Re-exploits reloaded: Qwikrazor releases yet another exploit game for PS Vita Firmware 3.36!

The Zett

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  1. dragonworrior says:

    great, thanks

  2. MrDarkLynx says:

    Woah! I didn’t expect yet another exploit! Qwik’s always good for a surprise 😀

  3. Ruben_Wolfe says:

    And yet another great exploit by Qwikrazor.
    Cant do much but to praise you for it. Great job qwick. Your work isnt taken for granted 😀

  4. VIRACY says:

    Everyone here should be grateful, because qwikrazor could be holding off for like a 3.50 release or 4.0 or something, so nobody better complain!

  5. dragonworrior says:

    can this exploit run TN-V ?

  6. wielku says:

    Can’t wait for files I still have Arcade Darts on Vita since I think 3.18

  7. DissiSquall says:

    Should I upgrade my 3.18 PSVita for this exploit ? 😮

  8. Ryan says:

    Hey, I’m super new at this, so I kind of need some help (Not sure if this is the right place) but I’m pretty confused. I watched The Zett’s video and I get it but I have no idea how I get the File Manager on my Vita to rename the files. Do I need to buy another game or use another exploit to do that? Any help would be appreciated!

  9. Zaka says:

    Will be this like an unpatchable exploit ?

  10. Vincent says:

    Sorry for my ignorance but I have a psvita in 2.12 firmware. Is it a good thing for me to update my psvita and use this exploit ? A little precision I have no ps3.
    I just want to be able to play my psp games.
    Thanks for your answer.

    • 8pcd says:

      If you want too play the new vita games and have an psp exploit yeah update but if not and you are waiting for nativ vita exploits its better to stay on lower firmwares.

      • Vincent says:

        I just want to play the iso of the psp games I own.

        This is the games I have currently installed on my vita :
        – Jewal Keepers : Easter Island
        – DW Next Demo
        – Super Stardust Delta
        – Uno
        – Urbanix
        – Ecolibrium

  11. Francesco says:

    I have arcade darts on my european account but I have switched to North American, do I need to buy it again or can I transfer it via my PS3?

  12. Jamx says:

    I purchased this on Vita store and when trying to download it, my Vita said “..cannot be downloaded using this system”. Why?

    • Jamx says:

      Wait, nevermind. I dont see that this has to be transfer using PS3 and I havent play my PS3 for a long time. I guess it’s time to power up my PS3 again then.

  13. Saito Gray says:

    Qwikrazor mention Hot Brain for a PSN us without needed a PS3. It that still ok to buy ? I don’t have a PS3 and my vita run with an US account.

  14. THX-IOI says:

    Yeaaaaahahhhahaahahahhahahaahahaaa thanks, lol. F^^king great thanks 🙂

  15. Max says:

    You can Tottally use the web store to buy and download to vita for anyone who doesn’t own a PS3 just did it , I own a PS3 tho and linked to my account idk if that has anything to do with it

  16. Ruuk says:

    Can you take screenshots inside Minis?

  17. Purppetz says:

    Where is the download ?

  18. _j0s3ph1r0th_ says:

    i have 2.05, can this exploit be used to play psp backups and such??

  19. Walnut says:

    Was going to skip homebrew this go around (I didn’t really care about bubbles and updated to latest) but since I already had Arcade Darts from before, why not?

    It’ll be especially good for my Vita TV if it lets me play some of those unsupported PSP games. Cheers!

  20. Raziel says:

    nice and all but i am stuck at 3.01 and cant get online anymore

  21. Toadeu says:

    I have downloaded Arcade Darts 🙂
    But a french website said :
    “You have download this game and a PSP game (not 3.18 exploit PSP Game)
    A list for PSP game compatible 3.36 ?

  22. Weblurker says:

    So is another game needed for ARK to work with this exploit? This post doesn’t mention that, but the Hot Brain post has this:
    “While you need yet another base game for the Arcade Darts exploit (similar to Patapon 2 requiring another base game), Hot Brain can be used as its own exploit (like Numblast).”

  23. Rikku says:

    Can vhbl run ps1 game with sound?

  24. slcfr says:

    hi , i bought Arcade darts in august 2013, which was patched for another exploit, i still have it in my list , can i reuse it for this exploit ? thanks in advance.

  25. Rassaul says:

    I can´t Find the 2 games: Arcade darts and Hot brain in the PSN, even in my ps3 or ps vita! I´m using a Mexico´s count can you help me??

  26. slcfr says:

    hi Z , i bought Arcade darts in august 2013, which was patched for another exploit, i still have it in my list , can i reuse it for this exploit ? thanks in advance.

  27. the man says:

    Not tut?

  28. the man says:

    when I try to load the save I just get red screen also whats the iso for as there is no tutorial

  29. Hatori hanzo says:

    SNES emu for psvita is really slow. Mario kart is almost unplayable even with frameskip on auto. Does anyone have a guide or tips to make it run better? I would really appreciate it, thank you.

  30. Foslix says:

    shame there is none for japan atm but I can wait(dont even have ps3 for north america anyway haha)

  31. tangra87 says:

    Do we have to wate for ARK-2 files to be announced for Arcade Darts , or the current ones for the other games suves as well ?

  32. Toadeu says:

    Green screen with Arcade Darts
    Reboot,no memory card,reboot,I launch Ape Academy,long white screen,A error is happening (C1-2858-3) :'(
    A solution ? Help me 🙁

  33. nina says:

    I have downloaded ARCADE DARTS mini to my PS3
    I tried to transfer the game to my VITA both with USB and wireless

    it doesn’t appear on the list.

    What have I missed??

    Thank you in advance

  34. Gaeas says:

    Can I use the exploit with the old Arcade Darts game (~ 1,5 years old) – or do i need a newer version of this game?

  35. jonathh says:

    if it is still possible, where can i get d exploited game? im on FW 3.36 and connecting to d US ps store requires update to FW 3.50. but as this site suggests,i should remain in 3.36 or lower. sorry i quite a *** here nd i don’t really get all the techy words.but i would appreciate all your far as my problem concerns,i justwant to know how to obtain the exploited game and start playing psp games on my vita.

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