What’s the current status of the vita 3.35 hack?


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  1. Shaggy says:

    Thanks for the update!

  2. nielsoet says:

    So… Still no hack 🙁

  3. Dacio says:

    Can we lose the hope?

    • zorak_torok says:

      Nah, things should pick up soon. Untill then, enjoy Resogun on your up to date vita later today. Those holding back with just one vita will be atleast a little envious.

    • squiggs says:

      There is probably a deeper hack, they just dont want to let it out untill there is a solid ground under the hack amd they can get actual home brew going

  4. 173210 says:

    Progress? I may have found some possibilities of code execution and I was tired because there is little progress and I have no debugger.
    In contrast, 3DS is very interesting but the best contributor is a mafia 😀

  5. Кинаман says:

    Iv lost my hope already.devs cant bring us custom firmware with ability to play vita games(sadly)

    • zorak_torok says:

      The ones who can do this would hold back for a number of reasons in my mind.
      1) These people willing to devote so much time to a device must like it more than end users, therefor they dont want to risk “killing” it.
      2) Developers want the end results as much as us… When standing on achievement a decision must be made; keep it and enjoy all features instead of handing it over to a 40/60 ratio of people who did nothing and seem to actually feel entitled to the end result of many many personal hours spent.
      3) legal reasons of course
      4) many other reasons but really #2 is all most of us have control over. We could give an incentive to swing towards public acess like gratitude (which most all of us is good for) — with duration. The vita has seen ALOT this year scene wise.

      Never gonna get away from this. People is how people is I guess…. but I feel better :->

    • satan89 says:

      Devs! Look at what you have done to this poor man/woman. He even said (sadly), you should be feeling for that.
      Put your real life on hold, and develop cfw asap so this poor soul can play his pir@ted games and be (happy)

    • GNT01 says:

      Maybe you should try to contact the hackers from the Sony Pictures so they hack Sony Playstation and release complete security of the ps3,ps4 and Psvita

  6. lmao says:

    you told us this over and over again, it began to sting.

  7. Franz says:

    Lol at the end still no hope for us this scene is so dead right now all devs just keep it to themselves and all im cool with that its their work but the scene will not move till we share informations, like for example the chinese dev guy forgot he’s name thats why i still use my ps3 jailbreak so i can use it to remote play some games ps3 is open now because of sharing information releasing havks after hacks cfw after cfw

    • YZ Rum says:

      The reason why they can’t release it now is due to the fact that Sony could easily patch their work and it would be a huge waste to just release it on a FW that has no major features on it besides themes

  8. Iugoslavija Muisca says:

    each one need respect their times

  9. Heavenly Ren says:

    Hi Wololo,

    I’m from France so pardon my poor English 😡
    I just sold my black PS Vita for a white one from japan, I recieved it a few days ago, and the current firmware is 1.69. So what is the best way to play my psp games with any exploit you mentioned ? I don’t want to screw anything on my own, that is why I ask it here haha…

    Thanks in advance 😀

    • Kay says:

      Sorry mate , you can’t :/ You need to buy an exploitable game from the store , and to access the store you need to update and if you update you cant run the exploit :p

      • Heavenly Ren says:

        Oh sh*t ,
        Okey then even tho i’m on an early firmware I need to wait for future exploit >w<

        Thanks for the answer mate !

        • Grant says:

          Well, you can always use the content manager feature on your Vita to connect to a PS3 that is on the same PSN ID as your Vita. If you have a cfw PS3, this should be possible without updating your Vita.

          • The Z says:

            It is actually recommended to use a PS3 on the latest OFW, to not get your account banned.

            CMA + PS3 can transfer an exploit game to a lower FW PS Vita.

      • Heavenly Ren says:

        Oh ! But can’t I use my PS3 to buy the game ? But I guess there’s no exploitable game for now is there ? 😡

  10. raiden says:

    yeah now this is the news we all are waiting for ……wait what ???? really ????

  11. Ok, for all of you whining about the “dead” state of the scene, you have to realize that the implosion of their team is still fairly fresh. They are very reluctant to share anything. Secondly, IT’S THEIR WORK! They can do whatever the heck they want with it! Thirdly, if they release things and those things get patched, no harm to you. However, if those are things being used to work on native then it could completely screw native research. Then you’d all be whining that there’s no native hack. Bottom line is you can’t please everyone. Best thing to do is to do what you think is best and *** on the rest!

