Release: ARK-2 eCFW Numblast Exploit files for PS Vita firmware 3.36!

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  1. JR says:

    WOW you guys rokk! I was hard getting a psn card tho (I’m in mexico at the moment) but thank you and I will be donating for qwikrazors work 😉

  2. Alby says:

    So, let me understand better, if I have to copy an iso into my ps vita and load it through ARK CFW , I must copy the ISO / CSO game file into the KEXPLOIT folder (naming it with 8 letters and those things ), and overwrite the ARK file ?

  3. Alby says:

    And when I load the game, how can I start it in italian language and not in english ?

  4. kikas1984 says:

    Numblast is missing on ps store i tink it as already removed…..

    • Shaneus says:

      Yep. PS3 version still available on AU store but Vita one already gone. Too quickly for me to buy it 🙁
      Is this the quickest pull from Sony?

  5. Todd says:

    i have no idea on how to add homebrew and and iso/cso iam more of a visual learner ive tried most the ways iam used to adding stuff like tn-v ive never used ark before

  6. NeonAera says:

    Darn it, now this makes me want another PSVita (but slim model this time) just to do this exploit.. Ughh… avoid.. IMPULSE purchasessss!!! D: #$*@(#*&(

  7. LilHelper says:

    yup numblast is removed, unfortunately I already bought the game but cant copy it to ps vita because they removed it from the store… soo down a couple bucks for nothing 🙁

  8. Bhen2x says:

    Do i need to install this one? because i’m already happy with Patapon exploit,

  9. bc says:

    Is there any way to exit out of iso games and such and get back to the 138menu without completely closing out of ark? on a couple emulators you can exit them and ark will reload automatically.

  10. Geo says:

    can I still play Numblast? looks like pretty good game

  11. Neal cullum says:

    I have installed ark-2 and 138menu using numblast exploit. However I still can’t play ISO or PSP files. I’ve used cma to transfer ISO file into the exploit and save data folders and made sure that the name is no more than 8 characters and is all in capital letters. When I open explorer I can’t see any ISO files but it must be on the memory card because of the increase in file size. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong here?

    • Crzo says:

      Make sure that your windows is not hiding any extensions of known files.

      That can cause you trouble, because you probably didn’t see the invisible extension and added anotherone making your UNO.ISO into UNO.ISO.ISO

  12. CHAOS says:

    Ok, this is pretty annoying.

    After messing around for a while I’ve learned that you do not put your homebrew archives in the SAVEDATA folder as all the effing readme files say to do. Instead, they go in the KEXPLOIT folder. Why all the readme files would be wrong is beyond me.

    That being said, once I can actually see the homebrew (zipped in the kexploit folder), TN-C fails to extract them. It just sits at 0% forever. I have tried with multiple archives and I always get the same result.

    So far I haven’t seen any success stories of people actually installing homebrew under this release. It seems like if you didn’t already have an FTP server or file manager installed you’re pretty much boned.

    I’m hoping I’m wrong. If someone has a set of instructions for installing homebrew under TN-C on 3.36, please post it here. The included readme files are misleading and incomplete.

  13. CHAOS says:

    ISOs and CSOs seem to work fine, but I’m not the least bit interested in piracy. I just want the homebrew to work.

    • saito says:

      por favor eu quero muito uma ajuda
      eu já rodei a internet mais não encontrei nada que possa me ajudar

      eu quero saber como se coloca as ISO e CSO no ps vita
      em qual pasta eu colo as ISO ?
      eu tenho o exploit numblast 3.36
      já instalei o ps file

      mais ate agora eu não encontrei em que parte se coloca as ISO

      encontrei videos em outros idiomas mais ai não da pra mim intender

      por favor me ajudem

      • CHAOS says:

        They go in the KEXPLOIT Folder that comes with the hack.

        For the US version that would be NPUG80320KEXPLOIT

    • Crzo says:

      I have an easy fix for you: install VHBL. All homebrews/emulators installed through VHBL are automatically read by ARK-2 (without need to install them on ARK-2).

      You store them into a zip file and name it INSTALL.ZIP, copy them to any savegame and transfer theM to vita with CMA.

      Then just find the savegame by pressing L in VHBL and install it, it will be installed on ARK-2 Too.

      • CHAOS says:

        But how does one install VHBL using the current exploit? There is a major disconnect between getting this exploit running and being able to load/install homebrew.

  14. error says:

    help! it stays at the grey screen! it doesn’t turn green….
    did everything that was shown in the video

  15. Rainy says:

    “If you still prefer to set up Custom Bubbles for the VHBL, the ARK-2 eCFW and other games, then go ahead and do this, because it is indeed possible.”

    But how ? I’m a newbie and noob. Please help.

    • Crzo says:

      Reading the tutorial on how to install VHBL maybe? Or maybe reading the tutorial about how to sign ISO in custom bubbles maybe???

      They aren’t going to re-post the same tutorials everytime something new comes up.

      Maybe if you take 2 minutes looking in the front page you will find them.

  16. Legend says:

    i need help installing the numblast hack

  17. nazihou says:

    Is Numblast PS3 can work?
    and how to put it on the PSVita?
    thank you …

  18. Rico says:

    HI Everyone I tried To Follow everything That i watch and IT works but when i tried to copy it nothing happend in my homescreen ,, theres nothing in it even a numblast why ??? DOes i Need TO BUy A Numblast FirsT Please Help ,,