Custom Emulator Firmware TN-X for 3.00-3.20 Released



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  1. Roflmao says:

    Very nice I’m installing it now 😀
    Btw I have met total noob in hearthstone, don’t know if it’s the real one (he said he is) ! 😀

  2. Johann says:

    OMG!!!! thks thks my PSTV now is happy!!!! go the test!!! jejej First!

  3. gunblade says:

    cool thks. lol 2.

  4. edukarlo says:

    oh yeah.. rock & roll!! we love it.. and now im wishing that this gets updated for 3.36 or a more recent firmware, before the total shutdown of PS Mobile .. or else i’ll say goodbye to neither TN-V/TN-X or my PS Mobile apps

  5. ducky says:

    NICE! Thank You Total_Noob!

  6. Buzzcut says:

    So if I started playing a game through this to use the fast forward feature, could I go back to using the default PS1 emulator, or would it delete the save/make it unplayable?

    • Reprep says:

      Fast forward feature can be enabled/disabled in-game with a button combo and has no effect on savegames. For example just enable it when there are dialogs and disable it when it is done.

      • Buzzcut says:

        Sorry, I didn’t clarify. I mean, if I played a game in TN-X, saved, and then went back to play it through the default PS1 emulator already on the vita, will it let me? Will it transfer my progress?

    • ErnieBall says:

      Once you get it running, there is no reason to go back to the original, since TN-X has all the features of the original PS1 emulator aswell as all the extra functionality such as savestates, fast forward and so on.

  7. FreeMyVita says:

    What are the benefit’s to using a custom Bios? also why is CWCHEAT the only plugin that is displayed properly. Lol You forgot to mention with PRO-ONLINE mode!? lol jk thx m8!

    • Reprep says:

      It is not yet known if there is an advantage for using custom Bios. It might provide additional compatibility etc. but it needs research. as the ePSP and ePS1 screen modes are different, plugins have troubles displaying properly unless they are adjusted.

  8. jingletit says:

    I can’t seem to get it to work I have both Tekken and sport Superbike 2 EU I dunno what I am doing wrong can anyone please help thanks

  9. Blue says:

    I’m a bit confused. If you install TN-X, don’t you no longer have TN-V? So how does it need TN-V to copy games over?

    • Reprep says:

      Nope, you still have TN-V, they don’t conflict. TN-X doesn’t have an install function like TN-V or have a FTP server. So, to transfer your ps1 games, you should use TN-V. After transferring your game, you can boot them from TN-X.

    • Blue says:

      Also, why is it called TN-X and not TN-V 11? Is there something fundamentally different between the two?

    • Buzzcut says:

      From what I read, I think you use it with TN-V. It lets you fast forward and use save states in PS1 games…I think.

      • Blue says:

        Thanks all for the replies! But then how does one use TN-X?

        Let’s say you have one exploit game, used to run TN-V. When you run the exploit game, does it go to TN-V, and then you run TN-X from TN-V like a game, or does running the exploit game just run TN-X?

        • Blue says:

          Nevermind, I think I got it!

          There used to be an exploit game used to run PS1 games, and that’s the game being given a CEF now.

          • Reprep says:

            TN-X is the new name for PS1 Loader if that is what you ask. TN-X and TN-V are different. TN-V boots PSP games and TN-X boots PS1 games. TN-V can also boot PS1 games but not as good as TN-X. Main problem on TN-V is the sound issues on PS1 games.

  10. Blue says:

    So to install this, I understand about transferring the exploit game’s save data over. But to be clear, are we transferring over the files in TN-V over to the same location, or where the TN-V’s exploit game data is? (Come to think about it, do we only need to do that if we did not already have TN-V, or is this a necessary update?)

    • Reprep says:

      You will have an exploited game save for XS Moto or Tekken 2. copy that save to your PSP/SAVEDATA folder. You also have to copy the TNV folder to PSP/SAVEDATA. Then boot XS Moto or Tekken 2. For XS Moto, loading the exploited save and starting 2 player game is enough where you have to lose a match in survival mode for Tekken 2. After triggering it, you should see the TN-X menu.

      • Blue says:

        That seems a bit different than what I’m seeing…

        I have a PSAVEDATA\(long string of incomprehensible stuff)\SLUS01506\

        SLUS01506 is the folder for the save data of the exploit game, so I’m pretty sure I just dump the files over, overwriting any duplicates.

        Should the TNV folder also go into the SLUS folder, or is it going at the same level as the SLUS folder?

        • ErnieBall says:

          TNV folder goes to the same level as the SLUS folder.

        • Reprep says:

          I am talking about PSP folders and you are talking about folders in your PC.

          In your example TNV folder should go to the same level as the SLUS folder. It goes to PSAVEDATA\(long string of incomprehensible stuff)\

          • Blue says:

            Thanks so much!

            That does explain the difference. I (obviously) didn’t get it, but wouldn’t my question make more sense, as the Vita doesn’t let us see a file structure directly? Or is this something related to PSPfiler? (I’ve never used it, so I’m not sure how it works, and I’m just guessing now)

  11. warfaren says:

    What about the PS1 loader bubble? Will that trick be released too?

  12. warfaren says:

    Oh my god… after using this for a while.. seeing how well it works… Total_Noob is a total legend!! You’ve just turned my Vita and my PS TV into the best thinkable devices for playing PS1 titles!!!!

  13. Darth Agnon says:

    Hey, @Total_Noob, could you update it so that the TempAR cheat engine works with TN-X, too? Thanks!

