How to: Detailed tutorial about creating Custom PSP Game Bubbles for PS Vita!

The Zett

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  1. Ddolanna

    How to install PSP Filer?
    I try to use fake_np.exe to fake it, but fail!

    Could any hero help me? thanks

    • justanub

      create an INSTALL.ZIP, put it in any savegame and transfer it to your vita, then install it via VHBL

      • Ddolanna

        Thank you.
        OK, I know problem.
        because I use Sony CMA to transfer it. (Sony CMA must fake file to cheat program or game ).
        so that, I use PS Ftp to transfer it.

        • justanub

          i dont know what you mean with this, i also use sony cma to transfer and had no problems with it…?

          • Ddolanna

            Hero Justanub,
            I just try to send my created ( include [FILER]-> EBOOT.PBP) at [NPJH00008DATA00] (total 5 files),
            then use sony CMA to send for my vita.
            finally, I check my vita [NPJH00008DATA00], It only lost

            Now, I don’t understand, why I will lost file at using sony CMA.

        • justanub

          after you add new files into a savegame you need to rebuild the database in the CMA,
          my native language is not english so i dont how the menu point is exactly called, just something with database 🙂

        • justanub

          rebuild database in CMA before transfer the files to your vita

          • Ddolanna

            How to rebuild on windows 7 system? or I miss your mean that really mean on PS Vita data rebuild?

            However, I must say thanks again, because you want to let me understand-ed the skill.

  2. dbzgts

    Thank @the z for this easy to understand tutorial. At last I can create,clone,and change the icon and text of the bubbles.

    • NoPatience

      you could have atleast charged your vita before uploading the pic……..when i see an electronic device with a red battery symbol on top right………….ohhhhhh my hearts fainting!!

  3. raiden

    Current situation makes me laugh …. You need to have proper base game which should be cheap and must have less space ..anyways this is my first time to post about Z’s good work on those tutorials… Thanks OK if he doesn’t know how to wright code. He is good enough to make you understand how things are done….good work Z

    • NoPatience

      ohhh! long time no see!
      btw………..let me tell u something…………….u r mentally disturbed………………no hard feelings bro
      awkward situations make u laugh, whoa! The Zett doesnt need ur appreciation, he arleady has a thousand fans, better than u, alot better thn u, believe me! :p

  4. kaue

    z hello thanks for the tutorial, I have a problem, I do everything according to the video but when it comes on the put everything in cdm, when I press enter it gives an error and creates a EBOOT.PBP file with 0 bytes. Can you help me? the game I used was the 5 in 1 arcade hits like the base game and the iso psp is the dragon ball z shin budokai another road. Sorry for my English pessimo, but I’m using google translator.

  5. Alejandro

    Hello, I have the firmware 3.01 and fifa game installed with the exploit, but I have no other PSP game installed on my ps vita, there is some way to install the bubbles?
    a dont wana update :3

  6. JoerCalvin

    Did anyone tried Monster Hunter Freedom Unite as a base game. I tried it but the game goes blank and return to the main page. Just wanna make sure if MHFU is working or not for everything

  7. sann

    should never have upgraded my psvita and left my TNV, vhbl this is very bad and has many emulators not run …. sniff, sniff … I hope that soon arises a new TNV.

  8. vash32

    I can’t same to get PSP Filer to rename, delete etc any files I move into my base game folder or “&” folder.
    I copy over a EBOOT file but somehow its renames its FBOOT… I’m on 3.18 trying to setup on 6.60 TNV. Not sure what I’m doing wrong… do I need to boot into PSP Filer from something other then 6.60 TNV?

    • justanub

      rename the GAME folder to GAME2 and rename your EBOOT.PBP to EBOOT.PBP. this does the trick, dont forget to rename the GAME2 back to GAME at the end

      • vash32

        Sadly I can’t rename the bast game at all, maybe I can’t rename it as that’s the game used to boot into 6.60 TNV then PSP Filer.

  9. NiMR0D9TIN85

    Hi guys I’m getting a 32GB memory card for my Vita and I want to ask if i change the memory card do I need to run the patapon exploit again or can i just copy the games to PC then put it back again to my Vita?

  10. Montirowka

    Hello. I want to install DLC for Game – Rock Band. Can i do this?