  12. YZ Rum says:

    But this post is kinda a letdown tho. To tell us this right before Christmas starts. Smh

    • The Z says:

      We told you 3 months ago, after the 3.18 exploit leaks, that this was your 2014s christmas present and that there wont be any “later scene christmas presents in december”.

      You got your presents 3 months early and thats it. Nothing for december, as far as I know, and that is good.

      • YZ Rum says:

        I know that Z, and I’m grateful for the leaks. I’m just saying, this is the kind of news you would post during New Years, not before the Christmas Rush. With the amount of anxiety that’s coming from the other hacking scenes, this news is irrelevant for the time being. It is better suited for the Eve of the new year. That way we can welcome 2015 with the exciting new exploits and discoveries that the year may bring

  13. Anon says:

    Why hack 3.35? There’s been a kernel mode exploit released very recently. Surely wait a year before wasting another.

  14. lollypop says:

    almost xmas for the masses

  15. KIA says:

    Any News About PS4 Hack ?

  16. Lulz says:

    First off, I’d like to start off by saying that I am a developer/programmer myself, and I do truly understand that these people can choose to release or not to release their “hacks”.

    With that said, this scene is truly pathetic. Alot of “behind the scenes”-development, videos uploaded and developers patting each other on the back. Seriously, if you have something and you plan on releasing it, the subtle hints and teases would be fine – but the state of “the scene” is truly *** pathetic right now.

    All this development, all these teasers a not a single *** developed for the public yet? Now the fact that you choose to hold all this PRIVATE does not bother me, I couldnt care less to be honest, it’s the fact that you constantly brag about your *** achievements to the public that bothers me.

    I really miss the good old days of Dark_Alex etc. Now there was a developer who stood up for himself and what he belived in.

    And since I’m pretty sure the respond question from you guys will be “Why dont you develop it yourself?”, I simply have no time and my knowledge regarding the PS Vita is quite limited. And if I did develop something that I had no intent on sharing with the public, I wouldnt brag like a little *** primadonna about it and get peoples hopes up.

    I’ve been reading Wololo for years, and it truly has gotten more pathetic by each year. So PLEASE, stop posting *** like this, it really isn’t newsworthy. I fail to see how “Oh, yeah, by the way, we got these great hacks, but we’re never gonna share them to the public for a DEAD console” is newsworthy? If you feel the opposite, please let me know – why?

    • wololo says:

      I think you’re incorrectly mixing the news websites and the hackers in the same bag. Just because I report about these things does not mean I necessarily have access to them myself, and in any case I am not the one making the decisions to release or not to release. I can speak for Qwikrazor’s bubbles however: he truly was planning on releasing, but he ended up deciding it would be wiser to ask around and understand if he had the permissions to release the stuff (remember the storm he had to go through last time he released something that was 100% *his* work? Now imagine what he’d have to endure if he made the decision to release something that was also found by others in parallel… so yes, I certainly told him it might be wise to not release, but I’m not the one making the decisions in the end).

      It’s also really easy to say “it was better before”. May I remind you that Dark_Alex is the one who posted a long time ago that “TA88v3 hack would be possible if…”, hinting that he was actively working on hacking these motherboards, then left the scene hanging for almost a year, before other people took back on hacking the console? It’s easy to turn “old school” hackers into gods and to forget that no, it was absolutely no different back then than it is today.

      You know what’s changed however? The fact that firmware updates are compulsory if you want to do anything with the console, and a security that is dozen times more difficult than the PSP era. Great stuff was achieved on the PSP, but in hindsight, guess what… it was not much to brag about, because it was child’s play compared to what is being dealt with on the Vita, even in the PSP emulator. The result is that hacks are more difficult to find, and easier for sony to patch. The result is what you see: the same people who would have released their hacks in the PSP era, are extremely reluctant to do so on the vita. This leads to more bragging, and less releases.

      That being said, if you count the 50 games leak, we’ve already released way more hacks for the Vita in 3 years, than the PSP in its entire existence.

