Just my 2 cents: Mobile vs. Portable Gaming and the Future

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  1. Aramaru

    ha first ???

    • Aramaru

      Now that I have actually read your article I kind of agree even though you are maybe a bit too raugh on mobile gaming industry. From my perspective, aside from what you have said, mobile phones have huge problem with controls and until that’s solved by some kind of new mind blowing control technology this problem wont go away any time soon. I have seen people playing games like GTA, eyes the horror game or five night’s at freddys on mobile phone and I could hear these people cursing because of bad controls more than enjoying the game. Of course the later examples weren’t games where you would sit around enjoying surroundings. I myself have tryed old RPG I enjoyed some time ago called dink smallwood. The port was nicely done but even with controls on PC being simple it was still not that comfortable playing this game on mobile. Things like these degrade gaming possibilities on touch only mobile phones but I remember there was time, back when I had my old sony ericson with analog stick and “m keyboard” when playing some more dificult games like Orcs and elves was entertaining and rather easy, I mean easy on your nerves (no misclicks). I don’t say that todais mobile games can’t be entertaining, it’s just perhaps that simplicity of controls makes playing certain genres unpleasant and that developers try to make gameplay as simple as possible to solve this thus, also ruining game’s potential.

      • alex

        I totally agree with the editor said & i could be consider one of those half-??? players due to time factor. I have two jobs & its hard for me to concentrate on a game that requires the focus/attention like rpg’s titles which i love, that’s why i play those lazy one touch games. I do own a vita & a 3ds mostly for exclusive, the fact that you have physical controls one those devices is the reason for owning them. Its obvious that mobile gaming isn’t the same as portable gaming but its sad to see well known companies such as nintendo & sony do such a poor job on their handhelds especially nintendo. The psv has done good in the quality part but in the software side is really bad since this is their 3rd year & they haven’t reach 200 titles (USA) & with the release of the new 3ds they couldn’t even try getting better screens, now that’s just lazy on their part aside from that the 3ds have more than enough titles to keep you playing for hours. I can understand why some people are really upset with the lack of graphics on portable gaming devices & it’s due to the fact that why would you want to buy an inferior visual performing device that should be better than a phone when that’s the only thing the companies that build them should focus on. I cant really blame the complainers for wanting everything but if Sony or any other company decides to do a powerful device with specs of those found on phones like the Iphone 6 Plus & the Note 4 then expect the premium price tag along with it. Companies know that doing that is way to risky and unless they know there is a market for it they wont be making any.

        • alex

          I forgot to mention that even though you can get Bluetooth controllers for mobile devices it’s not the same. The one thing i really like is all the ports of classic games especially RPG’s like the Final Fantasy’s & Dragon Quest’s with the Bluetooth controllers. I rather pay for ported games that have been remastered with HD visuals & corrected typos/glitches than the annoying free to play with ads & in app purchases. The good thing is that there are choices for gaming so you have to decide which fits best for you & don’t complain as much of things you can’t control if you want things you either do/build them yourself or just hope that some company will otherwise you are stuck with what the market provides. Remember it’s your choice to buy so before doing so do your research to see if that fits your needs.

  2. ExtremeRyno

    I agree to a certain extent. I actually just sold my only Vita in favor of keeping my PSP…Not because there was anything wrong with it, but I’d purchased all the games I found interesting, played the heck out of them for a couple years, and then it sat on my nightstand gathering dust for a while because I went back to the PSP for my old emulator games. I regret nothing.

    Anyhow, with my phone and tablet….I play a LOT of games on them. Certainly most are just time fillers, but there are a few I legitimately love to play. Bards Tale, Horn, GrandPrix Story, and the Asphalt games are top notch. I don’t see my phone replacing a dedicated gaming system, but there are a few really good games out there if you keep an eye out.

  3. Charles Fasano

    What is the portable on the bottom right?

  4. Shaggy

    Meh, Sony will never care. The only hope the Vita has is for this community to gain control over it like the PSP and leave it up to the community to show the Vita’s true potential. Minecraft shows just how far a community can take something already great and make it SUPER!!! *say that last part with Franky’s voice from One Piece*

  5. Jefphar

    Save it Sony or Leave it to the hackers to make it alive again can’t wait for AAA homebrew on the Vita.

