Why should you buy a Playstation TV?


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  1. nebu_187 says:

    first? :p would love one bu do not need one because of owning my vita and having the kid claiming the TV 😀

  2. Argon says:

    TN-X looks Great! Many thanks for working on it! Spasibo 😉

    I wish the were a way to launch custom made ps1 games on ps vita with proper sound support!

    My list of ps1 games that were never released in EU PSN I would want to play on PS Vita:
    Policenauts ENG
    Resident Evil Survivor
    Nuclear Dawn
    You don’t know Jack 1&2
    Colony Wars Trilogy

    I hope that the day is coming when I finally give away my psp.

    Were there any work done to find out how Sony encrypts PS1 Images?

  3. alpmaster says:

    I love the playstation TV 3.20 firmware it is the golden 3.18 😀

  4. Datright says:

    Actually I bought the bundle for $139.99 late last year from Gamestop didn’t open it and returned it in January for full refund because in the Holiday season, GS honors full refunds for purchases in that time period. During that time, the price dropped to like $99.99 so that was a good idea to hold on to it. I eventually, probably soon will be buying PSTV but am looking at Walmart, as they have an exclusive bundle that includes everything in the bundle plus the Sly Cooper Collection. I missed out on amazon’s past awesome deal but feel that $100 bucks for this bundle is worth it.

    • Reprep says:

      yeah, a game, a dualshock 3 controller, a 8 gb memory card and the PSTV itself is worth that price. Just hack the badboy as soon as you get it.

  5. vinic says:

    Tired about the same games psx,psp emulator… nothing new nothing diferent

  6. alpmaster says:

    Why did my comment not get on?

  7. Raul says:

    PSX games upscaled to HD resolution? They will look like ***.

  8. NeonAera says:

    Yo! Awesome article, reprep! 🙂 Bravo!! Well said and great write up about the PSTV working with exploits and how sweet they are when together man!! I really agree with you on just about everything, couldn’t concur more. 🙂

  9. Skaty says:

    Nice article 🙂

  10. meysam25 says:

    i dont like ps TV

  11. In other words, its only worth using if you plan to hack it. That is pretty sad for people that don’t mess with their consoles.

    • Reprep says:

      I hate to say that, but unfortunately that is true. If you want a simple, plug&play solution, this device fails really hard even at its most advertised features.

  12. digitalkid56 says:

    Is there a list of confirmed firmware versions matching PSTV releases/combos?

    • Reprep says:

      So far, i haven’t heard of a report of a Playstation TV coming with another firmware then 3.20. Though new stocks will probably come with higher firmwares. That is if there will ever be new stock.

  13. Chingon says:

    Passport on pc with dualshock 3 anyone? Save that hun’ed and put it in the pocket…

  14. Chingon says:

    PPSSPP on pc with dualshock 3 anyone? Save that hun’ed and put it in the pocket…

    • CycloneFox says:

      There are too many disadvantages in emulating a console on the PC, for me. Also using Dualshock 3 on the PC is a pain, Dualshock 4 runs with PSTV and PCs much better.

      A PSTV starts in about three seconds (or instant from sleep mode), is smaller than the controller itself, makes no noise (no active cooler, no disc drive, etc.) costs as little energy as a smartphone and has official PSOne and PSP emulators.

      • coldhell says:

        PSTV has horrible upscaling compared to the emulator, lack of antialiasing and etc., so it is pretty much useless if you care about the quality…

        • Memento says:

          I second this. Sure it can be a PSP console but its *** quality makes it not even worth it.

          • Reprep says:

            We all have different priorities. My priority is high compatibility and PSTV has very high compatibility with PSP and PS1 games. it is small, portable supports all psp games and ps1 games even with 2-player multiplayer. That is all i need.

        • Cristian Duran says:

          The ps tv is small and extremely easy to take on trips. You can even plug it in a car for your kids and still be able to ad hoc to a psp extremely easily where in pc you’ll have to do some little tweaks. Caring for screen quality is fine but if you already own ps3 or ps4 controllers and have a spare psp like I do, it’s just more convenient to have the device hacked. It doesn’t even matter if the pc can use any controller because most of the in game tutorials or button guides are strictly playstation buttons anyways which is a pain for my brain to process letters to shapes if I used another. It’s fine for people to want to make their pc an ultimate platform of everything, but at that price comes in with a cost of less mobility/ more wires and accessories to use before getting into the application such as keyboards and mouse’s which will be useless for the psp unless you don’t have a controller. I used to use my laptop for emulators and would plug that into my television but even that was a pain to go through. Streamlining things goes a long way and as long as the games play as they should without compromise with the controls then it’s fine.

      • Sky Yuki says:

        PC can use any controller so……
        I believe there are more advantage on pc than console thought
        If you really count all of them
        My windows 8.1 start in 5 seconds make *** tons of noise cost energy about my home
        But yeah
        Let’s just say you can “enhance” graphic of ps1,ps2,psp games to run in 4k (for no reason) or whatever you want

      • nebu_187 says:

        you should use scp driver for your dualshock 3 & 4 it just emulates a xbox 360 controller and pairs it to your bluetooth dongle in one click

  15. CycloneFox says:

    Best reason to buy a PSTV is still a Vita game: Persona 4 The Golden.

    It is one of the best games of all time. On top of that you can play Suikoden (1 and) 2 on it and if you own a US PSN account, Xenogears. In other words, you can play three of the best JRPGs, if not even the best three games of all time, on it. And there is much more. For 80€/$ it’s totally worth it.

  16. KoJack says:

    I’d definitely be interested in playing my favorite PS1 games on my big screen again, but if I remember correctly the PS1 emulator didn’t have sound. Have they implemented sound already? if so, i’ll definitely be getting one.

  17. Daipop says:

    I still prefer my ol’ PS3 with Rebug/Cobra firmware on it. PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, minis, OtherOS, Emulators, Homebrew, Multimedia, Blu-Ray, Streaming. All running from disc or internal memory an upscaled to 1080p glory. Who needs this overprized junk.

  18. Raul says:

    PPSSPP and FPSE for Android + Dualshock 3 (and if you want it on tv some mhl hdmi cable) = 1/2 the price and a lot better experience


    Yes PS3 Rebug 4.65.2 Cobra is “Cooler” and even a 3.18 PS Vita is a better one I own both too
    A PC would even the 3rd alternative to play PS1 and PSP games….
    Nobody really needs this useless junk even if this do not cost much…Just a waste of money even exploited

    • Reprep says:

      Yup i have a cfw PS3. If the psp game works on ps3, it looks better than a PSTV. But some of the games simply don’t work. Plus, PSTV takes much less space in front of living TV. That is why my ps3 is in the closet.


    oh I forgot alternative 4 and 5 Android Phones and Tablets and possible more…

  21. lollypop says:

    so do the 3.36 exploits have playstation tv compatibility ?.?

  22. NoSpam says:

    My prime interest was using it as a PSP replacement, with VITA games being a bonus but the proprietary card has pretty much killed it for me, until such time that I can use USB storage or 64Gb cards come cheap I’ll be opting out.

    • Reprep says:

      Yeah, but you can get 16 gb cards for cheap and it will be enough for a good chunk of PSP and PS1 games. Even the 8 gb which comes with bundle will be enough for some PSP/PS1 games. Prices will always drop, you can get a 64 gb when it is cheap enough for you.

  23. perfig says:

    hey! There is an aniversary sale right now!
    Decissions: should I play the Atelier games on vita or pstv? 😀

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