PSP isos can now run on PS3s without a Custom Firmware


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  1. Cameron says:

    That is amazing, is there potential for ps2 .iso’s?

    • fibre says:

      you would require to have bought an official ps2 classics game, then you could exchange the ISO.BIN.ENC…

      • kingknuts says:

        I am trying it with black screen, at the moment im doing it with gran turismo concept as the iso and Grooverider as the psn game.
        Also the ps3 is doing strange sounds. Like it cannot turn into ps2 mode. It make 3 beeps when i try to shutdown the system.

      • Lord Onii-sama says:

        The PS3 runs some checks that keep this from working.I have tried a couple different ways to do it replacing, the iso.bin.enc, changing the content ID of the ISO, etc. PS2 isos may just have to be something that comes once they figure out how to get unsigned content running on the PS3 OFW.

  2. jlo138 says:

    Does this work on any PS3 model, and does this work for purchased PSN PSP games?

  3. ChrisHighwind says:

    The thing I love about ps3xport is that this means that those on Super-Slims or cannot downgrade are now no longer left in the dust of the PS3 hacking scene. All we need now is a way to run homebrew on OFW, and we’re golden. PS2 ISOs wouldn’t hurt either, especially considering I never owned a PS2 growing up, so I mainly played the games on other people’s PS2s.

  4. Kokumotsu says:

    Man that’s crazy. And just when I was happy installing the exploits on my vita. I can now play PSP games through TV.

    Just hope the transfer method changes.. I have waaay to much data to back up and then restore for a 1-2.5 GB file lol

  5. bho says:

    we want these things on ps4

  6. Jamx says:

    Compatible with all PSP backup ISOs? Thinking of playing MK Unchained on my PS3.

  7. nebu_187 says:


  8. Kenpokiller says:

    This is simply beautiful :cries softy:

    So now I can:
    Use PsP as emulating device
    Use PSP as controller for my games
    Stream games from PC/PS to PsP and vice versa
    Play PSP games on PS3

    I love you so much modding/programming community. Fking heck how many times i’ve said that already, can’t be said enough!!

    How about two player? Also possible?

  9. jesus says:

    i got a question, if i make a backup and then restore all it gonna work all the games i have before(i got some acc that i dont own so i cant login again into that acc for the license game)?

  10. DealerMan says:

    Is this still possible after the new update that was released?

  11. Gooder says:

    Holy *** is this for real?
    Just to make sure, this works in the most recent 4.70 firmware, right?


    What a shame IDPS stealer is alredy patchet by 4.70 OFW…how boring…
    This TUT is worthless till a new exploit or workaround is found F*CK the PS3 Scene is more busy than Sony itself what a irony…

    But Im lucky I own a ps3 CFW Rebug Cobra 4.65.2 also…but would be nice to have such features on OFW too…

    Sorry but the correct line should be

    PS3s can’t run PSP isos on 4.70 OFW because exploit is already patched!!!

    $on¥ $$$$ ¥¥¥

  13. Zashule says:

    Too bad IDPStealer got patched 3 days ago with 4.70, was hoping to try this out.

  14. Gradon says:

    Bit pointless putting up this tutorial NOW considering the apps that are needed were patched with 4.70…

  15. Anonymous says:

    This was old news.. nothing new.

  16. DealerMan says:

    So if I didn’t update would I still be able to do this? If so would I be able to update and it would still work?

  17. Sky says:

    Oh! Wow, thanks for putting it on the front page ^_^”. And yeah, it’s a pretty cumbersome process, hopefully someone will find it useful. As for OFW 4.70, I have to check a couple of things, but I think the whole process works with a simple modification.


  18. domthybomb says:

    Guys, you don’t need your ConsoleID and thus no need for IDPStealer. It already injects the ISOs into the non consoleID encrypted section which is the archive_00.dat part. ConsoleID is only needed for the archive2 part.


    @WhyNott IDPS got patched in 4.70 OFW!!! so its not misinformation

    But i didnt know it will works without IDPS stealer thanks for clarification @SKY

  20. meysam25 says:


  21. knarkles says:

    So if I already have my console I’d can I update? Cause I still need PS store for vita games

  22. knarkles says:

    So if I already have my console id can I update? Cause I still need PS store for vita games

  23. knarkles says:

    Sorry for double post!

  24. Militantslash says:

    Does this allow the psp iso’s to be then transferred to VITA in any way?

  25. Daniel says:

    So I can play backuped PSP games on my PS3 OFW, but not official ones from the PSN store?
    Wait, the PS3 has a PSP emulator on board but simply not activated? Is that right? *** Sony?!?

  26. @Daniel says:

    “Wait, the PS3 has a PSP emulator on board but simply not activated? Is that right?”


    Yes PS3 has build in native psp support (but not all games work) just hidden and also Native flawless PS1 emulator (all games work) and even a ps2 Software emulation (not all games work)
    a hidden ingame Screenshot feature (working fine) and even a hidden Video Record Plugin (but very bad compatibillity…)

  27. Dantz says:

    I’ve heard that similar methods exist for ps1/2/3 backups on ofw. Is it true?

  28. Flik says:

    Does this work with PSX Games?

  29. XtremDerp says:

    “I’m taking the plunge here because this is interesting from a technical point of view, and because there are legit uses to loading isos.”

    Good boy wololo can’t say no to spreading “good” news to it’s greedy, pauper community!
    Tell me, did your face turn red while typing stuff like that? Be honest! 🙂

    Seriously though, the skills and dedication some guys have for the scene is impressive.

  30. lollypop says:

    nice steady progrezz on teh op ps3

  31. nCadeRegal says:

    This is awesome. although the whole reason i bought a vita tv was to hack it and play my backups on my tv using a ps3 contoller. Now that this exists i see no need for my vita tv other than to pay vita games on it. I have 2 ps3 with cfw, but i never looked into running psp games on it, anyone know if cfw on ps3 allows for this?

  32. Rin says:

    Hi!!!, Can you also fix the english patched version (not the original) of Final Fantasy Type-0 translated by Sky ?
    It is still stuck on Now Loading when starting the game and cannot proceed…

  33. MAu says:

    I guess I’ll need to buy another ps3 to play the rest of psp games I have to play, cause my 2011 psp is getting old and I don’t to compromise my ps3 data a bunch of save data and about 6 digital games downloaded.
    after all NEW psp has same prize of ps3 on ebay

  34. lollypop says:

    so can i now use ps3xport to cma to psvita packages via a xport of ps3 disc ?

  35. Jigsy says:

    Do I need to grab idps.bin every single time I do something to my PS3, or is it a one time thing?

  36. Blyzzard says:

    I think this process is amazing. I do have a couple of questions. 1 being if I back up my PS3 to my PC can I restore some of the items but leave out others, example being I have the God of War remasters on my PS3 which I wanna keep but don’t want on my PS3 for now if they don’t need to be. Question 2 is for FF Type-0. I know there are 2 versions. I downloaded the 2nd being said to work for PS3 but if I try to re-sign the eboot there are issues with the PS3Minis app, so the question is do I choose the original version or version 2?

    Also, love the work you guys do. I have been following off and on for a while.

  37. Awwww says:

    Do all games work??
    Is there a list of games that work
    i want to play FATE UNLIMITED CODES

  38. jaison says:

    Will described procedure work also on OFW 4.80?

  39. Hriday Gohel says:

    very Long & Complex process.

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