  6. I agree with you for the most part but I believe it is too late to save the vita… I mean really, they are letting features like Near and Youtube disappear. Also as much as I agree with you about mobile gaming being bad, putting a real game on there is a problem. On android devices as it is far too easy to pirate there (No protection.) I-devices are constantly being jailbroken so they can do the same…(although I don’t own one so I don’t keep up to date on the security.) Freemium and pay to win games are common because of this.

    • Claym0res

      Complete bull on the “piracy” part (at most its called copyright infridgement)! it’s been proven many times that “piracy” doesn’t equal lost sales. The real reason for crappy apps/”games” on mobile devices is the short attention span of people, and that they can easily earn money from idiots with pay2win tactics.

  7. Zorak_torok

    I agree with a lot of what you said… I just think it is a very narrow look on the comparison. Aside from mobile game players having gotten use to games being free or under 5 bucks, I think mutiple reasons have made the majority of people who would have been interested in a vita lean towards a no. With a phone you get a better browser with flash, torrents, ftp, media support without the need for encoding/format, sms, better gps (never uderstood why the wifi model sold better), emulator support, 4g speeds, overclocking, sms, no 20 meg file size dl limit, better camera with flash, options to run seperate os… and lots more. Other than getting trophys and console specfic titles (and actual input buttons/ sticks), there isnt a whole lot that can be said as far as vita advantages. The games are what matters to me and obviously you as well. We bought one. Everyone else is okay enough with their phones to just not bother buying yet another device.

  8. Mystic_Shadow

    It’s sad to watch a power house slowly fall I have alot of vita games played and beat in. I even have the launch day 3g vita with the leather case. Just sad I wanted to see this baby go but sony pretty much said the heck with it. I just wanna thank hackers for the vhbl and ecfw keeping me playing my vita.

  9. reprep

    Totally agree with you except there is still time to save vita. have a look at this list for 2015 Vita games and you will see most of them are your half-*** games, not your portable games. http://blog.us.playstation.com/2015/02/12/ps4-ps3-ps-vita-games-in-2015-the-big-list/ no Gran Turismo, no God of War, no Uncharted, no Killzone not even a Need for Speed.

    • Lumos

      While those games are well known theyre not required to pick a system up off the ground. The vita does sport indie games but not all of them are half ***. Bastion in particular is a very well received game and many people cant wait to get their hand on it for the Vita.

  10. Sky Yuki

    Yeah so the question is
    When will Sony start caring the own device?
    Probably never

    And there’s a good mobiles games too but most top games would be half *** game

  11. sielfer

    Monster Hunter on PsVita will be so awesome (playing mh4ultimate on 3Ds i use the camera system like a stupid.
    I’m from a psp user who usually use the arrow to move the camera and the analog to move pg, don’t start flaming me for it xD)

  12. DinoX

    I do not know how can anyone compare android phone and portable gaming console…half the time I miss on the controls and android *** battery gets drained and hot in matter of minutes….and I own octa and quadcore htc and samsung models…sure for a WC gaming or waiting for something for few mins android can do…but enjoying the true gameplay you need a real thing…
    Maybe the gaming experience and perception is changing…making multibillions out of a single game is not possible as it used before, but its still lucrative enough…maybe quality over quantity should be a goal for the lot

  13. Adam Fox

    I don’t think that portable gaming is going anywhere. But, I do think they need to focus more on GAMES rather than extra “Features” of the console. I don’t think people want to use their Vita or 3DS to watch NetFlix or YouTube on. The 3DS could have an advantage if NetFlix put up 3D movies and thats only because not all that many people have a 3DTV. Also, alot of people that have games on their phones that aren’t really “gamers”. They have the games on there because they were free and alot of them like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja are just quick games that they can play a couple levels and put ’em down. They aren’t really story driven games. Sure, you can get games like Grand Theft Auto on a phone, but I got a feeling the people that are playing that are people that aren’t big gamers and just wanted to get it to see what it was like and enjoyed it so they kept it. Touch controls aren’t really ideal for games like that. Also, people already carry their phones with them and may not always have room to carry a portable system. When I go on a long trip, I carry my phone AND portable systems. But when I am going to a doctors office or something where I don’t know if i’ll be in a waiting room for 5 minutes or 30 minutes, i’m fine with my phone.

  14. thestranger

    You can keep saying mobile gaming is **** or you can accept it and just leave it because this is going nowhere. The psvita has 2 year old hardware vs a device of 2015 with 4k screen, octa core and 4gb ram

    • thestranger

      * 3 year old. If sony wants to keep up the competition its time for a better gaming device

    • Claym0res

      Dude tablet/phone performance is garbage; even a desktop from 15 years ago will outperform them.
      Tablets do not have 4gb of ram; its ussually 512mb of ram (or 1gb of ram on the newest ones).
      The Vita is atleast has a dedicated gpu andis dedicated for gaming, so its is miles superior to tablets for game purposes.

