Unstoppable: Qwikrazor releases Hot Brain exploit + ARK for PS Vita Firmware 3.36!

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  1. ultimatex

    First haha

  2. Mr. MaGoo

    Is that possibly another game on there for the list?…

  3. Donquixote Doflamingo

    Very big effort from Qwik ! Would love to smash that DONATE BUTTON !!!

  4. perfig187@hotmail.com

    hey… dont tempt me! Im still on 3.18 with tn-v ;_;

  5. JR

    I will get another vita today for this new hack! You guys rokk!

    Remember to donate kids! 😉

  6. seiba

    So what is this base game that needed for arcade darts exploit?

    any psp game or certain games?


  7. Lucas Soares

    I wish to see an exploit for mini squadron or games available in South America because i dont want to format my psvita to use my US psn account.

    • The Z

      Should’ve bought Numblast. That one was world wide.

      • Lucas Soares

        When the exploit for numblast was released ive searched for the title on psn and nothing was found. The only exploit game available on my region is monster freedom unite but i dont think its going to work on 3.36.

  8. Kokumotsu

    great work qwik, now i just need to wait for the restriction on pspfiler to be removed. i forgot to change PSP2 back, didnt back up anything and had to get this exploit.
    so now im stuck with psp2 and psp until then.
    imma just transfer everything from PSP2 to PSP and see if i can remove PSP2. other than that

    MAN you work fast

    • Wrozen

      Get a 3.36 exploit and make a VHBL bubble and open pspfiler through VHBL and rename PSP2 back to PSP and name the newer PSP folder to anything else and then delete everything inside it. you cant delete the folders but you can delete the files inside them. Once you have your ORIGINAL PSP FOLDER back and everything in the one you dont want deleted then close VHBL and rebuild the database.
      Believe me, i have messed up the file renaming trick about 8 times. this fix to get everything back the way you had it, worked for me atleast.

    • Wrozen

      Also make sure you use the VHBL.ISO in this Patapon 2 release to make the bubble


    How do I start a Hot Brain ™ on the PlayStation TV?

  10. NONONO

    How do I start a Hot Brain on the PlayStation TV?

  11. victor

    Hey i dont have money i trade 2 codes: mario 3dland and kid icarus for $10 dollars code psn URGENT!!!! ayv77@hotmail.com

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  12. Spewfr

    This is LITERALLY a waste. Why would you release two exploits at once like this? This is getting to be absurd. Please delay exploits like this. Remember: OIL.

    • Anon

      Not necessarily because they presumably all use the same underlying kernel mode exploit which will be patched either way.

      • Spewfr

        The newer hacks just use a different entry entry point that isn’t yet patched by Sony. Soon, all of these exploits will be GONE, if they’re repeatedly abused like this.

    • The Z

      Why waste them for sh!tty VHBLs on 3.37, if you can have a kxploit, custom bubbles and the whole stuff right now?

      Hot Brain was NA-only anyways. Keeping those games as exclusives just spawns hate.