  14. Jan says:

    i get an error with tekken EU, first a blackscreen and then an error when i lost the first survival match.

  15. The Z says:

    Obligatory “PSX = PS2 hybrid, not PS1” comment.

    Otherwise, nice release of the TN-X eCFW 🙂

    • nebu_187 says:

      ur right the official name of PSX goes to a PS2 hybrid. the unnoficial name for the PS1 prototype was at first PSX as in playstation experiment

  16. Ryu says:

    I have a 3.36 PSVita and I already spent $6 bucks for XS Moto but Sony yank it from the PSN! Hopefully this exploit can be updated soon.

  17. PepeCobain says:

    i have error on tn x .. i lunch the game (impossible to access the memory card) all game ERROR

    sorry for my english but i’m italian

    • yyoossk says:

      memory card error

      Compression level 0 or 9

      DQM1&2 TN-V Compression level 0 work fine
      DQM1&2 TN-X Compression level 0 not working

      DQM1&2 TN-X Compression level 9 work fine

      sorry for but english”

  18. Beach says:

    My PSTV 3.20 crashes after I start single or 2 player race, am I doing something wrong?

  19. Dan says:

    How do you reload the savestate? And how do you know that it actually took a savestate, my select button doesnt do anything

    • warfaren says:

      You’re supposed to keep it pressed a few seconds until the menu appears.

      • Dan says:

        Yeah, but mine doesnt pop any menu, thats the thing.

        • Reprep says:

          Are you sure your button assignment in Vita is set to standard?

          • Dan says:

            Yup, at first it was popping the cheat engine window…so i had to reassign the cheat engine button thing. It might be conflicting with one of my plugins, i’ll have to test it out

          • Dan says:

            Confirmed. I disabled cwcheats and the original savestate plugin made for TN-V in my tnv exploit game and now the savestate plugin for TN-X works. So either one of those plugins were preventing me to access TN-X savestate!

  20. Knobjockey says:

    Ok so I put Tekken 2 US save and the TNV in mso:/PSP/SAVEDATA and when I trigger the exploit the screen goes black and then an error pops up. I am able to start up the old PS1 exploit so any ideads why this isnt working???

  21. camaleon says:

    I had the same issue as Knobjockey. The save for Tekken US is not working as it is. In the save files there is a file called SCEVMC0.VMP that needs to be replaced with the same file from the previous save that triggers the Tekken exploit. I have TN-X working now. Thank you very much!

  22. Claus says:

    3.18 with tekken 2. EU Blackscreen and crash. Same as knobjockey

  23. Johann says:

    XD thks total_noob !!!! finally my PSTV work with psx ,

    Download and Test with moto xs : Thosand Arms work perfectly amazing!!!

  24. tekno18 says:

    Hi, thanks, tested savestates, works perfect!, my two questions is: how can i install the cwcheat and how can i enable it, in the tnx? in the psp is hold select, but this is used to save states in the tnx. Thanks.

  25. hehoo says:

    we aren’t noob

  26. alpmaster says:

    I get a message can’t access the memory card after TN-X loads i try to play Vigilante 8 2nd offense.

    • yyoossk says:

      memory card error

      Compression level 0 or 9

      DQM1&2 TN-V Compression level 0 work fine
      DQM1&2 TN-X Compression level 0 not working

      DQM1&2 TN-X Compression level 9 work fine

      sorry for but english”

  27. Blablubb says:

    awesome work from tn once again 🙂

    would be nice if there will be a possibilty to skip the warning and psx logo when you start a game (don´t know if this possible with a custom bios or so)

  28. kevinalbis says:

    i have blackscreen and i dont know what to do… i try every thing… tn-x works weird… black screen, no error,controll confing and save state while pressing selec works….nothing more… no tittle no games…need help please

  29. Redblade67 says:

    Hope noob makes a 3.36 version.

  30. Katy says:

    I want Crash Bandicoot Warped exploit 🙁 or any other crash game… they are on my Vita, yes 😀

  31. James says:

    To everyone experiencing error, you need to copy the save files through CMA, not via ftp. That’s what I did to get it through TN-X.

  32. Johann says:

    Hola a todos nuevamente, he probado el TN-X en PSTV y funciona correctamente, para todos los que hablan español, si tiene alguna duda sobre la instalacion y funcionamiento o simplemte quieren es jugar ya, no duden en escribirme, se que es hacer algun paso mal y que no funcione, por lo general siempre falta meter algun archivo necesario. saludos!!

  33. kingknuts says:

    Could this be technically possible to use on a ps3??
    I say this because you can now install things onto the ps3s hdd with ps3xport.
    for example I have sports superbikes. when i make a backup and extract it on my pc i can see the game and the savedata folder. but when i restore the backup on the ps3 the exploit never show up its like there isnt anything in the savedata

  34. wtf?! says:

    * Transfer ‘TNV’ savedata and the savedata belonging to your PS1 exploit game, both to your device. – THIS DOES NOT EXPLAIN ANYTHING

    • James says:

      Transfer using OpenCMA or QCMA. Then run Content Manager on your PS Vita. Copy the save exploit from PC via Save Data/Playstation on Content Manager While TNV can be copied as PSP savedata.

  35. Wali says:

    can i still get Tekken 2 from the NA PSN?

  36. rak says:

    why i put tekken2’s savedata & tnv save correct, survive mode fail and it’s only show “Blue Screen of Death”?

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