      • stoneson

        LOL dude you must still be living in 2010?
        yes Vita has a dedicated gpu. that is a modified gpu of the same kind that was used on phones and tablets years ago. LOL

  15. tenth

    Thanks for the article. The 3DS is as healthy as ever. I think the vita is doing Ok. Not super. But it has sold 10 million, that’s not too bad. The vita will have an even more difficult time now when the n3ds is out. The n3ds are just super amazing 🙂 I love my vita too. But the masses don’t. .

  16. Balmung

    For me the main Different between a Handheld and a Mobile Device is that they have Hardware Input Devices made for Gaming on it. Playing all Games only on a Touchscreen? That didn’t work very well for every Genre.

  17. Tesseract

    Part of the reason mobile gaming sucks is that there’s no real barrier to any random idiot with a handful of code releasing a game. While this has allowed for some great stuff to come from heretofore unknown developers, it does mean there is a heck of a lot of *** to wade through.

    While there are some *** games in the vita library, there’s nowhere near the sheer volume that you can find in the android market. (I assume the iphone store is similar as they have an equally low barrier to entry.)

    Also while the Vita hardware isn’t up to the latest high end mobiles, it does have dedicated gaming controls and an OS designed for running games. There’s more to being a good gaming system than a fast processor or nice screen. I’ve got a tablet with an octa-core processor and a lovely AMOLED screen, but it isn’t my first or even my second choice for gaming. Doing all the non-gaming stuff that Sony keeps insisting on shoving in their portables, yes. It’s great for watching videos, browsing the web, skype, etc, but it is not a gaming device.

    One thing that irks me about the direction portable gaming has gone is that it is picking up the nasty habit that PC games have had and consoles picked up before… namely games that are released buggy and have to be patched later. I have yet to have a vita game not need a patch download right after I first insert the cartridge. The only game I have that didn’t pop up a patch on first load is one that was just released and guess what? It has bugs that need to be fixed. Not having to deal with that garbage was one of the things that made portable gaming so much better than mobile gaming, but the Vita joined the PS3 in taking that backwards step of letting games through with insufficient testing.

    Though I will say the Vita shows that the idea that piracy is what kills gaming devices is a load of garbage. The Vita is still secure (at least there’s no one pirating Vita games on it anyhow.) and yet it sees less support than the PS3 which has had piracy for years now.

  18. Tiaph

    I don’t think that phones even nowadays could run certain games like the ones on the vita any faster. This is simply due to the fact that a phone is not a dedicated gaming device. Because of that the “specs” cannot be optimized for gaming because the device has to handle phone functions. When people bring the argument that phones can run games better than portable gaming systems due to “specs” I cringe. I don’t think portable gaming is going to die out any time soon because people want games similar to the ones they play at home on the go. That also isn’t possible with just a touch screen in most cases.

    • Mike

      Exactly , thats what i always point out, also who the heck wants to play with touchscreen or carry a controller around

    • stoneson

      of course phones are not dedicated gaming devices. heck you can say they are not even phones anymore. they really are little pocket sized PCs that also happens to make phone calls.

      your point that the phone “specs” can’t be optimized to play games is wrong. you don’t optimize hardware to play a game. the game developer have to optimize their games to play well on the hardware specs. the same way game developers optimize their games to play well on Vita or any consoles. its the reason why games generally looks and plays better on iOS devices because Apple only have a few devices for the developers to optimize for. While android on the other hand have devices ranging from the low end to the high end (fragmentation) which kinda makes developers don’t even bother to optimize much, hence older android phones can’t play new games well anymore.

      i also disagree that phones these days can’t play vita games well. you do know that the Vita was built with tweaked components that were used on phones years ago, right? and within the few years since Vita launched, mobile technologies has came a long way. these days phones have full HD screen resolutions at 1920×1080 and beyond, which, unless you have a 4K UHDTV, is the same or even better than your 1080p HDTV in your living room. Vita only has a 960×544 resolution. with a higher resolution means more pixels to push, means more power needed. there are mobile games that looks better and more graphically intensive than vita games (no, i’m not talking about fruit ninja or angry birds) and phones are playing them well at 1080p and higher. if anything, the Vita will struggle to play these mobile games.

      don’t get me wrong, i love my Vita. but gotta admit that phones these days are actually more capable than my Vita now. the mobile technologies are great, its just that there are no great developers to truly utilize those potential.