      • skpg says:

        It’s unfortunate too becasue what Vita needs to be fully exploit. What’s preventing the Vita from really incentive people to buy it is one) it’s unhackable and 2) the proprietary memory cards.

        These anti-piracy policies from compulsory firmware updates, proprietary memory cards, CMA, etc just shows what type of *** bag Sony is , and MS and Nintendo are no different. All three of them are copyright aggressors, and have some policy that is anti-consumer.

        Sales of the Vita is so bad that Sony doesn’t even want to report it’s financial status whether it’s profitable or not, most likely Sony is losing money on the Vita. The Vita is a good handheld it’s just the anti-piracy policies hold the system back. Of course Sony is not going to change policy, they think these policies are good, even though they are clearly anti-consumer.

        • Kanasuke says:

          These are the effects of bad regulatory law. If you are Sony and you are at the top, and you are sitting on a TON of these monopoly rights that last 150+ years (i.e. eternity), your most profitable mode of operation wouldn’t be to innovate and create business models that confer the best benefits to the customer. Your most optimal business model would be to charge monopoly prices, rent-seek the *** out of the millions of competing printers and artists, make them pay insane prices for printing your already published works, make them pay insane royalties for sourcing from your stuff.

          You don’t need to work so hard to innovate to please customers, when you can just suck on the juice that flows from the state.

  17. hrosales says:

    What a sweet waiting time, happy I am on 3.18, just waiting so devs, take your time, enjoy your family on holidays and continue with vita hacks early on january…family and friends are first…no one will die if you don’t release any native hacking on these days.

  18. Geohot says:

    I want cf on vita soo badly) sad i cant hack sony systems anymore

  19. gobulle says:

    … the end of the vita for me. After a good experience withe FFX hd on my Vita, I want now a Window 8.1 Tablet.
    A normal web browser 🙂
    A biger screen.
    My backup PsOne and Psp with emulators.

    It break me the heart because I love my Vita, but it becomes useless, always OFF

  20. Reckless-0 says:

    Well that is a let down… Hopefully the bubbles will be available at some point… Now back to sitting in the corner and waiting patiently.

  21. lollypop says:

    im still waiting for playstationtv that runs on a system disk windows8/ubuntuTV
    and has cast4me dlna web tv viewer/recorder
    and a 10 disk of 2TB each lvm for recordings

  22. Darth Agnon says:

    I’m still enjoying my PSP 3000 on PRO-C1fix3. Will be upgrading my MicroSD to Memory Stick adapter, so as to have 64GB (59 usable) for ISOs and stuff… finishing MGS Portable Ops, planning of starting MGS Peace Walker and FFVII Crisis Core, as well as updating my Wagic… Also enjoying an early Christmas present I got: the new MTG KTK starter deck Mardu Raiders; my first deck of paper MTG!

  23. adam says:

    can someone explain how we have a kernel exploit but no vita cfw outside psp bounds? honestly dont fully understand.

  24. brownienz says:

    I myself hope they keep there work quiet until they have something solid it would be a massive shame for a leak or early release of these hacks to come out I have no problem waiting keep it up

  25. Hohohoh says:

    I saw the latest progress made ​​with the native exploits , watch this video for instance :

    VITA EXPLOIT Homebrew => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uL_7d0EhQhc&feature=youtu.be

    code by : Brian B.

    as noted exploit runs as if it were an app written in JavaScript , which is being reinforced inside the browser , this means that you would not think an “exploit ” but a simple fake javascript , sorry for my translation .

    A final point I wanted to do the scene , long ago it was said that at Christmas there would be a homebrew loader , the_Zett now says that was not expected at all, then it should re-read a few articles written here , or the investigation to the FBI arrested a bit ‘ the scene .. OPS !

    • The Z says:

      Everything said prior to the september leaks were plans that we had for this years christmas (e.g. TN-V and a kxploit for FW 3.30).

      Everything after the september leaks said that those leaked september files were your 2014s christmas present. And that no 2nd present will follow in december.

  26. mikemikemike says:

    I’ve pretty much already lost hope. I went out an bought a new 3ds and found it a lot more enjoyable.

