Downloads required? – once again accessible!

The Zett

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  1. bubbles


  2. Raziel

    is there anyway i can use the bubbles on 3.01 as i cant go on PSN store anymore. i have the game 101 mega mix on my vita and my laptop

  3. Wolololo

    Good to hear, I was actually looking for this website because I was having issues installing homebrews on Ark 138 menu. (I am no noob since I’ve installed homebrews before in UNO And Gladiator Begins TNV). My guess are the emulators not working? Also some roms make the emulator freeze such as 007 nightfire? On the gba emulator. ISO work perfect just them homebrews, need help please. Do you upload emulators Z, on your website?

  4. Walnut

    Was wondering why your site was down the other day when I was setting up my Vita TV with Arcade Darts

    It’s a great resource, glad it’s back. It’s usually my go-to when I need a homebrew or firmware even if they’re common – nice to have it all in one place

  5. BlumCoLe

    Only have to say: THANK YOU, TheZ!

  6. concerned

    You said that you don’t run any advertising on your website but there’s an ad request on every download page…

  7. meysam25

    i was wonder why site is down. i am glad its coming back

  8. money-Hoe

    Haha that’s soo true

    Every time you download anything you get ADS!

    Witch means he gets a *** TONS of money and yet he asks for even more omg what a greaty mfker he is I mean serious what have he ever done to deserve that donation money for anyway!

    ALL this guy does is to write blog posts and gets huge amounts of cash omg I’m so angry at this guy for doing nothing!

  9. Imaz

    FIRST!!!! So will there be vita downloads on there for us to pirate and steal?

  10. pusix

    Finally a donation button!

  11. Dmaskell92

    You say its forbidden to copy the Zload archive, and it goes down for over a month. Smart… Why would you care if somebody else hosted Sony’s files, it’s not like you own them. Anyway, I’m glad to see its back up, I don’t use Zload much but its nice to find live links again.

    • Crzo

      I think that message is meant for the custom stuff that he puts on his site, not the official firmwares.

      • The Z

        Well, that, and old OFWs that were impossible to find on the internet.

        Before I had all of them, I wasted various hours on weekends just to find these damn OFWs.

        Nowadays you can find them everywhere (I wonder why… *cough*), but a few years ago various 3.xx OFWs were a pain in the *** to find.

    • The Z

      Obviously the website going down was intentional, and I just wanted to annoy you (yes, only you, because you are such a special person).

      This is not about “who owns the files”, this is about who used up various hours on various weekends to find all that cr@p in the internet and made it available on one handy dandy place.

      Feel free to travel back into 2010/2011 and find the OFWs online. Some are simply not available via simple googling.

      • Dmaskell92

        Well obviously some files are rare, but mirrors are a good thing… Regardless of hours spent, I would encourage everyone to make their own archive. You know, in the case of unexpected downtime. I didn’t mean to offend you or your website in anyway, just yeah, more mirrors can’t hurt the internet.

  12. gunblade

    dude last time i been to the site was like a year ago. my bad. miss get thing files. hopefuly i get my ps vita slim and laptop friday 2/20/2015 so i can get back to playing with m vita

  13. shaggy

    Are you really the only one who is working on the site?

    So there are no other admins or mods?