New PSP emulator / PS Vita emulator download pages


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  1. z2


    I am the master of the universe!

  2. RaZiel

    Really what is constructive or even midly amusing about being the first to post?

    Anyhow this is a great reference to what is available for emulation. Thanks for the article but its kinda sad people want to emulate the Vita already. I mean I don’t even know of ROM’s that are public yet let alone a full fledged emulator.

    • derek

      Its probably really easy to get the roms im sure backup manager was a big help with that that said im kinda po’ed at the fact theres an emulatior for the vita out/in the works when I paid for my games damit sony get more people to buy you system so im not paying $40 for a decent game

  3. lolzoar

    So anyone who writes “First” gets banned? LOL awesome!

  4. Shaggy

    Some what off topic question. How many emulators would need to be reworked(N64) to run off the Vita own hardware and no emulator when it’s hacked and would it be necessary to do these reworks with systems I imagine can run just fine(NES, GBA, GB/GBC) through the eCFW?

  5. This definitely isn’t the only site that gets questions about Vita emulators. And I’m sure they’ll continue to be asked here even with the new page, unfortunately.

    Glad to see PPSSPP recommended. I’ll note that it’s originally based on Potemkin, since Henrik basically took that (which he also authored) to start PPSSPP. So it’s kinda like PPSSPP v0.1.


  6. kay

    I’m going to ask again for coverage of the Citra 3ds emulator. It runs commercial 3ds games but not at a playable rate yet. More publicity for the emulator would lead to more support which would in turn lead to faster development. Please make it happen wololo.

  7. Dann

    You can say too, the PSP emulator for android, its nice, i have it 😀

  8. gunblade

    Thks yo.

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