Will the Sony pictures hack have any impact on the PS4 and the Vita hacks?


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  1. Teenager says:

    El primero de la lista

  2. Mikey P says:

    I personally think whoever did “hack” sony pictures could careless about hacking the Vita or PS4. Even if they were to hack them, that doesn’t mean they’d ever publicly release anything to us.

    • Anon says:

      They would most certainly release everything they could if they were going to cause as many problems for Sony as possible.
      I highly doubt that they got private keys though, these things have absolutely no business floating around in the corporate network in the first place, otherwise they would have been leaked years ago.

    • aces says:

      *couldn’t care less*
      Pet peeve

  3. lollypop says:

    so whats this about a sony pictures hack, ?.?
    is that the same as a playstation pictures hack ?
    or more precise then an playstation memories ?
    or even pmo(playstation memories online …) (ps4)
    or is all the personal and shared data at risk ?

    i personally i think i couldnt give a ratnest less …
    hoorah for sony … gettin in the news negative
    good news is news nevertheless.

  4. lollypop says:

    i want a game about it dubbed
    Japanese Playstation vampires
    and its all about hacking and sony’ies devices.

  5. HAZE7 says:

    “Sony is ready to do a lot to protect minor problems (hacks of their consoles with minor reputation impact, such as VHBL), but not so much to protect some of their customers or business partner’s critical and personal information.”

    Give this man an Oscar.

    • omnipotent says:

      Oscar or not everything he stated is actually true. Less than a day after vhbl announced and game gets pulled. Then less than a week or two at best a new mandatory firm ware upgrade for stability purpose only(to block vhbl). But your personal information and network down a month for most places and just japan down for more than that because of security reasons. Which means other locals were not that secure. Not an overstatement what so ever.

  6. lolllypop says:

    it actually allready exists and is called
    blood: the last vampire
    its anime and there two movies
    one from 2000
    one from 2009
    and its about japanese playstation vampires :p

  7. Darth Agnon says:

    Great article, Wololo! 🙂 Thought maybe you should have also mentioned the Christmas Day PSN outage, due to a Lizard Squad spam hack (or something similar) (don’t know if it’s relevant or not; no data was apparently stolen, but it PSN was taken down again 🙂 ) (I’ve included a couple of links for further information 🙂 )



  8. Charles Fasano says:

    I haven’t used a credit card on PSN since they got hacked and I don’t give it to Microsoft either as they have sc*** me too.

  9. NoSpam says:

    So according to “reputable” news sources, the U.S. government thinks N.Korea did it in response to their new movie, The Interview, now we know that said film was included in the stolen data and has been made available on the seedier parts of the net who do you think the U.S. will blame next? Anonymous would be the likely candidate but “they” haven’t made a statement which would be expected of them… Russia… it must be Russia.

  10. NNNRT says:

    I would never put my credit card number anywhere but PayPal.. They handle the job.

  11. Ganj3r says:

    Great post WOLOLO, like always you give the right answers.

    Take care and continue in this way, thanks 😉

  12. mixedfish says:

    It might be one hack in 1000 attempts, but that’s all it takes to become negative news. This is why any criticism about the lack of security etc in hindsight is always a dumb statement to make, because you can beef up security all you want, spend money all you want, but it just takes one hack to wreck it all and we’ll be here again *** about the lack of security.

  13. Iugoslavija Muisca says:

    SPE keeps and share the same data bases of PSN.

  14. Zik says:

    since that early hack, i’ve yet to input my CC and now only use Pre-paid CC on PSN or purchase my CC from the local stores.

    But to be honest…Sony branches may have gotten careless and may have gotten overconfidences, but they’re probably aren’t thinking properly.

    When you REALLY think about it, they’re trying to maximize profits, while stems the expenses. To me, that indicate that they don’t really care at all about the customers and their business partners, and after what happen, i would be surprised if any actor/actress would want to work for Sony Picture again.

  15. Ninjakakashieu says:

    Sony’s security is better than microsofts in terms of gaming consoles at least. I have no support for these hackers doing what they did though! I agree that their security should be updated but comparing a massive investment in security to *** easy little fixes like VHBL for the psp emu? That is just stupid considering the amount of work required!

  16. crazygamer says:

    I think Sony failed in a lot of aspects of their company. Lets start with the biggest known to all, the hacking of personal information. They need to clearly spend more time trying to prevent this instead of worrying about what we do with the products we purchase. I understand the copy right aspect but priority people.

  17. skpg says:

    wololo I’m pretty sure you are aware by now that only a native hack and a mod that enables the use of sd cards can save the system.

    The Vita has the potential to be a great handheld, it’s unfortunate that Sony’s anti-piracy policies hold the system back, and unfortunate the security on the Vita is too strong.

    • skpg says:

      You’re the kid here with your immature response. I have a Vita it’s a good handheld but I’m not going to deny it’s anti-piracy/content control hold the system back. If you’re against modding and hacking and typical Sony sheep than why are you on this site?

      • I feel both of you. But one main reason I havn’t purchased a VITA because simply IT CANNOT BE HACKED. HAHAHAHA! Soory for that.. :p

        I have psone, ps2, a psp, gamecube, a wii….. i bought each when they can be hacked already and my money is waiting for the hack before i bought one vita unit. or maybe two, depends. I like collecting different versions of the console.

        Regarding money, Nah! Its reserved for the hardware. and i only got something for the hardware. Coz its like. I’ll sell my vita unit to buy vita games. haha!! or like i’ll sell my hometheatre to buy all the movies I want. XD

        So sorry sony… no hack, no purchase.. 😉

        • King says:

          These guys work for playstation and there will be no hack
          they paid by ps service to make people to buy their console and use their services so guys don’t waste your time in this website, webkit exploit is also useless

  18. zorak_torok says:

    Anyone know what the incentive is going to be? With the timIng of this I predict 2 free games or a 15 day plus extension.

  19. skpg says:

    The only thing lame here is your responses. Judging by your response you’re just some 12-22 year old immature brat who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  20. I just read somewhere that Sony Computer Entertainment Servers were “not really hacked” but “penetrated” by hosting as torrent seeders of the files including those cloud servers.

    Does that mean someone who is not aware, may have the actual keys for the VITA’s encryption system?!?! Who knows! Right! These hackers may or may not be console hackers.


    Wahahahahahaha! (THAT LAUGH)

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