably they will dongle/force it the pad because otherwise you can’t really play on a PC and most of the games are unplayable on touch-devices, too.

  7. hyno111 says:

    Hope it is not based on Android…. If it is it will be a very stupid move.

  8. hyno111 says:

    Then I realized it must be something everyone else is developing…
    an AR/VR device.

  9. AliceTheGorgon says:

    @hyno111 Why would basing the OS on android be “a very stupid move” in your opinion?

    • triplekill says:

      because he is an apple fanboy?

      • AliceTheGorgon says:

        In unrelated news, I have no idea how I didn’t notice the “reply” button below posts until just now. I’d like to apologize to everyone for using the @ syntax instead of the reply button. I am apparently an idiot today.

  10. Kevin says:

    Nintendo seems to be a game developer that is tangled up in the console wars. They just want to make great games but they insist on producing their own consoles. This requires that the console is a success before the games are. Any move that puts their games on other system is a great move. I would love to see Nintendo abandon hardware and exclusively become a game developer and publisher that produces games for PS4/Xbone/PC.

    • Phantom says:

      Dont be an ***, silly comments like this just makes you look like a fool, take Sega for example, awesome sega games, iconic and still not forgotten, they bust and take Sonic on a free for all to get *** and raped by every new gen console…. what a *** outcome. i mean sonic colours for *** sake… what was the point in that, its like pokemon where ash gives up, or mj moon walker who doesnt moon walk, contra with no ammo, taz mania with out his spin, altered beast without the beast…. i can go on….dont be a ***

      • Haru says:

        The only one being a *** here is you. He’s just expressing his own opinion. While I disagree with him too, that’s no reason to throw a fit and act like it’s some sort of personal attack on you.

        Just calm down, my friend.

      • lmao says:

        Who cares about pokeman.. i play Digimon Story CS on my lovely Vita

  11. triplekill says:

    not gonna buy another *N console for at least 2 Generations.
    They *** up my beloved Wii-U with terrible/no games could not deliever the promised “TVii” Feature and their 3DS was pretty bad game wise too, compared to older NDS systems.

  12. zorak_torok says:

    You know what this means to me? Next to nothing ( no offense to the author… actually is really good news). I’m just never going to side with nintendo as a home console anymore. I play the 3ds more than I do the vita…. but use the vita for the things I can’t do on a 3ds… well, atleast not well. I havn’t been happy since the first couple years of n64 with nintendo in my living room…. not as the primary device anyway… with them I will be a generation behind as they seem to be okay with in their marketing scheme. Bottom line is… I will get a wii U cheap if the NX is its successor and play what good games it has that the others don’t….. and in another 6-7 years I’ll get the NX. If this isn’t how it happens for me….. its only because the NX IS a VR system that includes a 360 degree motion activated treadmill.

    • Reprep says:

      I still haven’t bought a wii-u mainly because of limited game selection. I will probably buy it in a few years though. Even though Nintendo isn’t my first choice for game consoles nowadays, i still would like to see Nintendo around as they make quality games.

      • zorak_torok says:

        Oh yeah, agreed… they do most definitely make good games. I think that is what they should do… just make games (at least as far as the living room goes.) If most people feel this way, Nintendo will not have the resources it need to make the quality games we do eventually enjoy…. at-least not as much as they could have for research and development if they just went the way of Sega, aside from the portable industry of course.

    • lmao says:


  13. lmao says:

    NX A.K.A No Execution A.K.A FAIL

  14. Moe Katz says:

    Virtual Boy 2


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