Gone: Numblast & Hatsune Miku: Project Diva extend have been removed from the PSN stores!

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  1. The Z says:

    Patapon 2 is gone too. All three FW 3.36 exploit games have been pulled.

  2. mr.gas says:

    yaaa second !

  3. DEEZO247 says:

    Its a shame, I was so close to buying numblast when the exploit came out, but then sony gives lots of issues when filling in billing info, no matter I try to put any of my visas, it says invalid card number 🙁

  4. gobulle says:

    Yes !! I have downloaded the game on my ps3 , but it refuses to transfer to my vita …
    I tried with a Minecraft Demo, and it’ s worked … Why ??

    • Crzo says:

      Of course, that’s why post after post they repeat that you should javehave download it to your Vita and NOT a PS3… Yeah, you are ***…

    • Razorbacktrack says:

      It is normal

    • thedicemaster says:

      when you transfer a game from a PS3 to a vita it always checks if the game is available for the vita.
      since the game has been removed from the store, the PS3 will not transfer it anymore.

      always download exploit games to your vita first, and then make a backup to your PC using an offline-hacked version of CMA.

  5. dragonworrior says:

    still Waiting TN-V

  6. Saito Gray says:

    Dammit, my vita is deliver only tomorrow….
    I guess i need to wait for the next firmware…..

  7. CHRIS says:


    You can keep an eye out here.

  8. Cameron says:

    I have numblast from waaaaay back when it was first exploited, do you think I could copy that version onto my vita and it would work with the new exploit?

  9. woooot says:

    alright i got a question im totally new at this but i did figure some stuff out i got ark 2 via numblast and now what is there a guide for installing games from what i can tell you put the emulators and games into the save data folder and transfer it over how do you do this more importantly after that how do you install emulators etc

  10. Matt says:

    @Cameron Hi I’m also in the UK just wondering if you’ve found a way to download numblast even though you cannot access the download page.
    Thanks, matt.

  11. Al says:

    Hey z im still waiting the tutorial for download numblast to my 3ds and then jailbreak my vita, could you help me??

  12. YamiJustin says:

    Why does Sony try so hard to stop eCFW when they could care less about actually selling the unit

    • wooot says:

      right put some of that money into games or at least ports and not a game that came out ten years ago they should have stuck with borderlands and other ps3 ports bl2 is preaty much the reason the vita even sold in the us

  13. azh_97 says:

    Is it better for me to update to the latest version or stay on 3.18 fw? I got the numblast for the older exploit.. Just want to download NFS MW that I got free a long time ago on PSN, but is it worth to update just for that?

  14. Steven says:

    Hi i need help installing psp iso in ark on my vita 3.36,right now i having difficult trouble finding them and be able to play them and i dont know what im doing wrong i followed many forums of INSTALL.ZIP,VITA FTP,AND OTHERS but it isnt working out for me can u plz help…..im pretty much new i this and ive come this far so i can play psp isos.

    • Aj says:

      Place the iso in the savedata directory. Copy the two savedatas, run the game and browse to the iso and press start. More importantly name the iso with less than 8 characters (8.3 naming format), all in upper case including the extension.

  15. Steven says:

    Hey i successfully have VHBL and ARK-2, now im having trouble installing my psp iso’s it just wont show ive done the method with the 8 capitals characters and INSTALL.ZIP just isnt working for me well…plz help me i really dont know what im doing wrong becuz im a noob at this.

  16. Steven says:

    whats do u mean by two savedatas???

  17. Steven says:

    what does he mean by two savedatas??? does he mean the random psp savedata files or like the ARK_12345 folder………kinda confused right now?

  18. Steven says:

    Hi i need help installing psp iso in ARK on my vita 3.36,right now i having difficult trouble finding them and be able to play them and i dont know what im doing wrong i followed many forums of INSTALL.ZIP,Vita FTP,AND OTHERS but it isnt working out for me can u plz help…..im pretty much new i this and ive come this far so i can play psp isos. Can anyone help me im really lost in the transferring of psp ISOs and i need a detailed tutorial of this, that is all im asking and if u cant disclose the info then send me an email——–> kamikazebanzai115@gmail.com becuz i really want to play my psp isos om vita.

    • Sam says:

      Rename the ISO to format as follow : PSP.ISO (note untick Hide extensions for known file types in folder option, the name less than 8 digi)
      Copy the rename ISO to one of your PSP savedata.
      Tranfer the PSP savedata to your vita through QCMA
      On the ARK find explore , go to the PSP savedata you just copy, you’ll find the PSP ISO game, simple press X or start it , you can play PSP game.

  19. J.R says:

    Steven. I had the same problem but i just renamed the game with 3 lettes like this GOW.ISO and dumped it in the ARK folder also another game GIT.CSO and they both work perferctly. The only other problem i have (and maybe this is normal) i can only put one game in that folder. If i dump 2 games only 1 shows up. But it doesnt matter im supper happy THANK YOU GUYS good luck Steve! 😉

  20. Hawaiizfynest says:

    i have 3.36 on my VITA and i already have VHBL on it. how do i install this eCFW? i missed out on the game lol

  21. Stewart says:

    Is there any way to login to PSN without forced update to activate my vita? Also if there is any way to download games at a lower firmware such as 3.15? I kind of got impatient and updated and downloaded patapon 2 and numblast. But if I press the home button it sometimes freezes then I have to turn it off by pressing and holding until it shuts off. Any suggestions? It gives me an error code but I don’t know it off my head and I don’t want to recreate the bug cause it takes a while to reboot.

  22. 5471 says:

    SONY is *** crazy!…

  23. bob says:

    if you have vhbl just use FTP 🙂 works fine for me. make a folder in the psp folder and call it “ISO” then put your backups in there.

  24. Steven says:

    Hi,this is steven im still having trouble with the psp iso it shows in ARK explore but when i click it nothing happens….HELP!!!! REALLY EAGER TO PSP ISO (running 3.36 firmware have VHBL AND ARK)

  25. pixels says:

    Managed to get it one day before they removed it 🙂

  26. Mrboombosstick says:

    Funny how sony ONLY cares for the ps vita when it’s getting hacked, otherwise they don’t pay any attention to it at all. lol….

  27. King Reggin says:

    Sony should sue and shutdown this site for illegal hacking of their software. They beat that Geohot guy in court, you guys would be easy to take down too.

  28. 777s3ns3i777 says:

    NA Arcade Darts still on store but can’t be downloaded nor can it be transferred from ps3 anymore since this morning.

  29. Ademir says:

    My Numblast, disappeared from my list of download, and now? I will precess sony because she was gone with my game, and did not give me a refund.

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