Custom Emulator Firmware TN-X for 3.00-3.20 Released



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  1. antony

    Total Noob, thank you and continue the great job !!

  2. Mathew_T

    Is there anyway to disable the integrated savestate plugin? It gets in the way of games that need select to be hold.

  3. Zeke

    TN-X is immense, I was considering upgrading the firmware on my PS Vita to get Unity 1.06 and the faster 444mhz for Rejuvenate homebrew emulators but it’s worth keeping it on 3.18 for this, all it cost me was £4 for Tekken 2 and a little of my time to set it all up. Near-perfect PS1 emulation, about identical to the PSP and second only to the PS2 which works because it has the PS1 hardware in it already. You can even change the discs properly on multidisc EBOOTs! Just another thing that brings the Vita closer to being the ultimate handheld gaming console.

  4. TDV


    First of all sorry for my bad english.

    I try Valkyrie Profile but this game freezes at the beggining (2 mins). Any help please?