  27. lollypop says:

    whats the current status of still no xmas release ?.?

  28. System32 says:

    If there is a native hack, the community begs you(all of the devs), just freaking release it. The Vita is dying, and I doubt Sony is going to save the Vita, since they basically marketed the Vita as a remote play accessory, than a gameconsole. Time is running out, if you guys don’t do it soon, the Vita will die either way.

  29. I guess some are lucky and others are SOL. I am very appreciative to be some. Thank You soo much again you know who you are 😉

  30. AdamFox says:

    I think any time there is a firmware update that is REQUIRED, its considered a major one. It prevents you from going online so being on a modern firmware is highly desirable. Look at the PS3, when the PS3 gets a firmware update from Sony, developers get a new CFW out as fast as possible. They also get PSNPatch programs out as quickly as possible, sometimes within hours! GateWay Team gets their software updated to work with the newest 3DS firmwares as possible (the EmuNAND part for now). Team Xecuter gets dashboard updates in the XexBuild for RGH 360s. I think developers should release exploits if all possible on whatever firmware is out there. I realize the Vita scene is “blown open” like the other systems I mentioned, but still, people are getting Vita’s for Christmas and odds are, they will be on higher than 3.18 now. If they get the Borderlands Bundle, it comes with a digital download code, which will require you to update to the most recent firmware or you won’t get your game. Borderlands is an awesome game on the Vita IMO. Again, i know these exploits take time to figure out, but if developers THINK it can done, they should do it and not say its a “waste” b/c the modern firmware is not a “major” firmware…

    • The Z says:

      Same happened on the PSP, since it was possible to flash a full CFW due to hardware exploits.

      Since we are just inside of the PSPemulator boundaries, there is no way that we have a hardware exploit that enables us to update a CFW’d FW to a higher CFW’d FW like it is possible on the PS3 or like it happened with older PSPs (4.01 M33 -> 5.00 M33; 6.37 ME -> 6.38 ME, etc).

  31. Hohohoh says:

    Sometimes I think that here we have to take a little ‘ in game your readers , or or you want to play with the cat chasing its tail alone.

    I would like to share with you this little trick is to make you think , these days came out a path psp playing on nand , psp , it means that you found a way discrivere completely new models of PSP

    Now I ask a question a lot of studies , if we were able to write a nand of psp and put on a CFW psp why not exploit this flaw to make the downgrade inside the area inside the area of psvita-> psp and then to run an exploit of first kernel psp ?

    or not yet time to release what I just said ?

    I apologize for the translation!

  32. hohohoo says:

    Sir can i ask..how to get psp games in tnv10 v. 3.18..? Coz i cant connect in content manager now..tnx

    • raiden says:

      update to 3.35 and you can connect to cma…….
      ok leaving trolling aside download open cma and patch your cma

  33. 2face says:

    This Zett guy is so annoying… I will kill him if I meet him in real

  34. moneysaver says:

    Man all we have is homebrew. is there any progress on being able to run vita backups? ps vita scene moving so slow, meanwhile the 3ds scene has a great flashcard like gateway3ds that enables multirom and region free backups. i’m going to play it on my new 3ds LL smash brothers edition that i bought from japan. the day the ps vita is able to play backups, is the day i will be happy

  35. Shinrukus says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t care about piracy or homebrew for the Vita? In all honesty I just want a simple whitelist hack for my PSTV… for the life of me I can’t understand why some of the games I own aren’t whitelisted (SFXTK?) Even UMVC3 was whitelisted, and that game isn’t even available to buy new anymore… My Vita itself has plenty of legit games that I bought, and my PSP has all my SNES goodness. But I don’t see the Vita or PSP as that great of homebrew machines, in reality, with the amount of devices that are cheaper, and do the same thing, without all the issues, I didn’t buy a Vita with the expectation of playing SNES, I did buy a PSTV with the expectation that I can play my Street Fighter x Tekken and Netflix on TV

  36. hmmmm………..Zett, pls dont listen to annoying comments of others kk, ma ps vita is becoming a waste material 4me since i updated mistakenly to 3.35 🙁

  37. Tres bon Article vraiment très instructif !!