Goodbye Playstation Mobile



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  1. NoSpam says:


    How many services are Sony dropping? By years end they’ll have nothing left!

  2. invaderyoyo says:

    Darn, I bought cytus lambda off of PS mobile. I have it on my phone too, but it doesn’t click when you tap the notes like it does on the vita. Supposedly it’s because Android has audio latency, at least that’s what I read somewhere.

  3. I visited the playstation mobile category in the US psn the other day. Looking through everything took less than 10 mins(that is just sad). I really hope the vita doesn’t lose more features.

  4. chingon says:

    Hand full of jems anyways plus no exploit was ever discovered ….toodles PS Mobile….

  5. Booker says:

    With the rate the Vita is failing, I hope that we’ll be able to see some Vita titles come to the PS4. That way, the franchises that started on Vita(Gravity Rush for example) won’t be lost, and will have new life on PS4. Of course, it would preferable if the Vita has a comeback, but that seems highly doubtful considering Sony is giving up on it.

  6. hyno111 says:

    Google use rapid updates to ensure only they can control android platform,anyone else will have to spend a lot of effort at every android update. So PSM have been a mistake from the beginning. Although I like the idea of PS Vita/Android cross-platform development…

  7. rclr says:

    Lol I just posted this at wololo blog

  8. SmashADBurn says:

    The Vita is dead.

    • KT88 says:

      Not really. Loads of new games coming out every month over here in Japan.

      Problem with the Vita in the first place was that it tried to be too much for too many people. Sony got caught up in “teh intagrayshun is kign!” hype and thought it would be right to release a game oriented smartphone type device…

      When all they had to do was release a decent handheld with similar UI features.

      All they’re doing now is trimming off superfluous excess.

  9. Why Sony says:

    Never did care too much about PS Mobile. Nothing good on it at all. Here’s hoping the Vita doesn’t get neglected beyond this point though.

  10. Wilfredo says:

    since the servers will eventually be shut down and uses wont be able to redownload (meaning they have to back up their games) what happens to the “runtime package” required to run the games.. will this be disappearing as well? can the runtime package be backed up? if not, and a user deletes it they would effectively be sc*** over, no?

  11. Wilfredo says:

    shudders at the thought of the inevitability of when this eventually happens to the actual playstation store.. smh.. this is why i was always skeptical of the “digital purchase age” its an illusion

  12. Wilfredo says:

    not even playstation support could help me… this is only continuing to shake my faith in sony. dark times are ahead.

  13. meysam25 says:

    what worse can happend to vita ?
    relax guys i thing vita found his coustomers and its will earn mony and its will suport

  14. Papapsofos says:

    My ps store on my via is completely different…. I couldn’t even get to this category… Why is that???

  15. Rob says:

    I really wanna know what happens to my 5 bought PSM Games !?

  16. XWolf says:

    I go to and still I can download the SDK. but if you open the “sdk 1.21.02” tab you will se a message about dates about deprecated SDK 1.21.02, and the use of SDK 2.00.00.

    I’ts a error, or a try to make PSM SDK more visible in a viral or something way?

  17. mangosteam says:

    aw i was waiting for chaos ring 3 to have subs

  18. Shinny says:

    At this point, there is no reason to buy a Sony system, well the portable once at least.. Vita dropping YouTube support, now PS mobile, 1gen Vita not using its accessory port, whats next ? Trophies ? PSN ?
    Thank god I decided to skip this generation of handheld consoles 😀

  19. reaper666 says:

    i guess my love for this console was misplaced… I had high hopes. my only assumption is that they are backing out of any future portable consoles and sticking to box/vcr looking consoles now.. seems like after the psp they didnt want to do it anymore.

    • grandgroove says:

      I just bought the Vita Borderlands 2 bundle. Finally obtained a new position which afforded me some disposable income to invest in a system. I don’t care for big consoles all that much. PSP is still my all-time favorite (as with many of you). I just hoped the PSV train would be around a bit longer.

      I may return it for one of the other PSV at the store so I won’t be at FW 3.36. The model I purchased was at 3.18

  20. gunblade says:

    bumers i jus got my laptop and was ready to start developing video games.

  21. nico says:

    wait i don’t get it, the thing that’s closing is teplaystation mobile page and not the whole store service right?

  22. Nivalovich says:

    the worst games of psn there are in playstation mobile mobile. All in 2d

  23. MyLegGuy says:

    D: I was developing a game for Playstation Mobile. Oh well….

  24. Foslix says:

    *** if its one thing I liked about the jp psn store was the fact that it had a decent mobile library

  25. NNNRT says:

    First otherOS, then Digital Comics, then the PSP PS Store, then YouTube & Maps, then PSM, plus the ones I forgot.. Dahell Sony

  26. PermaNull says:

    While I no longer have a Vita (gave it to my mom), I’ll be keeping an eye on this sounds interesting.

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