  19. DarkOrb

    I´m done with my ps vita. There are just indie titles and j-games and sony who gave up the ps vita. I´ve got me a gaming notebook and i´m very happy with it. You have a ton of games you can play with every genre. You dont have to worry if publisher will make their games available for it or not and the games are much cheaper on it (humble bundle, steam sale etc.). I know, its not THAT portable, but i dont want to play at the bus stop but on my bed, on longer drives or at vacation. I know a notebook isnt cheap too but games are 5 times pricier and 10 times inferior than PC games so you can spare some money. And if you put some money aside you can get a decent gaming notebook which is more superior than the PS Vita. Ive sold my vita and i dont regret it. Sony did everything wrong with that handheld they could do. Too bad because it had a great form factor and great hardware.

  20. Quade321

    That really does make sense. Maybe even Sony believes that those crappy mobile games are overshadowing the Vita. And they may be right, there may be some overlap, but they really could bring the Vita back some if they would support it more (as you say, Athanis). Also, right with you on learning the Japanese to play imports (other things too, but playing imports is definitely nice). Seems like the PS Vita is unfortunately heading the way of the Saturn and Dreamcast… Half or more than half of the entire library in Japan.

  21. lennyvita

    There will be of course dumb smartphone games.

    For real gaming there will be one console that you can take on the go or home.

    The ps4 vita combo is 80% there. If Sony had the ps4 and a vita with enough buttons and in the form of a controller with a screen it would be great. They could charge for the game and a extra $10 for the portable license of the same game.

    If Sony released a vita with enough buttons and charged for the license to transfer the game to the vita it would be great.

    Another solution is a portable gaming system that has Hdmi and pair a controller. One system does both. Portable and home.

    Vitas lack of buttons limit the remote gaming experience. Soon gonna do the trigger grip L2/r2 mod.

  22. GamerOnlineXX

    Don’t agree to this as a whole. First we must remember the target customers. Mobile Gaming target almost all type of costumer child, adult and etc. If a customer will choose between a smartphone and psvita/nds and likes, the probability of choosing smartphone over psvita/nds is very high, because smartphone is more useful than the latter. But Gamers view maybe different he will bought both smartphone and psvita/nds. This called in economy DEMAND. The smartphone is more in demand than portable gaming. Because of this reason it affects the sales of both and also sales affects the funds for R&D (Research and Development) for both. The higher the R&D funds the greater the innovation. We saw the evolution of smartphone this past years this proved that companies investing more with smartphones. Also because of this many game developer also porting their games from console to smartphones and it become trends. Your not right of saying that mobile gaming and portable gaming has different market, because for producers/marketers/companies they share the same market “Entertainment “. A gamers, i believe has a different view for this, but producers/marketers/companies is the authority and who know what is “market” means.
    We must always remember companies doing this not for free, not for leisure and not for hobbies, but for business’ sake. Sony don’t care because there no lot of money involve.

    What i believe is portable gaming like psvita, nds, 3ds etc must evolve like smartphone. This requires money, money, and money.

  23. lmao

    agreed 101%, no joke. smartphone gaming is ****, that’s my reason to buy a PSP instead of newest smartphone at high school.

  24. TibyAndy

    Surely 99% of mobile games are ***, but there are some pearls thrown in the ocean…

    I recently acquired a PS3 (yeah.), and had bought some Vita/3DS games on Q4 2014, but it surprises me that I’m spending a lot more (200+ hours) of time in a freemium mobile game called “Devil Maker: Tokyo”. It’s surely no “Angry Bird” or “Fruit Ninja” – this game has some complex PVP/PVE and strategy discussion (just look at it’s wikia page), and surely a lot of love was poured into it.

    But as I said earlier, games like these are a minority. It’s not the platform that matters. The Game Developers are who make the difference. I am enjoying a lot playing on my Vita Guacamelee, Minecraft or Smash Bros on my 3DS. Games made with dedication and love. Not *** like “let’s just get money from stupid players”. THIS is the difference between “real” games and the rest.