    P.S. Sorry for my English((((

  11. thomas

    how to create cuctom bubbles if my games (iso file) downloaded from the internet? (torrents or roms sites) ?

  12. rase

    I deleted the savedata of patapon and I got the red screen, what can I do to make it wok again.

    • Crzo

      Video clearly stated to not delete patapon save… Just get your patapon save from your PC on your vita again, run the exploit and restart the system. If it doesn’t work you can just re-do the exploit.

      Having in mind you didn’t delete the game, neither backing up any of all the “work” you have been doing.


  13. rase

    I deleted the savedataa of pataponn and I got the red screen, what can I do to make it wok again.

  14. Marco

    A tool would be nice 🙂 but i did it well with this tutorial 🙂

  15. Ddolanna

    Hero The Z,

    Thank you show video, accounting your description,

    ” I had to test 10 different games as base game (minis, full games, psp demos) and only found 3 ones that I could use for my signed PSP ISOs. Those were Numblast, Cubixx and Tekken 6. ”

    I try to install Tenchu 4 “天誅 4”,
    First time -> success
    Second time I change other base game -> false (can reading but leaving program)
    third try use original base game to install -> false (like second time)

    I don’t know try any times at finally -> success.

    so that this method that I think unstable.

  16. DaZolo

    I tried to use Numblast to get Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep and it worked first try! Omg thanks Zett 😀
    This game is awesome, too bad Sony didn’t put it on the PSN Store because I wouldn’t have resorted to this if they had just put it there….

  17. NoPatience

    I cannot rename or overwrite filers and folders from the bubble psp filer, although i can when i run psp filer from vhbl……..any ideas????
    used minis coconut dodge for base game for bubblee

  18. Patrick

    Thanks for the video! It was really easy to follow! Great job to making this SIMPLE for dumb cows like myself. hahah

    I’m guessing I did everything correct and still can’t get the game up and running. I start the game then quit without any error message. Like you said the base game & PSP ISO are not compatible. Interesting! It would be nice if we can make a list of what works and what doesn’t in Forum. I already know 2 that don’t work. Nothing works so far.

  19. Patrick

    wait.. if I get Numblast or cubixx, will it work with most of psp games?

  20. chard021

    guys, i read some comments and search. and i saw that we can clone or duplicate a psp base game or any psp that can run psp bubbles. but i cant find here i wololo but there is a tutorial in youtube but its not english. maybe im wrong,maybe there’s a tutorial here., so please if you know how to clone bAse game please send here the link. or any tutorial for it. thanks

  21. Dolanna

    Dear heroes,

    I try any times to use different base game.
    I Don’t what happen it, only PixelJunk [NPJH00008 -> PSP ID] can support to install ISO on my PS Vita at Japan’s PSN store.

    If anyone use other base game to install ISO success at Japan’s PSN store.
    Could you let me know about Game name and Game ID.
    Thank you.

  22. Creyent

    If I have my PSV in 3.01 with Numblast exploit running TNV, can I create a custom bubble for VHBL, update to 3.36 and keep running Homebrews or should I stay in 3.01? Recommendations?

    • 777s3ns3i777

      You will have better compatibility to use TN-V or Ark-2, I would stick with up to 3.18 if you dont really need to get to 3.36. 3.18 is a good update over 3.01 and is fully capable of running homebrews and such with TN-V. It’s a bit more tricky getting homebrews and such to work on 3.36 (takes different steps and modifications than previous exploits) Though the Z does have lots of detailed tutorial vids on youtube to help if you decide to update to 3.36..

  23. Daniyal

    Im currently on 3.18 and if i create a patapon 2 bubble and update to 3.36 will the exploit work?

  24. percival

    what if I want another psp game bubble can I use the same base game that i already used in my first game?

  25. Kokumotsu

    can anyone help me out. im trying to setup VHBL using King of Pool, ive gotten everything down right when it comes to getting Patapon 2 to load and green screen, refresh database etc. but when it comes to starting my base game( King of Pool) the game will blackscreen for 2 secs and then go back the same screen that patapon does, instead of launching VHBL.
    what am i doing wrong
    i dont have many games to act as a base game, Dissidia 012, Monster Hunter and KoP