Nooo! Change! Whyyy? The humanity! (New mobile friendly forum theme)


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43 Responses

  1. meh says:

    The Thett always crying like a little…. kid

  2. mvaneijgen says:

    Sharp looking logo 😉

  3. jonas says:

    i’ll have to agree with the zett on this one, the /talk layout looks ugly as heck

  4. fatman01923 says:

    While its easy to criticize lets point out the good first allowing you to browse this site comfortably on your vita. While normally I only browse via desktop this is a nice bonus. Thanks for the 7 years also 🙂 I been here for only 2 or 3 of them 🙂

  5. Greg says:

    This change makes sense! Looks good. Over 80% of my browsing is done via mobile. Good job!

  6. CPUzX says:

    I personally prefer this new layout. I don’t know why people are complaining. Its totally beneficial & easy on the eyes for mobile users. If you’re going to complain, then I just view that as an attempt to appear “unique”, aside everyone else. Good job, wololo!

  7. Alaster says:

    It’s neat. I like it! Great job! 😀

  8. Raul says:

    What is this annoying + for?
    Why topics letters are smaller that +?

    Color is not a problem. Usability is.

  9. Casavult says:

    The new layout is awesome but some colours should be made darker. It can be hard to read sometimes and I hope this is tweaked. Overall the theme is a nice welcomed change.

    • MadZiontist says:

      I agree. At first I was like NOOO! But then I checked it out (on my PC, not mobile device), and it’s a great improvement. Much more sophisticated, and it offers more features/functionality. I agree with Cas though, it does need some areas to be darker (for contrast reasons).

  10. alpmaster says:

    I like the theme i was having a hard time finding the cool active topics bar?
    I love being able to see all the post people recently make.

  11. Orohu says:



  12. satan89 says:

    Zetts bluffing. He loves win8 metro ui

  13. Ryan says:

    I don’t like it. In the beginning, had a much better design, I felt as if I was in an underground hacker website, I felt unique and dark. Now it’s looking more and more mainstream IGN-like. Eww.

  14. meysam25 says:

    its good i liket just keep performance

  15. J.R says:

    Wololo… Great job! 😉

  16. jonas says:

    already missing on the old one, anyway to revert back the changes?

  17. Broose says:

    WOLOLOOOOOO !!!!!!! What the heck !? The site is changing too much for my taste……..where’s the dark theme ? The asterix ” * ” thing isn’t as obvious as it should be for “already read topic” T_T
    Where’s everything ? you moved it all T_T

    nevermind, found them (except for the quick FAQ button)

  18. Broose says:

    Don’t mind the double posting, I had some…difficulties to even post one so I did it twice. You know, thinking it will go faster :p

    • Broose says:

      WOLOLOOOOOO !!!!!!! What the heck !? The site is changing too much for my taste……..where’s the dark theme ? The asterix ” * ” thing isn’t as obvious as it should be for “already read topic” T_T

  19. deathblade200 says:

    well I agree with zett I disabled metro on my pc for a reason….now the forum just looks ugly and way to damn bright…I guess this is one way to stop pc users from using your site anymore right?

  20. YouDaweh says:

    i like the classic one, didn’t you guys?

    maybe add preference? old and new please?

  21. Redneck says:



  22. icutchya says:

    This is an improvement nice!!!

  23. surVfate says:

    With Tapatalk support on, then no ads would be possible and it a real lost for Wololo, beside it feel better just this way for me.

  24. warfaren says:

    I think the old web design was perfectly fine and didn’t need to be replaced. The new one is defininitely harder to read and requries way more clicks to get around. For example there used to be a direct link to your latest posts (so you easily can get back to forum threads you were previously in) but now I have to do 4 clicks to achieve the same thing (maybe there’s a faster way but I can’t find any…)

  25. Raul says:

    My point exactly. More clicks = Mobile friendly? Really?!

    What will be next, “Like” button?

  26. Aramaru says:

    Compatibility with mobile phones is fine as long as it doesn’t hurt Desktop users. So far, on Youtube, deviantart mobile friendly updtades were ugly as heck and brought confusion and issues that made browsing this pages more annoying than it should be. I’m glad this page doesn’t feauture dumb and ugly lined control button that always tends to hide itself randomly and causes confusion for me on said pages. Also it seems, and I hope that this update is not as bad as others. In my opinion web pages should adapt “Desktop first” policy because people tend to underestimate how many desktop/notebook users are and will be out there. Android platform is about compromises and I don’t want to have these compromises on PC. Windows 8 tried to bring these compromises and failed terribly and may the same happen to all who dare to bring shame to glorious PC master race ;P. But heck why are all forum icons on coloured and bulky ? I didn’t know that tablets had monochrome displays nowdays (nwm, didn’t notice that some icons were grayed out to show inactivity) .

  27. anonanon says:

    I’m fine with the change, it’s just way, way too freaken bright at the moment. if there were a dark theme available that’d be great, viewing a bright forum is an awful experience imo. Other than that (imo BIG issue), no complaints. Zetts just being over dramatic ;P

    • anonanon says:

      I’m also glad you turned down the tapatalk option, I hate that app, and it really gets annoying when you try to visit a forum that forces the app on you, having to tick the box saying you don’t want to use the disgusting app every time you access the forum on mobile.

  28. Darth Agnon says:

    @The_Zett I sympathise.

  29. Anon says:

    While I feel glad for people using the forum on their mobile devices, us straight old-fashioned people still using monitors at 1920×1080 or higher resolution have to suffer through washed-out colors with tiny fonts.
    I don’t have the access to visitors’ user agent stats, but I really hope that the majority is using low-res mobile devices with small screens, otherwise the change is not warranted at best and counter-productive at worst.

    TL;DR: why can’t we have both variants (preferably automatically chosen based on platform/resolution)

    This is making me blind.

  30. NNNRT says:

    I actually agree with The Z.

  31. Jomann says:

    Beautiful theme I love it, very useful and easy to use.