    (But I’d love to have a combo portable-thing between Sony/Nintendo/Google :P)

  25. PeAcE

    It’s only justified with one of these, but you wouldn’t want to carry a DS4 around… lol There are games worthwhile like that with a GCM10 and better resolution, etc. than Vita, but for the majority of half- wit? games, no. The average mobile/tablet user would be Temple Run, Angry Birds, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, haha! I decided to give Android a try because Vita lacking and waiting if any potential but in the same sense a device is better fully utilized and rooted or also 4G.


  26. G4nz

    I want to disagree about mobile timefillers. Let’s take for example Apple apps and their Appstore(iPhone, iPads): about 95% of games is ***, I agree with that, but we have 5% of really awesome, really aaa games, which many of them are exclusive for this devices. And this 5% is very very great amount of titles, I can’t say for sure, more than 1 million… So, if you want to find there really hardcore oriented games,With good price, you will find them, just don’t be dumb and use search, or watch reviews.
    Every developer is looking at mobile gaming and chose mobile, rather than portable, because all money is there. Not because Sony abandoned vita. Even nintendo makes ports of their exclusives to iOS and androids, this is normal.

  27. zeronos

    I still support the fact that smartphone games will never be on par with the handheld consoles.

    The glorious Handheld Console master race vs the dirty smartphone gaming peons.

    P.s i have smartphone games tough but still i dont like the fact that you must pay 2 win the game.

  28. skpg

    The PS Vita is failing because some of the things you can do on the PSP (jailbreak the system, use sd cards) is not possible on the Vita. It’s that simple. I think millions of people were expecting the Vita to be exploited like how the PSP was, and when that didn’t happen there was just no reason to buy it. On top of that you had to buy the overpriced memory cards to boot which just made things worse.

    The Vita overall is a more locked down system than the PSP and even the 3DS and that’s it’s biggest downfall. People often say that piracy can kill a system, well it’s Sony fighting piracy that is killing the Vita.

    The problem with dedicated handhelds today is that it’s overpriced as compared to last gen when piracy combated high prices. The author is right though that mobile devices are not going to take over dedicated handhelds in gaming anytime soon, it’s just that economy is compete ***, and the business practices of Sony and Nintendo are really anti-consumer. Whether be Sony with their proprietary memory cards, mandatory kernel updates, and the overall locked down hardware of the Vita. Or Nintendo refusing to lower the prices of their video games and releasing crappy overpriced hardware, than releasing a semi next-gen handheld (New 3ds), it’s really unfortunate that the console makers think this is how they can be profitable, and they are providing a convenient service to the consumer.

    • skpg

      typo at the end of my post. I meant to say “the console makers think they are providing a convenient service to the consumer.

  29. Darth Agnon

    PS Vita needs Monster Hunter V (MHV: Skyrim, anyone 😀 ?). Monster Hunter = instant sales boost.

  30. kelps

    so you started off as if you’re just going to tell the difference between mobile and portable gaming. but then you go into bashing mobile gaming because they are not what you’re used to. then you bash sony for not supporting the vita and letting it die. wow, great writing. super great writing.

  31. KazuUnix

    I am pretty sure God Eater 2 Rage Burst is coming to the west. Get hyped. http://gematsu.com/2015/01/bandai-namco-trademarks-rage-burst-europe

  32. Vavora

    i have no idea people playing emulation on psp / psvita. you know what? in term of performance and quality and price and easiness mobile phone beat everthing. what we need for our beloved console are exclusivity. soemthing that not mobile phone can outsmart. hen i see vita games are ported on android at price more more reasonable. duh so what vita for? waste of money? yeah

  33. cutterjohn

    There’s NO question whatsoever. EVERY single smartphone available today trashes the 3DS/”new” 3DS/vita. This is a FACT.

    The part that you got right is software and control, although that will not entirely save them.

    The non-“portable” consoles are in an even worse boat although Nintendo with wii has been intelligently shying away from attempting(and I mean this loosely) to continue chasing cutting edge hardware. That said, I think that Nintendo missed the boat by NOT switching to ARM for the Wii as well as their handhelds. Those powerpc SoCs cannot possibly be as cheap as commodity ARM SoCs that they use in their handhelds and they COULD still differentiate by using a more capable SoC in the non-“portable” console as well as by providing increased RAM, etc.

    Still bottomline I have to agree with you, give me console software for a console and I’ll buy it. Give me a half-*** pc port, and I’ll lulz while playing on my desktop(or even any of my notebooks which also ALL outclass current non-“portable” consoles)…

    • PSPHAG

      “EVERY single smartphone available today trashes the 3DS/"new" 3DS/vita. This is a FACT”
      In terms of RAW specs YES
      In terms of Physical buttons ? heck F&*&KING NO!

      No matter how strong the phone is if it ain’t got a physical D-pad&triggers its insta-fail as a gaming device so it can shove its raw power up its rectum! imma going to play PSP.

    • PSPHAG

      “EVERY single smartphone available today trashes the 3DS/"new" 3DS/vita. This is a FACT”
      IN terms of Raw Graphic Power YES
      IN terms of the ability to play games? heck NO!

      It doesn’t matter how strong the new mobiles are if they lack physical buttons to actually play those games properly they are useless hunks of plastic which are inferior to my PSP,heck i think good old “Dumbphones” with keypads are much more fit for gaming than these phony touch phone garbage.

  34. PSPHAG

    The root cause of all the crappy mobile games is that Mobile phones these days are 100% Touch screen which makes it hard if not IMPOSSIBLE to make complex games on it..

  35. dc

    Something you didn’t mention is the point of phones out being of such varying capability and type. From the GPU to the resolution to the OS to the OS revision to… the whole point of gaming platforms is that you pick one or maybe sometimes two and you’ve got a standard to make games for. You start introducing all these variables and game devs cringe.

    What about PC gaming? Sure let’s throw out the part about how much trouble it is to make a game both Mac and PC compatible (xbox and PSn, xbox and PC, etc). Let’s say we’re all just accepting that PC is the only gaming format for argument’s sake. “PCs are very different in their hardware specs and game developers will just assign minimum system and recommended system specs.” Sure, true. But a couple of differences in that analogy – 1. most monitors sold have the ability to show a large variety of resolutions without offsetting (or at least not too dramatically to be able to still see the entire display). No mobile phone I know of can do this properly or at all, and even if they do the video drivers aren’t written to allow for this. Change the drivers? Well this can go around and around and will ultimately be dictated by market desires but remember that that vast majority of phone users are not going to be avid gamers (remember we’re talking real gamers, not “half-***”) so any modifications will need to be deemed worthwhile for the return on investment. – 2. Phones are a single device, more like a gaming console since you can’t upgrade individual parts like a PC. Therefore for powerful games to be released for phones, the phone manufacturer will have to find a reason to include all the hardware up front – deciding there will be enough of a customer base to release something powerful enough to run a game that anyone wants to play. The game developer will have to decide that there are enough phones out there that can run the game they intend to develop. It’s not like the decades-standing PC market where you have an established track record of people buying new video cards to play the latest games. It’s a hybrid market. It’s already been attempted to release Tegra processor games such comparatively advanced graphics and that endeavor mostly bombed. It’s highly risky. It’s going to take the right combination of market interest, pressure, and maybe a new solution like these new game controllers like the “moga pro” that hold the phone up and bluetooth-transmit the controls to the phone. I don’t know, though. Batteries are another problem. Higher power to the device means hotter and faster battery drain and unless people start becoming okay with fat phones again (the tablet market did ok, the large screen phone market did even better, but thicker?), these “mobile” devices will require you to stay near a power outlet until we get some huge advance in battery technology.

    Anyway, meanwhile, we’re stuck in this horrible in-between phase where dedicated gaming systems won’t commit to their own products or won’t release a product at all and phones remain overpowered devices to run web browser games on.

  36. Edward

    So Modern combat 5, Dead trigger 2, Asphalt 8, Real racing 3, and Riptide GP2 could have been made in the 80’s? Obviously you know nothing about mobile games. Sorry but you will have to except change grandpa. It’s a positive thing though. Technology is improving. Sorry you are too ignorant to except it though. I’m loving it!

  37. Kingofknights

    In extra credit’ vid they gave a very interesting point is that the vita might have good graphics but that’s also its weak points. No dev want to put money to develop a “portable” game that has the same graphics as a ps3. The 3ds graphics is passable as a “portable” gaming device

  38. X-Eye

    I only just read this article. I sold my vita so I hardly stop by here as much as I used to. Almost got tired of gaming really, thanks to the vita. Dunno if anyone will see this comment but it needs to be said. It’s time to call a spade a spade artharnis. The psvita is a robbery. You don’t make a super expensive portable system with a super expensive memory card and not make games for people to buy, Yes buy. This system was a robbery from day one, and it’s time for people to stop making excuses for sony or simply calling them lazy like you ddo artharnis. We have to call them by their true name – the name they call us: PIRATES! Yes, this is true piracy people. The choice is yours: support it or boycott it.